Saturday, April 10, 2010

Master Cleanse

I've made up my mind to do the Master Cleanse - a.k.a. "The Lemonade Diet" a.k.a. that thing Beyonce did with the maple syrup.
I know it sounds hoaky but after reading about it - TONS about it - and watching other people that have done it post daily on YouTube through their experience, I'm convinced that it'll do me some good. And yeah, there is rapid weight loss - although like half of it is water weight that you'll gain back so. . . well whatever, truth is I'm looking forward to that aspect of it just as much - if not more, who am I kidding? - than the clensing part.

The adult in me recognizes that I've put a lot of CRAP in my body over the years and I'm sure it could use a good detox, while the 12 year old in me is excited to see all of the weird shit that I'll supposedly poop out.

The people I've watched and read about (people that weren't selling anything btw) all felt super awesome and energized and oh I don't know, just great and all around dandy after doing it and I want in on it.

The drink isn't as bad as I thought it would be thank goodness but it sounds pretty gross I'll admit it. It's just water, lemons or limes, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The pepper part sounds horrid but the truth of it is you can't taste it, it just makes the drink spicy, which for me, little miss salsa, is just fine.

I'm not doing the part of the diet where it recomends that you drink a quart of warm salt water each morning - it sounds dangerous and unnecesary to me from what I've read, and I know I'd never be able to get it down.

Other than the lemonade and some help-you-poop tea in the morning and night - that's it - nothing else. The maple syrup actually has calcium, iron and some B vitamins and the limes have all sorts off good things - vitamin C to say the least - so I know that in the coming days I won't go anemic, eat my bones away or develop scurvy. :D
Anyhoo, I'm not going to go on and on about it but I wanted to let you guys know and give you some updates to see what it's really like and how it's going. I'm YouTubing my daily progress and if I get brave I'll post the link. LOL for right now though I still can't figure out how to make the sound match the video on my damn web cam and it's embarrasing.

Ok, so, that's that - now you know. :D
Have a good weekend! :)


jenny said...

are you breastfeeding? Going on a cleanse like this wouldn't be good for your milk for miss daisy. If you've stopped and are doing formula, then ignore me and have at it. Just if you feel lightheaded, then eat something-- some crackers or toast at least, ok? And as for the maple syrup, make sure it's the real stuff not the fakey stuff, ok?

Be careful and I know you're smart and did your homework and all, but still.. I worry. It's the mommy in me coming out. xoxo

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

you know lately I've been drifting toward that too. I have read alot of recommendations about that and I wish I could. but I think I would lose my mind. I'm not sure I could make it one day without food. I get all freaky when I don't eat breakfast.

So I'm trying to solve another health problem for myself and I started taking probiotics, which they shove down your thoat in Mexico don't they, its crazy how much yogurt is for sale in Mexico and that yakult isn't that probiotics. I've also been taking odorless garlic, and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe I should blog about it. well, I just don't want my school mates knowing my exact health problems... but I do feel better after 5 days of these vitamins. Also b12. and I'm taking goat weed for desire. Have you heard of that?

I can't wait to see your youtube.

Rainforest Gardener said...

Haha, I like the stuff about the 12 year old in you! Thats funny. Just be careful with your health and all that...

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - :) I like you so much I can't stand it :) And no, no breastfeeding at this time, I would have loved to continue but I couldn't. But lol miss porker at 15 lbs seems to be thriving well :D And nope, I won't kill myself or anything like that and yep - REAL maple syrup - lol Aunt Jemimah just won't cut it ;) You're so sweet :) XOXOXO's

P.V.G. - Horny Goad Weed! LOL I've totally heard of it and was actually looking up natural aphrodisiacs the other day and ran across it - I would appreciate it 1000% if you tell me if it works for you. And I totally took the probiotic pills a couple of years ago! LOL I don't know if it did anything for me but it sure didn't hurt :) Aaaaand we must be on the same wave link because previous to this cleanse I started cooking with a ton of garlic for it's benefits :D ! Let's keep each other updated! If you want to share but privately I have my email in the profile of my blog :)

R.G. - I can't see you without being automatically jealous you plant man you. But yeah, the 12 year old boy runs around a lot in my head :D

raúl said...

I agree with Jenny. The maple syrup that they have here in Mexico is just colored corn syrup. It's not like the stuff available in New England. Read your labels and take care. Good luck on your cleanse. Hope it works for you.

And PuertoVallartaGirl, Yesss! I have never seen so much yogurt in my life. I hate that stuff. And they've got aisles of it. Amazing. The Yakult is a scam, *IMHO*. In the UK and EU the company is prohibited in making any health claims. Independent studies have shown that it has little if no anti-diarrhea qualities or any other significant health benefits. It's a placebo with sugar.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

P.S. I'm half way through the 3rd day - day 2 I was totally starving but today my stomach gave up and it's smooth sailing! Not hungry at all and I even went for a jog. PLUS I've lost 9 lbs so, you know, THAT'S cool. LOL I must have been carrying a LOT of water weight around!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Raul - :) No problem, back home my Dad and uncle actually make it every year - strait from the tree, so I know the good stuff :)

And HOLY COW you're right about the yogurt! Isles and Isles and JUGS!! Who needs a half gallon JUG?? :D

Krissie said...

You brave, brave girl!

Corey Jo said...

Which Uncle, I didn't know your dad made syrup!!!! Damn doesn't anyone in this family tell me anything!!!

♥ Ya

gringationcancun said...

I already poop a lot. Not sure I'd want to poop even more, although 9 pounds sounds awesome.

Post the YouTube link!

Kellysmakeupandmore said...

Hi i know its been awhile since I commented but when i see u have a post im either in a hurry or sleepy so i just read and go!

but i just had to comment on this!

you know ive been wanting to detox too, but just dont know how to go about it! I heard of this and the fruit detox, ive also read about the veggie one too, but its hard when you are married to a mexican! they want to eat all this great stuff and idk about urs but when im on diets my hubby is like MmmMmm and rubs in my face that he is eating something that he knows i want or like, its rather annoying, but I REALLY WANT TO LEARN! so i think im going to read up on it!

keep us updated

you know the only bad thing about all this detox is pooping, that the bad part for me! my cousin told me i should just go without eating meat for a month but dang i would be so weak i just dont know but ill let u know what i deside to do!!!


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - desperation can do a lot tword bravery :P

Corey - lol my bad - my OTHER dad, the bio-dad and his brother :D But for real, my parents tell me shit like 3-6 months late on everything too! :D

Gringa - lol well at least after about a week you stop pooping very much at all :) lol you so made me smile

Kelly - Hi! :) Awww I know what you mean with the great mexican food!!! My husband seems to be pretty supportive though and has tried not to rub anything in my face. The first night he cooked one of my FAVORITE meals though and he kept looking at me kinda sideways to see if I was pissed or not. :) LOL I just ignored him so he'd feel ok about it - it's my decision and I can't blame him for eating good. PLUS - I cook at least two meals a day for him but here's a little bit of advice for you if you do it - start cooking him his favorite stuff that you can't stand! My husband is in hog heaven because I'm making him nopalitos, chicharon en salsa roja, menudo, and chiles rejenos! He LOVES this stuff but I won't touch it so cooking it and seeing him eating it makes it a lot easier! :)

As of today - the middle of my ... 5th day? I've lost another couple lbs to make it 11 lbs so far! :) And don't worry about the pooping, lol it's really not much more than normal AT ALL! :)