Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cross Your Fingers - Homeopathic in Mexico

When I was pregnant with Daisy my allergies - dust, mold, cats, dogs, latex - totally went away. It was a MIRACLE and I was hoping they wouldn't come back after I gave birth.

Buuuuut, not so much.
Actually they've got worse if you can imagine and my mold allergy is so severe that Claritin and even allergy shots have stopped working for me. For the past month I've actually had to sleep in our extra bedroom away from Chino and the baby because the mildew in our bedroom is trying to KILL me.

Chino bleached the whole room for me and even washed my entire closet of clothes but I think the little mold spores got into the mattress or something. Whatever the case if I spend more than 15 minutes in there I'll end up wheezing and on my way to not being able to breathe - AT ALL.

Crazy right?

:) The good news there though is at least Chino missed me too much and has moved into the spare bedroom with me. We're on the floor - lol with the baby next to us - but at least we're together. :)

ANYWAYS. Chino's aunt swears to God that this special doctor she goes to CURED her asthma with some special drops that she took under her tongue a few times a day for about 3 months or so.


I can't grasp it and my westernized brain just won't let me believe it - there has to be SOME sort of explanation - like she never really had real asthma - but she swears it and her kids do too so. . . . huh.

Chino's been bothering me for a couple of months to go see this witch doctor and I've been stubbornly swatting him away. We got into a bit of a verbal tryst about it last week and it seems that his feelings might be getting hurt by me not giving in to him so - FINE - off to the kook I went.

He was actually a very nice man and seemed knowledgeable enough. And unlike my husband he reacted quite well when I asked flat out "How is it that you can cure my allergies if the United States of America can't?" "Why don't they use these medicines in the U.S.?" At one point I even blurted out "No Manches" which is the Mexican form of "Whatever" or "No way" to the man and he just smiled at me.

Meanwhile Chino was shitting his pants.

It got a little weird when he examined me. He looked in my eye's throat and then simply asked me to take off one of my shoes and socks.

He wanted to see my nakkid foot?

What the hell right?

It turned out that he had some weird little electro-measurement-device deal that looked like it came from a Frankenstein movie and he asked me to hold on to a copper tube connected to some wires, a pointer stick and the machine. While I held the copper tube he touched each of my toes and fingers with the pointer stick and watched the meters on the Frankenstein measurement box go up and down.


He didn't say much about it - I guess my battery is charged enough? He asked me a few more normal questions, wrote me a prescription and said that if I take the drops faithfully that my allergies will not only go away temporarily but that they will never come back.



Much to Chino's relief I'm taking the drops faithfully 3 times a day and waiting for something to happen. It's been 3 days and I've not seen any improvement but I guess we'll wait and see. I Googled the ingredient on the label so at least I know I'm not ingesting uranium or anything freaky, just some stinging nettle concentrate - yummy.

Any of you all have luck with Homeopathic medicine?

Wish me luck :)

(and to not grow a third eye please)


Sandrine said...

Hi Gringa,

I used to have asthma until several years ago.I started to take vitamin C and it just went away.Not sure if it was related but I have continued taking the vitamin C ;0).I looked it up and boosting the immune system may have done it... or not.Who knows?Asthma can be triggered by stress also so believing the medicine is working can also help.The mind is powerful.When my grandpa was depressed,the doctor gave him placebo pills (just sugar) and it worked.I have a friend who is a physician and she told me that people with cancer that believe that they will recover have a better chance to do so that people who don't think they will (with the same prognosis).Just go for it and I hope it will work.
Take care
Besitos to Daisy

Upstate Broad said...

A cynic would tell you that this treatment is not available in the US because giant pharmaceutical companies make a LOT more money by selling you Claritin and the like for a lifetime than by selling you an herbal preparation for a few months.

But since I also follow you on FB, just let me caution you about the chamomile tea. Since you have a lot of allergies, do you also have hay fever? People who have hay fever can also be allergic to chamomile, sometimes dangerously so. Just be careful, okay?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

You can't cure asthma but it does go into something like remission. Where you aren't actively asthmatic, which for practical purposes is curing it. The damage done to your lungs isn't repairable unfortunately. Or so says our respiratory doctor.
I know lots of people who have used homeopathy and it's worked for them.
Husband is doing acupuncture for his respiratory ailments,according to them, he is allergic to humidity. In my mind that seems to mean the stuff that humidity brings because being allergic to humidity is like being allergic to water which is impossible.
I can't wait to see what your results are.

