Thursday, May 27, 2010

Note To Self: No more posting after going 48 hours on only ONE hour of sleep.

Cuz damn, that can get ugly right?

LOL I woke up today after sleeping a blissful eight hours of sleep, went to check my blog and RU-ROW, fuzzily remembered that I went ape-shit yesterday about something that I would normally consider not worth my time.

But yesterday it seemed A HUGE DEAL because lol - I was beyond tired and for whatever reason reading about Obama's choice offended my sleep deprived brain. It offended it and pissed it off and I remember feeling like he had personally slapped me in the face.

Today? Yeaaaahhhh not so much. Today I'm back to thinking that there are much more important things for me to worry about, like the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy and Bones and WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO BONES AND BOOTH????

Dear lord I might as well have handed out free soap boxes and all but begged people to publicly flog me.

You might think it sounds crazy as vehement as I was yesterday that I don't care today but ... well I don't. Maybe today it erks me in some offhand way and it makes me wonder what he was thinking and maybe today my normal brain can understand a little bit where yesterdays crazy brain was coming from - but not enough to post it on my blog any longer.

I love my husband. He loves me. We love our baby. And when Daisy grows up she can choose "wolf pack" for her nationality as long as she comes home to Momma once in a while and has bologna and avocado tacos.

Today - I couldn't care less.

One more thing - and this is on a clear thinking day - I'll no longer be allowing Anon commenter's on my blog. It makes me sad because some of my FAVORITE commenter's are Anon - Upstate Broad and my Cousin Corey Jo - but I can no longer stand the racists that have been increasingly showing up here and blasting hate all over my pretty little happy-love blog. All of a sudden Bubba -

*Grabs his belt buckle*
*Spits his chew*
"Yeeeaaaap Hoss, I don't know bout you but I thank somethin' smells awful colored round these parts."
"Go get me a rope HOSS, we goan STRANG HER UP!"

-has been anonymously taking more than his fare share of space up in my comment box. I wish I could say "sticks and stones" and "I don't care." The truth though is that every time it hurts my feelings a little bit more and reminds me that there's still a lot of hate in this world. I don't come to my blog to find hate so no more. I don't want my fellow blog FRIENDS to have to come here and see hate - so no more.

If you want to create your own blog account, lay YOUR heart out for all to see and then come here publicly and spew a bunch of hate - be my guest! It's fair as long as I can go back to YOUR blog and fuck with you too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a post to write about how my neighbor keeps chickens on the side of his house. That's newsworthy to me. :)


On Mexican Time said...

Ohhh Gringa - maybe your'e preggers? Jajaja, juuust kidding!!!

Well, you know how I feel about the subject of racist comments from "anon" guests. Get a life losers, and really? Why are you reading my blog anyways? If you don't like it - fuck off!!! I don't get paid to write...just doing it for fun!!!

I love you, and I love all your blogs - so write about whatever it is that you want!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

O.M.T. You are a sweetheart!! :) And you're right, it's for fun not to be busted out on right? And OMG NO I'm not preggo - *shudder* * forks the sign of the evil eye* lol NOOOOO!! :D

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Well, i'm glad you and I agree. I haven't seen the really racists comments. but you probably saw that "Mean people suck" comment I made one day, then I deleted it because I saw that other people thought the comments were funny. but I didn't. so I thought maybe you thought it was funny.... ? anyway, mean people do suck. so I'm saying it again. and more power to you. I feel like sometimes on my blog when people come and feel really opposite from what I feel and say mean stuff (or stuff I feel is ignorant to my situation), I feel as if I am having a party and a mean guest arrives and insults me in my own home. And that really sucks. so I know exactly how you feel. though I do write about publicly charged issues I still get my feelers hurt too. All this rambling is just trying to say, I understand.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

P.V.G. - nope, not funny at all - I'd try and MAKE fun of it, but only out of anger. I'm glad you get it and I know you DO for your description - like someone coming into your home - you hit it on the head.

Sandrine said...

Hi Gringa,

I feel like a person's blog is like their house and that if a person doesn't like you, they shouldn't come in your own house and tell you.They should just stay away. ;0)
Sorry you had to experience that.
Take care.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sandrine - Darn right!!

A Write Life said...

What a shame that someone does that. Just move on if you don't care for the subject. Gosh! I've heard this from other bloggers and it breaks my heart. Keep on posting on! We love you.

Mary C said...

Hi Gringa ~
I just found your blog (through Johnny Virgil - 15 Minute Lunch) and have been enjoying your posts for the past couple of weeks. You are very funny, and I'm sure you enjoy life to the fullest.

Sorry about the evil bloggers finding you. I live in Mexico too (with my daughter, son-in-law (Mexican), and grandson), and I post comments about illegal immigration here and there. If you want to see evil (and I'm sure you don't), just go to some of those blogs. It's sad that people are so full of hate. I can only go there about once a week, because otherwise it drags me down, and who needs that?

Keep writing and posting about your adorable family. Love it.

Anonymous said...

You write about whatever you want to!! :)

Chickens? Now THAT'S something I wanna be reading! Do they belong to the same neighbor with the horny poodle? Oh my!

Cdn Cat said...

Oh my... sorry you were verbally attacked, I know the feeling. Someone didn't like my style of photography and told me so on my blog....I don't mind constructive criticism but photography/art is totally subjective.
I used to see racisim first hand when I lived in Mexico, and was shocked at what people had the nerve to sometimes say to my face about my Mexican BF. I can only imagine what I didn’t hear behind my back.
I am blissfully happy with my Native Canadian husband of 18 years and probably get more double takes because I am 4 inches taller than he is. Who made up the rules anyways....maybe God should have made the whole human race blind. I wonder if it woud have made a difference? You have my vote to continue blogging about whatever you feel like....I love the way you think! are these chickens in a pen or allowed to roam in the yard?

