Saturday, March 13, 2010

Screw Self Help - Just Be Poor

This post on what going through a poor spell isn’t a woe-is-me post, so if you feel like reading it know that I write with a happy heart. J

When is a person for REALLy poor anyway? Chino and I are most definetly under the poverty level as far as earnings go and this past month if II hadn’t received food stamps we truly would have had to go without . But for the life of me I don’t FEEL poor. We have a car for heaven sake so how can we be poor? Plus, we managed to scrape together the $$ to pay for our internet bill so come on, it can’t be that bad right? Granted, to pay our Internet bill we had to agree that we would be sacrificing going out to eat or renting any movies or buying. . . anything, but what’s wrong with a trade off? Are we poor because we don’t have cable or cell phone plans or the ability to “go out?” Who the hell with a newborn has the time to go out anyways???

I’m babbling, let’s move on I had a ooint.

Ah yes. I started working when I was 14 at the local Dairy Queen and I’ve never not had a job since. Unfortunately I had a bit of a saving problem and’ve ended up spending every penny I’ve ever earned. I used to buy self help books on how to plan for the future and save money and live smarter –(buy to save, brilliant) but they never inspired me to save even a penny.

I used to go to the store when I was bored or upset or happy and give myself a little “treat spree” to make myself feel better or celebrate being happy. Going on a date? I needed new clothes, shoes, makeup, hair supplies, lotion, perfume and gum. Headed out for a night with the girls? I needed the same list of stuff. Job interfiew? Same. I speant endlessly on makeup and face lotions and potions always looking for the newest wrinke/pimple/brightening cream or the newest and greatest lip gloss or mascara trend. I bought books full price by the basket and was always picking up games and trinkets to keep myself amused if I ever God Forbid had a quiet moment and could have become – BORED. I loved to buy for others as much as myself so when birthdays holidays and plain ole my-friend-needs-a-cheer-up came around, I surely didn’t skimp.

Luckily I never got into credit cards, I merely spent it as I earned it. Fast forward to meeting Chino and everything was still the same, we both had good paying jobs and thought nothing of buying what ever we wanted when we wanted it.

Then, Kaboom. He was deported and I ended up following him to Mexico. Where he earned in a week what he used to make in half a day and I couldn’t find a job at all. My lack of Spanish speaking skills limits me and I’ve been working for min. wage ever since we’ve been here. We went from what ever when ever to not being able to buy Christmas presents or go out to eat. It was a bit of a shock to say the least but I think with all of the other Mexico culture shocks hitting us we didn’t have much time to care. We were too busy trying to hustle and stay

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