Friday, June 25, 2010


I bought Daisy a high-chair a couple of weeks ago and have to admit that on my way home from the store I was SUPER geeked about the whole thing.

I don't know why exactly but this purchase for her seemed to trip my trigger like nothing else - it felt like Christmas!

Perhaps it's because I was getting tired of having to hold her on my lap when Chino and I were eating and try to hold a chicken bone in her mouth while feeding myself as well but... not really, I think I was just excited that she's getting bigger and is more fun and ... I don't know, it's hard to explain, just... something. Maybe I'm finnaly getting my mother-hormomones or something gooky like that.

Aaaanyhoo. She's taken to it pretty well and as you can see in the pictures she's pretty excited about the whole REAL FOOD thing she's got going on. Chino cooked the ever living shit out of some fajita meat (it's a Mexican thing, he can't help it) and it was so tough that we were able to give her a piece without worry that she would break off some and choke on it.

We're pretty damn amused during meal times these days watching her go at whatever we give her with some serious gusto and silly un-coordinated antics.

I recall in my before-baby-days to hearing parents say that they coudln't remember what was so great about life before their children, or what they DID without them and remember thinking ok CRAZY PEOPLE where's the pod that you hatched from???
But for real, I can't remember dinner ever being as fun as this. I DO remember sleeping for more than 33 hours in a week and being able to take showers and dress myself and do my hair on a regular basis and read books and watch t.v. - but whatever, that stuff will come back someday. For now though, I get the consolation prize of watching my baby attack a piece of steak like a sweet little fat.... hyena.


Sunshine said...

Her's grown an inch since I saw her last! High chairs are AWESOME! AWESOME! And....they are great in the bathroom if you need a shower....plop the baby in it with some food and you got time for a shower! FOR REAL! You know I soooo wouldnt lie about doing that before! How cute!

Jane said...

What an adorable little chubsicle!! (Oh, I should put a disclaimer on this that I am referring to your baby!)

Vadose said...

Oooh, I got high chair envy. When I get tired of holding my tubbo, I just put him on the dirty floor! ha! (I'm an awful mom, I'm pretty sure.) And when I wanna shower, I just drag my baby in there with me. I give him some empty bottles to play with and he's entertained while I wash my hair. Plus we both come out clean! Cuz he sure is dirty after spending so much time on the floor. :)

gringationcancun said...

The first high chair pic is the best :) I used to (Ok still do) eat spaghetti that way! Hold it up with your fingers, tilt your head back and shove it in there!!

Pam said...

That's the cutest damn hyena I've ever seen!!!

Jill said...

Isn't the highchair the best invention ever?! And I'm about to give it up for a month, as we're off to hang out with the in-laws--for a MONTH! I'll take comfort in knowing that you're loving yours! :P

Kristi said...

She is such a big girl already!! Where the heck does time go??

On Mexican Time said...

Awww....soooo cute, I want one!!!! LOL!!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - lol it's just that it's so curly and so extremely busted. I can't seem to do anything for it so it's gone the way of the afro. Poor baby. And yes lol the high chair is super sweet! :D

Jane - Lol she gets it alllll from me ;D And thank you :)

Vadose - We're not supposed to put them on the floor??? lol If I put her on the couch she'll roll off! :D Ah well, we spend a lot of time in the kiddie poo - I figure that makes up for it, hell, she hasn't had a proper bath SINCE the kiddie pool, but she's not rotten so I figure it's all working out ;D

Gringa - I'm pretty sure you'd be a blast to hang out with ! :)

Pam - And thankfully her hind-end is MUCH more developed! ;D

Jill - A month? PACK THE DAMN THING!!! :D

Kristi - I have no idea, all I know is that I have NOT been sleeping it away! :P

OMT - lol you're coming around more bit by bit!!

Jennifer said...

Love high chairs. My husband never got how awesome they really are. Until we didnt get one for Levi. I found one at the second hand shop for Ari though, and he now sees the difference. Plus, it teaches the kids independance. Levi is the only one that didnt know how to use a fork and spoon by age one. All my other ones, even Ari, could use utensils (not perfectly - nor anywhere nears perfect, but they could use them).

Other uses for high chairs.... give them a crayon and some paper and let them go at it. If they write on the tray, well it wipes off. Toys can be played with there, all sorts of fun things.


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

she is so perfect.