Pam said...

I've only got one thing to say... BOLOGNA AND AVACADO TACOS??? WTF??? LMAO

I, too, found your blog through 15 Minute Lunch. You had an instant follower! Love your posts! :)

Nikki said...

I think you should write about whatever you are feeling at the time (and so what if you don't care the next day) ;) It sure does help me especially on my "I hate Mexico" days or my "I want to go to the other side YA" days ;) And PuertoVallartaGirl SSSOOO got it right, when people are mean, racist, rude, etc. in the comments area it is just like they have invaded home and spouted off all that negativity in your space, not cool. Keep up the writing I look forward to reading in between changing diapers and mopping ;)

Sgt said...

I wish I had thought of "Wolf Pack" as my race. Maybe next year.

I always wondered why people felt the need to hide behind "anonymous". Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but don't try to hide from the backlash of it. I mean, we haven't always seen eye-to-eye on some issues, but hey, we vented it out in a civilized manner and moved on.

Oh well. And really.. no more of the bologna and avocado. Your giving me night terrors thinking about it. ;-)

Ritamg said...

I loved the Obama blog. I hate the boxes one must choose on forms to indicate race. I think the last time I had to fill one out, I checked Eskimo or something..You have so many followers who love you but there is always one or ten jerks out there. I got my poison pen out when some asshole wrote a nasty comment to the newspaper article about my sister's death. There are so many idiots out there and they are not worth your time.

Mary C said...

How about putting race...human.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

A Write Life - You're so sweet Thank You ! :)

Mary - OH!! You're in Mexico TOO!!?? DO you blog about it? I am SO clicking your link with anticipation!! Sometimes it seems like I've found ALL of the Mexico bloggers but you're new! I'm so excited!! Ok, ok, calming :) And yes, I know about the Immigration sites - or heck, even when Yahoo does a story on it and you go to the comments to see what people wrote? Wow. I'll never look there again!

Gringa - LOL Y Usted Tambien! And lol no, the ones next to them - a lively bunch right? :)

C.C. - They were MEAN to you over your photography? That's just dumb right? I mean, if they don't like it whatever but there's no reason to be MEAN - pssyyyyyyyychos!!
Pam - Don't knock it till ya try it! LOL and Thank You! :)

Nikki - "I hate Mexico Days" LOL I've been too afraid to even open that damn here - if I did people would stop coming because they'd think I complain waaayyyy too much. BUT you know, I LOOOOVVEE it when other Mexpat chicks bitch about it!

Sgt. - I don't remember ever disagreeing with you. SO there. LOL I just love you too much to care or remember :) And wolf pack, yes, or there's always raised by gorillas and what not. Or Honey Bee's I'm a sweet person, perhaps my mom was a Queen bee. :P

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Rita - LoL POISON PEN!! That's awesome. :)

Mary - Right? Love it.

obladi oblada said...

Hey, I can relate to feeling strongly about something one day, and not so much the next. I cannot, however, relate to commenters, anon or otherwise, who seem to live to be hateful. Shame on them...mean people suck.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Personally, I doubt that I have ever read anything written by you that upset me.

I keep most of my views to myself on politics and religion and I like it that way. At least in the blogosphere, in person that may be a different story.

I only read part of your Obama blog post because I had to go do something else, and when I came back it was gone. It had gotten my brain jump started and I wanted to read what you said. I used to hate those boxes because I am white but of Cuban descent and you used to be only able to chose one. I usually picked white because being Cuban and a woman never got me any where even with "affirmative action", just like I never got extra pay for speaking Spanish....never mind I am wandering.

I think people who spew hate are sad and sorry examples of humanity and if they want a platform, they should find their own.

Okay, where are the baby pictures? Daisy is such a cutie pie!

are you gonna come to the bloggers meet and greet in Merida in November?


IMO it's okay to bitch but I try not to make it a lifestyle because it will attract people who feed on the bitching and who wants them in your life?

Mary C said...

Gringa ~
I don't have a blog - spending too much time with my little grandson - byt I do love living in Mexico (San Miguel). So glad I found this place before I croaked. I didn't know paradise existed before this.
~ Mary C

Karen said...

I am not happy with you. I want to read the Obama post. How dare you erase it before I could read it? And another vote for "If you don't like it, don't read it" and polite disagreement on other people's blogs. And sorry but I am down with the b-o-l-o-g-n-a (yeah, i have to sing it too) taco, tripa I can dig. Good old guts.

Hang in there girl, hell, you made a baby, you can do anything now.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

O.O. - I'm pretty sure I had a T-shirt that said "Mean People Suck" when I was in 8th grade. :D MEMORIES!! :)

Theresa - I like you a lot when you get riled up!! :D There's going to be a meet up? I SO wish I could go! That would be really neat. :) And pictures of Daisy - lol I'd like to put them up pretty much every day but I'm afraid people will stop coming here :D

Mary - Oh I'm glad you love it where you are, that's wonderful :)

Karen - lol I'll e-mail it to you if you want. :D And I like the "If you made a baby you can do anything" statement - that's neato :)

Crystal said...

okay I must have missed something in the past few days, but how dare someone come in to YOUR house and start offending you. If they do not like it.. uh leave. I can not stand racism.. it is pathetic. I go through it too. There are some racist people at my job.. not towards me, but towards hispanic, mexicans, and they know my husband is Mexican and they know that we have a baby and are expecting another. They make indirect comments, but it makes me mad and hurts my feelings. I feel sad for my kids because they can't defend themselves, but I defend them. The racists always love to use oh we don't mean your husband or kids. Yeah right. you mean everyone! Don't let the racists get you down. You have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful family.. keep on posting and tell the haters to F off!!