Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Driving Lessons

Chino bought Daisy a baby walker last week and I thought it would be prudent to sit her down and explain a few rules of driving.

#1 - My mom always stressed that you MUST wear shoes while driving, so I'm passing that along to Daisy. Pants? Well, who needs pants, Grama never mentioned pants.

#2 -We don't drink and drive.

#3- We don't text and drive.

#4 - No eating fillet mignon while driving.

And # 5 - We will never change clothes while driving, accidentally knock the car into neutral and about pee our pants thinking we blew the thing up while simultaneously running ourselves off the road.

You know just in case that might come up one day. You know...... to Daisy.

Apparently I forgot to mention that we shall not glam our rattle while driving. Guess she didn't pick up on the theme.


Vadose said...

Super Cute!

Jaime said...

oh love the driving advice/rules of the road! i can remember someone who will remain un-named hitting a lamp post in an empty parking lot, love ya! also i just can't wait to see daisy when ya'll visit!! ok so i just noticed my strange addiction to the exclamtion point, hmm!!! lol

Leslie Limon said...

LOVE THE PICS!!! Miss Daisy is just too darn cute! :)

Mama of 4 said...

She is precious and I'm sure you've heard she looks just like her daddy a million times already!

Larry Prater said...

Little Daisy is just getting cuter and cuter. And she started off extremely cute.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Thanx Vadose! :)

Jaime - lol OMG I forgot about the lamp! But don't worry, because IIII haven't forgotten another person who shall remained un-named who when learning how to drive might have got scared by a stick and drove off the road thus popping a friends tire and such. OMG OUR BABIES CAN NEVER DRIVE !!!! :D For real, we're not going to let them drive right????

Leslie - Thank you : ) :)

Mama - She looks like Chino???? NOOOO. ;D LOL yes, only every day ! :)

Larry - Why thank you - er, she thanks you? LOL are you going to stop by this way when you're around Laredo? I'll cook you dinner!

Nancy said...

Oh my gawd she's so cute. And getting so big! What a sweet cheeks!

She-She said...

Lord but Daisy is gorgeous!

Alice said...

that is the girliest walker i've ever seen.