Saturday, April 17, 2010

Master Cleanse Update

I'm mid-way through Day Nine of doing my Master Cleanse diet and I wanted to let you guys know what it's like :)

It's incredibly - not that bad! It seems like going 9 days without eating would drive one insane but luckily the body pretty much gives up hope after the second day or so and as long as I keep drinking the mixture my tummy won't rumble. If I get behind or busy - or sick of it - and don't drink enough the hunger will come back, but it's easily put away by a glass of lemonade.

The hardest part really is just the YEARN to eat. It doesn't have anything to do with physical hunger, it's just this deep deep WANT that can be pretty overwhelming at times. Whenever it comes up though I quickly figure out something to do to get my mind off of it. Read, play with teh dog, run, play on the internet or what-have-you, just something.

You know, it weirds me out that that basic diet trick - think of something else when you have a craving - has never worked for me in the past, when I was eating diet food, but now that I'm basicaly starving myself it does. Huh. Maybe I'm just finaly motivated enough to make it work. Who knows.

Aside from fighting with myself not to eat, it's amazing that I don't feel ANY different as far as energy, wakefullness, stamina - ect. - is concerned. The body seriously knows how to get by if it has to, and I've got plenty of reserves for it to work with. In FACT? I actually feel BETTER than I have in a long time! I've felt so good about what I'm doing and have such high spirits that it's motivated me to exercise (jogging, lifting weights, pilates) - which further elevates my mood.

I find myself after months of pregnancy and then dealing with a newborn - finaly coming back into myself. I'm doing little things like dressing nicer, doing my hair sometimes, painting my nails and just lots of girlie exfoliating, moisturizing things that I had all but given up on for such a long time now.

I still cook about 2 meals a day - sometimes 3 - for my husband and the crazy part about it is that I look forward to it and enjoy it quite a bit. I always like to cook but I thought it would be hard on this cleanse you know? But nope, for some reason it makes me feel better, like I'm somehow still connected to food and it makes me feel less . . . . food lonely.

I'm looking forward to challenging myself and working through the next 21 days of this and am excited to see what more it's going to do for me besides detox and weight loss.

Aaaand speaking of weight loss - 13 pounds in 8 days so far. Talk about motivation!


~ellen~ said...

Wow, you've lost weight and you are feeling better, that's awesome! Good for you. :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna do it!!!

I just love food so much :( I need my sushi Wednesdays and my food court Saturdays.

When do you start eating again?

Anonymous said...

You're braver than me babe!! I would never be able to do something like that. I just need to get off this damn computer more and do stuff. I'll never be skinny but a little smaller wouldn't be bad. Congrats on the success so far, and good luck for the rest of your time.♥ Ya

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Why does it say I posted @ 10:17 a.m. when it is, and my computer verifies it, 1:17 p.m.? Can I fix this?

Suki said...

Go, Girlie, Go Go Go! :D

Krissie said...

I sort of envy you, admire you, and think you're nuts. Yep.

On Mexican Time said...

You go girl!!! I did one similar a few times, and I just couldn't do it again!!! It makes no sense, I was a hell of a lot skinnier back then, and now I'm a heck of a lot bigger... and now I can't find the motivation??? Anyways, I joined a cardio pilates class here - it's fantastic. Maybe one day I'll be able to do bendy twisty things, hahaha. One can only hope!!! LOL!!!

Larry Prater said...

13 pounds in 8 days? That is fantastic. Just please please please don't cleanse out your dirty talk. You can lose a little weight, but don't lose you way you write and talk. I still hope you make it down here some day to visit.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ellen - :) Awesome opossum!

Gringa- I still don't get sushi! The people here on the TX side are crazed about it! The only thing I ever had was a piece of raw salmon on top of some sticky rice and dag gummit it tasted like RAW salmon! I'm going to have to get someone to show me how it works :) In about... 20 days! :)

Corey - You my dearest could do anything. But yes, I know what you mean about getting off the computer - my floor sure as hell needs to be mopped right about now. :D
And the time thing - I think you need to change it in your google or blogspot account settings - set your timezone? I think?

Suki! All you need are pom poms! :)

Krissie - I'm honored, aaaaaand agree. :D

O.M.T. - dude cardio pilates??? That sounds fantastic! Mmmm bendy twisty things, that would be cool ;D - you know, for like. . . uhhhhhh .. aw shit I can't think of anything smart ass to say. :D

Larry - My fingers have slimed down but they still seem to type the same and I haven't lost any brain weight so I guess we're good :) And I truly look forward to visiting you some day - lord knows when we'll be able to, but I think about it when I read your blog :) - XOXOXO's :)

Crystal said...

13 pounds in 8 days!!! You go girl.
I can't wait until December or January so I can start my dieting again! How much more do you want to lose?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Crystal - I finished day 10 and I'm down some more - 14 all together! :) I'm shooting for 20 more days of the cleanse and as much weight as I can lose on it - hopefully another 20 lbs! But, over ALL, even after the cleanse .... I'll still have more to go. I guess right now I want to lose at least a good 30 lbs and then after that another 20 more. So... 50 all together and then we'll see what I look like and go from there :)

Is Dec - Jan when you plan to wean?