Thursday, March 11, 2010


I came downstairs from a nap last night to find my baby on the couch, not wearing any pants, propped up watching Mexican soap operas and with what appeared to be a drunken milk binge worth of bottles strewn at her feet.

Nice. Nobody can ever say that hillbilly's do not exist in Mexico.

The very first thought to run through my head was "Damn, all she needs is a bag of Cheeto's and she'd be one 2a.m. infomercial away from true couch potato status."

Ahhhhh that's better, teach 'em young I say.

Of course the inevatable happened - only one thing can come from a drunken milk/Cheeto/soap binge - nekkid jungle gym playing.
Kung FU!!
Kick that butterfly's ass baby!


Leslie Limon said...

Miss Daisy is the cutest couch potato I have ever seen! :D

Ritamg said...

Inquiring minds want to know what the nekkid-legged man next to nekkid-legged baby in photo is wearing that isn't shown????

Anonymous said...

Both activities look super-fun!!

If I had a couch and cheetos (or a jungle play area) right now, I can guarantee I wouldn't be at work!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Adorable! That's one healthy looking baby (despite the environment). Fun post!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Leslie - awwww thank you :)

Rita - lol that pic could look funny if you're a total PERV! :) LOL - shorts :)

Gringa - Dude I'd totally join you!

V.L.L. - Scary, I know but she seems all right :D

Sunshine said...

Daddy's can so rig up some happy babies in a minute! Cheetos are my kids favorite....give him a little blue bag from the tienda and mr Nate is soooo ahppy!

Sparx said...

Baaahahahaha!! Get 'em young.

Upstate Broad said...

Hey, what ever happened to the canine member of the family??

raúl said...

My mom has told me a story over and over. At the age of 3, she caught me watching the 'test pattern' at 3am, naked, eating raw bacon, and drinking alcoholic apple cider. --Sometimes we're just born with a 'potato' side.

Gail said...

I laughed till I peed on myself. (Seriously, I did pee on myself.) You're a natural born writer. OMG, you are good.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - lol right - they spoil them!

Upstate - He's cool, I'll do a post about him soon :)

Raul - MMMmmmm baaaccon. Raw bacon? I'll bet it would taste good if you didn't know that it was bad for you :D

Gail - Well thank you!!!!!