Krissie said...

I suppose pharmaceutical companies use too much artificial stuff in medicine in addition to natural components, so who knows, maybe the dude's purely natural medicine will actually help you. I know squat about homeopathic medicine, but there's got to be something to it, doesn't it?

raúl said...

I don't know about homeopathic remedies for asthma but I once had a girlfriend that suffered from unbearable cramps during her menstrual cycle. She would lie in bed and cry. Pills didn't do anything for her. We went into a homeopathic store in desperation. She took these little white pills under her tongue and by the middle of the day, the pain was gone. Placebo? I dunno. But she had no pain.

Vadose said...

I like Western medicine well enough, but I've also had great experiences with homeopathy. When I was a kid I had these warts all over my hand (gross, right?) and they were multiplying and itching and ugly. I had them for a long time and finally my mom gave me some little pills under my tongue and within a week I didn't have a single wart. Never came back either. So, homeopathy can be totally effective. Good luck with the asthma. Let us know how it turns out.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

as far as that only being in Mexico I must tell you that I've been chatting about my health problems to strangers here in Oregon and someone was telling me the other day about a local natureopathic that does the drop under your tongue system and cures high blood pressure.

Though Believe me I am skeptical of the fake doctors in Mexico I went to one that scared the hell out of me for my back once, and hated it.

lastly I have got to tell you is that the first thing I thought of when I read your story is that maybe, just maybe, instead of allergies you have the chemical overload problem. That would make sense why once your guy cleaned with bleach you were still sick. We all know in Mexico harmful chemicals are not regulated in the slightest. from PVC plastic in your home, to fumes and burning in the air. bleach to clean everything. pesticides everywhere. you may need to go through some internal cleansing process.

Vadose said...

Also - your asthma went away during pregnancy?! Oh my god, how cool is that? Just get your man to knock you up again! Case closed.^_^

Leslie Limon said...

I wish you the best of luck, amiga! As for me and mine, no thank you! My son Nick and I have the worst allergies and asthma. Every one and their mother referred us to homeopathic medicine. We've gone to several with absolutely no change whatsoever. Last time we were told to go when our allergies and asthma weren't a problem, Summer, so that we could take preventive medicine. Didn't work! Nick got so sick. Scared us all!

Hubby's uncles, who are doctors, told us to NEVER try homeopathic medicine again. Nothing they have is going to cure us.

Sunshine said...

Girl you know im all about some works..sometimes though it takes several different attempts till you find what works for's sooo very different for each person. So dont give up...keep with this guy....ohhh i want to go see him too. Where was he?

Anonymous said...

Making all the bad stuff go away when you are pregnant is nature's way of tricking you into getting knocked-up again.

We have always used homeopathic treatments for the kids when they are teething with great success, and should I ever come down with some sort-of chronic condition, I would be more inclined to turn there as opposed to an over-the-counter prescription.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sandrine - I'm 100% on the boat with you when it comes to the placebo effect (affect?) and to tell you the truth I'm currently kicking myself in the butt for googling the ingredient on my bottle of drops. Before I googled it I was totally in "Maybe this REALLY will work!" mode, and after - well, a tad less. Dummy.

Upstate - lol it seems I'm a cynic! Who knew? And LOL even MORE - ahahahahahaha thank GAWD I'm not allergic to pollen! Because yeah, chamomille is TOTALLY some dried up daisy's! Thank You so much for saying something just in case :)

Theresa - Heck, humidity is a BEOTCH when it's 110 degrees outside! But yeah, that IS something, him being allergic to it. My grampa is an acupuncture-ist and swears by it 500% so I hope it works for you guys :) I'll be excited to see if it works for you too - lets keep each other updated :) (and for the record, it's going on the 5th day and my allergies are as sucky as ever, but I'm gonna take the whole 3 months worth before I throw in the towel :) )

