Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mexican Medicine

*********Please ignore the words highlighted in green - I went to an online spell checker and it virused my post with adds somehow. I checked the html and everything but can't figure out how to get rid of it. Dickfaces, I won't go there again. And YES, those are the words I spelled wrong, I'm stoopid ok?****

Going to the doctor in Mexico can be quite a shocker for someone from the U.S. The first time I took Chino I was amazed to see that their check in procedure involves no computers or records or asking about allergies and such. It was a lady at a desk with a sign in sheet, a scale and a tape measure. There were no nurses, just the receptionist and she was the one to take height, weight and a measurment of the waist. Temperature? Blood pressure? Nope.

When it was Chino's turn we were hustled into an office with a big fat man sitting behind a desk and asked to sit down. The whole experience was no more than the doctor listening to the complaint, asking a couple of questions and sliding a prescription across the desk. He never touched Chino once.

The biggest shocker, and my favorite was the prescriptions he received. He had some sort of weird back pain that was freaking him out because he wasn't sure if it was his kidneys or actually his back, and the doctor ended up prescribing two weeks of some pills and a couple of shots.

For back pain. ??

The best part was on the way home when I opened up the box for the shots and inside found a needle and a teeny glass vial. You actually have to break the top off the glass vial (it kind of pops off and I think they used to use these in the old days?) draw the shot and give it to yourself. Or have your wife do it.


If you're wife is a big chicken *BUKAAWWWW!!!* you can go to any pharmacy here and the cashier will take you in the back, pop your vial, ask you to drop trou and stick your booty. (Is it just me or does that sentence sound dirty?) Anyways.

If you've never received a butt shot before and don't know the procedure you might get a tad confused and drop your draws to the floor, undies and all, to the surprise of the receptionist and horror of your wife screeching out "OMG pull up your pants, she only needs the top of one cheek!! SHIT!" *AHEM* You know, I mean, it could happen. *cough*


Chino went yesterday to inquire if I might be able to get allergy shots here at the farmacias and ended up coming home with one of those damn boxes filled with you guessed it, the vial and needle. Doctor? Prescription? Nah, not here in Mexico, you just tell 'em what you want and they sell it to you.

The punk said he would be happy to give me the shot, no chicken there, but I'm going to take my chances with the cashier at the pharmacy instead. I just . . . Huh uh. No. Wish me luck! :)


Upstate Broad said...

Yes, that sentence did sound just a tad dirty, but only a tad. And if you hadn't pointed it out I'm not sure my brain would have gone there, and my mind is PERMANENTLY in the gutter!!

And just FYI, the green highlighting apparently doesn't cross over, there was nothing visible.

~ellen~ said...

Holy crapmuffins, that is very different from every doctor visit I've ever had. I would be terrified of the glass vials and needles too!


Oh, and I can't see the green text either, so you're fine. :)

Ritamg said...

Been there. Done that. Couldn't believe it either.

Leslie Limon said...

I prefer things the Mexican way. We don't even bother going to the doctor's office. We just call one of Hubby's uncles, who is a doctor, tell him what's wrong with us and he tells us what medicines to buy. If shots are involved, we go to Hubby's grandma's house and drop our pants for his aunt. :D

Anonymous said...

Ohh my suegra is obsessed with those shots! Anytime somebody in the house is sick, it's all "drop your pants 6 inches on the right side." Once they tried to get me to do it. I have no issues around needles, but I do have issues with my suegra seeing my behind!!

Maybe get another doctor who would actually look at your hubby's back when he complains of back pain! There are lots of good doctors in Mexico, you just have to find them.

Upstate Broad said...

Here's the burning question: How's the Hubby's back?

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Krissie said...

The vials look familiar, I remember those from before the war.

The trick ti giving shots somewhat painlessly is to put the needle that's on the syringe between your index and middle finger and then slap your hubby's but with that hand. The needle goes in unexpectedly and then you proceed to give him the shot. While spanking him. How's that for dirty?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - After his shot and a few days of pills he was magicaly all better! Crazy town right?

Ellen - "crapmuffins" lol you made me giggle :)

Rita - You of ALL people know!

Leslie - It is sure as heck convinient yes? :) And lol mi Tia here has a neighbor that does all the shots on the block, just some lady who's braver than the rest. :D

Gringa - lol it's funny, after having a baby I'll drop trou for just about anybody - inlaw or not! :D

Krissie - You sound like you have experience with this? Like, have you really given shots? Bad ass.