Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Butt Licker

Chino and I thought it would be a bright idea to buy a puppy about a month before Daisy was born and we needed better security for the house so we bought the baby pit bull.

Remember him?

We never came up with a better name so his name is officially "Pooper."

Speak of the devil he sure does enjoy a good poopy diaper now and again when he can secret one away. Truth be told he'll eat nearly the entire thing - poo, gel, plastic and all - everything except for the velcro tabs. Don't get all freaky-outy on me about it, it's not like I give them to him or anything, he's just sneaky. He's probably ate 10 or so in the past three months and he's not dead yet so I'm choosing not to flip my gourd about it.

The other day while I was changing miss poo-piggy I turned my head for all of 2 seconds to grab a fresh baby wipe and when I turned my head back I was surprised - and yet not so much - to see Pooper licking my baby's pooey little butt.

I didn't a picture of the butt lick but Chino did accidentally get one of Pooper licking the soap off of Daisy's head when I was giving her a bath.

He's a helpful one right?

He'd clean her from head to toe if I'd let him but we keep it to a little hand or foot slurp once in a while to make him happy. Today he might have got in a good face lick or two when I was playing with her on the floor but she survived, and I don't think she'll croak over a little dog slobber once in a while.

It makes my heart happy to see him be so good with her - he's still hell on wheels when it comes to Chino or I but with the baby he backs it on down about 1,000 notches or so - it's kind of amazing to tell you the truth. I think they'll be the best of pals growing up and I know she'll have quite the defender if she might need it.

(p.s. we had a lot of clean laundry piled up on our couch o.k.? I'm not a fan of folding.) Aaaaaaand a can of formula and a baby gym - we're new parents, give me a break and just look at the dog.

The chihuahua cracks me up when it comes to the baby - she doesn't want anything to do with her but if anybody besides Chino or I goes near her she warps into attack mode. It's not so much that she's protecting the baby but the fact that she knows that the baby is MINE and she'll go to great lengths to protect that ownership. Loyal little thing to say the least. :)

The cat understands that the baby is human but not that the little human is unable to pet her. She'll do the head butt - head rub - little dealie that cats do when they want to be petted - on Daisy's head or where ever else she can rub up on before I flip out and shoo her away. Yesterday I watched her purr and rub all over Daisy's blanket begging to be patted - I fear Kitty's not so smart.

All in all we're quite the happy family - lots of poo and patting and reassuring - but happy none the less.


She-She said...

Girl I wouldn't have even noticed the laundry if you wouldn't have mentioned it! ;O) All the babies look good! I'm glad that you have such a happy family. Would you have imagined your life being like this 3 years ago? Isn't life wonderful sometimes?


Krissie said...

Dude, I'd be terrified of having a pit bull with a baby in the house. I've heard so much horror stories about those fuckers turning nasty in an instant that I honestly don't know how you dare keep it.

But LOL kitty, never giving up hope.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I love the last photo! hahaha...Daisy looks so pleased with herself. I had to look at the laundry after I read the comment, I tend to ignore backgrounds in photos, which could explain something about my photos, heehee.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Oh, I just read the comment about the pit bull and the baby. I had one when my daughter was born, he went over sniffed the baby and then ignored her from then on. If your dog is from good stock, it's not a problem.

Upstate Broad said...

What else is a sofa for, if not to hold laundry for folding? Until someone puts cable TV in my laundry room, that's where all of my folding takes place.

And just make sure the puppy doesn't lick the baby's face immediately after licking her behind, okay?

Sunshine said...

Isaiah saw Daisy's picture and said.."she has fat cheeks"...we sure do miss yall.

Anonymous said...

A couch? What's that? (haven't had one in years, and I'm soooo looking forward to buying one soon to hold my purses/dirty clothes/dogs!)

I used to have a pit bull. They're such sweethearts! (unless you train them not to be)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

She-She - HECK NO I wouldn't have imagined ANYTHING like this! Never in a million years! No Mexico, no pitbull and certainly no baby! :D But yeah, it's cool :)

Krissie - It's all in how they're raised the pit bulls. We actually wanted pooper for a guard dog but didn't have the heart to make him mean so now when strangers pass by our fence he sticks his head out as far as possible and begs to be pet - then slobbers all over people. In fact, it's so sad, there's about 20 neighbor kids who know him by name who come to pet him at least a couple times a day. Nice. :D And yeah, kitty's an optimist fo sho :)

Teresa - lol now that you mention it I don't really pay attention to background either! :D And yep, Poopers gonna be fine :)

Upstate - or HIS behind either right? :DDD

Sunshine - Isaiaih LOL !!! That'll be the second time he's called her fat :) It true so he's just being observant :) Miss you TOO!! Like for real :)

Gringa - LOL we totally didn't have a couch for like a year when we moved here ! :) Kitchen table and a bed - what else do ya need :D

Anonymous said...

Our couch was like that for the 1st 3 years when we bought our house. A friend finnally started laying on top of everything to take naps!! I'm proud to say I have officially grown out of that!! No Worries, you are normal!! sortof....

Ritamg said...

I don't want to say too graphically all the things my Miss Daisy Dog has been caught eating but let's just say she has earned the nicknames "shit breath" because she eats my cat's doo doo and "tampon breath". No explanation needed for the latter.