Krissie - I sure hope so - although, there ARE hundreds of 1000's of people who pay money to buy those magical electro-shock ab-machines to "get ripped" in 30 days or less, so I'm not sure the masses can't always be trusted. :D

Raul - Dude, that's bad ass! I appreciate you sharing :)

Vadose - NUh UH!! For real!? That's cool as hell! LOL when I was a kid we had to do the super glue treatment on our warts. :P

Leslie - lol I figured you would be one who would have actually been on the ban wagon for it! But DUH, if I think about it, you have been really sick - to the point where it doesn't seem like much of anything but time has been helping you! Thank You for the info :)

P.V.G. - I've had allergies my whole life but you're right, they HAVE been worse here. And to tell you the truth I'd LOVE to do some sort of clense, but the only problem is finding a REAL one and not some dime-a-dozen scam :) Maybe I'll make up my own, something with lots of cranberries and green tea and . . . well who knows what else :)

Vadose - allergies, and yes - but HELL no! :D :D

Sunshine - oh dear lord you'd LOVE him! One cool thing - his pharmacy - is totally stocked with the neatest things, I wanted to browse around for like an hour but we had Chino's aunt with. Maybe when you come back we can go and see all the cool stuff! It's not far, just down the road from the big Telmex building.

F&F - Really? When your kids were teething? OMG !!! How much do I have to beg you to tell me what you did!!???? As pissy as a baby as Daisy is, I'm afraid teething is going to be a nighmare :D

She-She said...

Hello girl! Stinging nettle has been used for centuries to purge an overworked liver filled with toxins. These toxins can come from our food(allergies to milk products,teas made from certain plant sources such as the bud etc.) The toxins in our water, the air, food, chemical even in our clothing can make us sick. Stinging nettle shouldn't harm you and may actually help. It will help your Liver function better.If I was you I would keep a food journal to track when your asthma and allergies are at their worst and try eliminating foods that may be triggers. Also invest in a good air cleaner for your bedroom. Wash your pets and even review shampoo labels. A good HEPA filtration air cleaner for a bedroom shouldn't be too expensive and can be found at different department stores. I actually bought my best one at Lowes but I'd research who's the best and hit Ebay. Good luck and vacuum that mattress to remove dust mite poo. Buy zippered covers for pillows and mattress and box springs. All of this can help. Like you when I suffer with Asthma and allergies-I SUFFER. Good luck sweet girl. I;ll be praying for you. She-She

Sparx said...

Never know - thing about homeopathy is that it can't hurt! And mould spores in your mattress are probably to blame. Stick it outside in the hot sun for a few days and you might have some luck killing them off... otherwise, new mattress hon!

Leah Flinn said...

I have mixed feelings about the witch doctors. My first experience was with my husband when the lady said he had a throat/lung infection and was giving him all kinds of prescriptions - NOTHING helped him, he got so sick that I forced him to go to a modern medicine hospital. Turns out he had severe HEART DISEASE and was at risk of going into heart failure. He was hospitalized for over a month and needed 2 heart valves replaced. I can't imagine what would have happened to him if he had continued with her lung treatment. That said, some of these people/treatments do work, as Sunshine said, each situation is different. I have had trouble with urinary tract infections for a while. I had one that was so bad in August that I decided to give the curandera a try. She gave me instructions that involved magnesium, distilled water and lime juice. I had to follow it for at least a month. I did and within a few days it cleared and I have not had a UTI since. So, it's your call to roll the dice. Some have great outcomes, some don't.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

She She - well hell, at least if it doesn't work I can feel good about using it! :) Thank You :)

Sparx - Dude lol after we installed the railing on our stairs we realized we can no longer get the bed down the stairs :P Chainsaw anybody??? :)

Leah - I totally get you - it seems that they can fix small things but heart disease or cancer? I'm going elsewere. And dude did you try cranberry juice for the UTI? I get them every few months or so and all it takes is two 12 bottles of cranberry back to back and I'm good as new! :)

Juan Carlos said...

Homeopathic medicine work. I was suffering child asthma, and my parents try everything to cure until we meet a Doctor that has a specialty in Homeopathic Medicine.

And with a treatment of 3 months. ASTHMA FREE.

Believe in me :)