Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spank That Monkey

I realized today just how far I've fallen off the wagon since having a baby. Forgive me.

I gave Daisy her sock monkey and was laughing because she was trying to chew the monkey's face off. I told her that in the future I'd appreciate if she'd only make out with mammals of her own species but for now it'd be ok.

ANYWAYS, she started slapping the monkey around a bit and I started yelling - "Kill it! KILL that MONKEY!" and laughing at her antics. She was having a great time batting it around and the next thing I heard myself say was -


Unfortunately the 12 year old boy inside me was having a heart attack and I was oblivious the the fact that I was telling Daisy to spank her monkey. I said it like FIVE times before my poor brain kicked in to gear! How sad.

Hopefully it was merely a minor lapse but if not, I'm gonna have to find a way to get my mind back on track. If need be I'll rent a box set of Bevis and Butthead to get things moving again. Nothing like a B&B marathon to get the ole colon in my brain working smooth again. Wish me luck.

P.S. apparently she's got a thing for ducks as well but I can't yell My Favorite Duck Saying at her. I'm a goof but... well, no. *sigh* I'm going to have to stop swearing pretty soon.


Larry Prater said...

It is so cute that little Daisy likes her toys, including her monkey and her duck. And she is lucky to have such a nice mother.

Sunshine said...

Larry is no nice isnt he!
Can I get in on the Beavis and But head watching.....And maybe we can share a few margaritas or beers while we watch!

Vadose said...

Yeah... I'm going to have to cut down on my swearing pretty soon here too. My baby's still not talking, but I imagine it won't be long. I say a lot of inappropriate things, figuring he doesn't understand anyway. I'm sure one of these days he'll surprise me.

Ritamg said...

I´ll have to share with you my son´s SOB comment made in a restaurant when he was almost 3 years old. Don´t know where he could have picked that one up!

Leslie Limon said...

LOL! Daisy looks so cute with her monkey! :)

I want in on the B&B marathon, too! :)

And there's no need to stop with the swearing. If and when Miss Daisy does curse, just do what I do and say that she can't say those words. Of course, she'll argue that you say them. But that's when you use the "I'm the mom and I can do whatever I want!":D

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

she is so precious, she gives me that feeling like I want to chew on her leg. Isn't that weird how babies give you that sensation.. what kinda sick thing is that? (or is it just me?)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Aw Larry. She DOES love her toys these days - and lol - anything else she can chew on! :) My arm, a coffee cup, the back of a chair - she's easily amused :) Good Baby :)

Sunshine - THAT would be fabulous!

Vadose - :) Luckily just about the only word I say aloud is "shit" and the rest of the swearing just comes out when I type. Strange? Who knows, but if her first word isn't "shit" then I'll be lucky! :D

Rita - you always have the best kid stories! :)

Leslie - OH my gosh! LMAO I would have never pegged you as a fan! I love it! :) We would LOOOVVEEE to count you in. :)

P.V.G. - I think you're hungry. Add that to the fact that D. resembles a ham and things get weird. ;)