Monday, June 14, 2010

High Jacking Bastards!

OK, if you receive an e-mail from me that says "Re" in the subj. line please delete it!

My e-mail was taken over by a spammer today and sent (omg I'm going to freak out) Viagra and other ads to all of my contacts.

*My old church.
*Church ladies.
*My Dad.
*My other Dad.
*Respected bloggers that I've corresponded with over the years.
*A few ladies from back home that I haven't talked to in a couple of years who are really great people and used to be great friends but we you know, just sort of grew apart.
*A private school that I recently sent a resume to

You know, contacts like THAT. Aaaand all my friends irl and on the Internet.

If you'll excuse me I'm off to write a gagillion apologies and change my passwords now.

And die. Die a slow, embarrassing Viagra induced death. (lol bet it won't take long for rigor to set in!)


Krissie said...

LMAO @ the last sentence.

Also, thanks for the link. I ordered a few boxes.

A Write Life said...

LOL! Great post. Sorry about the other.

jessica reads said...

Make sure you go into your settings and verify that when people reply to your emails the reply is sent to your email- when it happened to me they set replies to go to a fake email address so I wouldn't receive my emails.

On Mexican Time said...

OMG - that has soo happened to me before!!!! My poor gramps even got it! LOl!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are 2 ways Viagra can kill a woman...

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - lol can't hurt to have it around I guess :D

Write - Thank You and ah well!

Jessica - Oooo that's super bad! But luckily I'm getting the pissed off replies :D

OMT - lol BASTARDS and poooorr Grampa!

Gringa- bwwaaaaa :D

Sunshine said...

Hope you go it all fixed up!

Addi said...

Just found your thru the whole thing (only took 2 full mornings at work shhhh don't tell my boss lol)...Love it will def. be keeping up with you. My husband will be going to Mexico soon (well we hope soon) and he wants to stay and work in border town. Consider Reynosa. Would love to hear pros and cons. No family up by the border (all down south) so he won't know anyone anywhere. Only saying Reynosa cause we live in NC so it is closest to there.