Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last week when Chino was taking everything out of our bedroom to be washed and set in the sun to kill the death mold we've got in our house - THIS - is apparently where he decided it would be a good idea to hang up my stripper boots.

Aren't they pretty? Like for real don't you LOVE them?? Bestow my heart look at those HEELS!

But yeah, hanging them on the giant cross we have propped up on the side of our house might not have been the best location choice - just sayin'.

I'm certain it never even crossed his mind, bless his heart, but when I pulled up from work to see them hanging there I just about shat while simultaneously laughing and wondering dear LORD what must the neighbors think?

Ah well.



Krissie said...

LOL How very festive!

Happy Easter, Chica!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - Thank You ! :)

raúl said...

They say that Jesus befriended a stripper. Oh wait, that was a prostitute.

Yeah, you're pretty much damned. ;)

Happy Easter!!! jajajaja

Crystal said...

I love those boots!
I bet the neighbors were wondering what they were doing on the cross though..???
I am sure it gave them plenty to talk about.
Daisy is getting so big.

~ellen~ said...

Those boots are awesome.

Happy Easter!! :)

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Sweet Jesus do I wish I lived next to you!

And I suspect that if you put those on a little later tonight, it will be Chino who has a Happy Easter.

Refried Dreamer said...

hahaha.... bet the neighbors won't be coming over!!! :) Happy Easter!

Corey Jo said...

I just want to know, where the hell do you wear those boots. I thought you had a "Flea" market booth, not a "Meat" market booth. HA HA God I Love Ya Babe!!

gringationcancun said...

That made my day. At least it was a cross, and not a crucifix.

Since you're married, I'm sure Jesus would be ok with it!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Raul - jaa jaa :D Jesus and I are good pals then :P

Crystal - between that and my 2 foot high ceramic owl outside I'm sure they've got a lot to think on :D And yes! She's getting heavy to be carrying around!

Ellen - Right?? If you ever want to borrow them, I can ship em! ;)

F&F - Dude, we would have so much fun. :)

Refried - lol it's easier that way

Corey - I got 'em for halloween the year before I met my husband - dominatrix - and now, well, just around the house ;D

otra gringa - Married, right, I'm just showing that we're . . happy and monogamus *snort* :)