Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Master Cleanse Update

FUCK A DUCK if starving doesn't SUCK!!!!

Starving sucks ass. Dirty ass. Dirty sweaty ass.

I managed to stick it out for 16 days before I snapped completley and fell off the wagon. You're not suppoesed to be hungry on the cleanse and the truth is if you drink enough of the "lemonade" you really won't be. BUT, but that stuff gets so freaking OLD after a while, you get so SICK of it and it starts to burn and turn your stomach at the mere thought of it that - or at least I did - you eventually start drinking less and less until it's barely nothing at all. And then you get hungry. And more hungry but still can't stand the thought of the lemonade.

I tried drinking more water to "curb my appetite" but it only made me MORE hungry and pissed me off. After a while I was so obsessed that I spent every waking moment thinking about eating - to the point where I couldn't fall asleep without being completely exhuasted.

So. I caved.

It was great weight loss, 17lbs in 16 days and I know I would have gone on losing another 1/2 to a full pound a day but I just couldn't hack it.

SO, now I'm eating a shitload of salad and homemade veggtable soup in hopes of keeping my calories low but at the same time being able to eat. EAT FOR GODS SAKE - CHEW AND SWALLOW!!! Throw in the occasional lentils with vegtables, refried beans - sans oil - and egg with salsa and I'm going to be quite the happy dieter.

One cool thing besides the weight loss is that my taste buds seem to be on super taste mode now and everything I eat has a ton more flavor than it did before the cleanse. That's neato right? And it's not that I was just not noticing flavor anymore, I actually remember making some jiffy corn muffins before the cleanse and eating one and thinking to myself "Damn these things have no flavor. Sad, they just don't make things like they used to." And after the cleanse when I made some (not for me, for Chino's breakfast, lord knows HE doesn't need a diet) and tasted one and thought "Holy SHIT this is the best corn muffin I've EVER had! They DO have a lot of flavor, I just couldn't taste it before! Freakin cool yo!

SO, I've lost 17 pounds, got my tastebuds back and have developed one hell of a new respect for food. Not bad, I don't regret it at all.


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hey, glad you are back. Wow you have some serious wilpower. I was considering doing it but #1 my husband wouldn't let me , He freaks if i don't eat lunch on time. But he freaks when I over eat too so.... who knows. He's just really worried about my health. I think I could benefit from like a 4 day cleanse, how on earth did you do it for 16 days... and another question how long did you plan to go for?

Sgt said...

Oh LindyStar.. please be careful. That much loss in that short period of time is dangerous especially since you weren't eating. The exhaustion is most likely from the stress your putting on your heart trying to function with little to no energy.

The problem with those cleanse "diets" is that your body goes into self-preservation mode and starts eating itself. Unfortunately it goes for the muscle first.

Exercise when you can. Try to get 30 minutes of cardio even if its just walking. You can limit your diet to cut down on calories, but you should still be eating. Many small meals are better than few big meals.

You know my inbox is always open if you need help or advice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I did some research on the diet when I read about it here.

People seemed to beglad they did it. Supposedly the weight comes back, but like you said, it makes it much easier to crave HEALTHIER food once it's all done.

Some people do 10 days every 6 months. Not a bad idea.

Still don't think I could go 10 days without sushi haha.

Larry Prater said...

Glad you are eating again, and that you are eating more healthy foods. You must take care of little Daisy's mother.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

PVG - LOL it sounds like your husband cares A LOT! :D I planned on going for 30 days and then another 10 if I could hack it, but, nope. :) Ah well I did what I could :)

Sgt. - awww you're so sweet. And lol I misswrote the exhaustion thing - I had TONS of energy and actually had trouble sleeping! Crazy right? Anyhoo, don't worry I actually do know the RIGHT way to lose weight and lost about 70 lbs just doing proper diet and plenty of exercise a few years ago, I was just looking for a lazy punk quick fix (stoopid I know) and was lured in by the "detox" effect of it. :) But no more for me, on to salads and veggies and running. dag gummit

gringa - lol WHAT EVER for craving healthier foods - I still dream of everything bad, I'm just more motivated to stay away from it because my clotes fit so nice now. :D

Larry you are so sweet, and yes you're right, I want to be around a long time for her. :) XOXO's

Sparx said...

That's amazing - well done! I lost 25lbs last year on VLCD - 'very low calorie diet'... diet coke and carrots, mainly, with big fuck-off salads for dinner, just kept calorie intake down to around 700 a day - loss was 2-3lbs a week when I stuck to it which isn't bad really.

I think 30 days on the cleanse would have shot your system to be honest... if it's the master cleanse, sounds like it is, I thought it was 10 days only.

After 3 days on VLCD your liver starts to ingest body fat which is where you need it to stay. If you go below the 700 cals you're likely to start eating muscle which is bad.

Anyway, hats off to you, take it easy now and just eat well. Don't forget you need protein and you might need to top up on potassium a little after 16 days of starvation - eat a banana every other day for a while and make sure you don't damage yourself.