Monday, June 21, 2010

*********** If you're a Christian, somebody from Church, my Dad or anybody else that does not care for swearing please do not read this post. I'm going to swear a lot and say icky-nasty things. Just sayin'**********

A check out lady in Walmart made me cry last week.

The first check out girl didn't run my order through my WIC card and needed help canceling the order so over came bitch-lady. Bitch lady rang me up the right way but got cranky because I miss-counted the number of formula cans and she had to re-do the order all over again. She asked me how I could miss-count, gave me one of those look-you-up-and-down looks and actually laughed at me - not with me. THEN I took my card out of the reader too early, it didn't update properly and she had to do the order over AGAIN.

There were a couple of people behind me in line and I was already mortified so it didn't help when super-bitch turned to me and said loudly "YOU KNOW MAM, WE HAVE A LINE HERE."

The Fuck?

EXCUSE ME BITCH??? Really, did she REALLY get pissed at me and inform me that there was a LINE behind me? FUCK YOU YOU SYPHILITIC CRANK ASS HOR. I was quite aware of the LINE.

I had just got off of work and was running on about 6 hours sleep from the last TWO days so yes, I'm so sorry, I miss counted the cans but REALLY? SHUT YOUR HOR-HOLE AND JUST DO YOUR FUCKING JOB.

Of course at the time, I was insanely tired and so shocked that she scolded me in front of the people in THE LINE (that I was already embarrassed in front of) that I couldn't think angry thoughts. Instead. I cried.

I cried because I was tired and even though I work 40 hours a week I still fall below the poverty line and am eligible for WIC and know that without it we wouldn't be able to feed our baby and I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE BEING JUDGED FOR IT.

I cried because the people in line behind me were thinking that I was some spastic poor-lady living off the system who couldn't do shit right and was ruining their day by making them wait an extra 4 minutes and because a grown woman WALMART CASHIER decided to yell at me.

When I was walking out I started getting pissed and wanted to go and tell the lady's manager that she was a bitch to me but I just wanted to go home.

The next day I had to go back and lo-and-behold ended up in the same bitches line. She was polite but I SOO VERY MUCH wanted to tell her that she was out of line the day before and give her an ear-full but I didn't. I'm just not that type of person, but I wish I could be. I got up the balls to not say "Thank You" when she handed me my change and I didn't even say "You too" when she told me to have a good day. LOL for me, that is being rude.

Ah well. Shit happens. Perhaps one of these days I'll grow a set. Either that or it's all going to build up and I'm going to go postal in a Walmart - we'll see!

(p.s. thank you to Spell Check for correcting my spelling of "syphilitic" - lmao what would I do without you?!)


Addi said...

This is why I avoid Walmart at all cost. Never tried to use WIC there but have tried to use coupons and they are clueless. So I go elsewhere. Is there a grocery store closeby that you could use your WIC at? Also around here there always seems to be cereal deals (buy 2 boxes get free milk or get extrabucks from CVS) and if you use WIC you are still entitled to those deals. Good Luck. Sorry she made you cry...

Cdn Cat said...

I am sorry she upset you to the point of making you cry. It's too bad someone else in line didn't have the cajones (sp?) to say something to her on your behalf. I was just talking to a fellow employee about rude people. If dealing with the public, and they are haveing a bad day...suck it up and smile. I don't care if the last customer told them to eat $hit! In fact I think I will blog about what happened to me the other day. I know how you feel... what you really wanted to say to her was "yes I miss counted the cans on purpose so you would have to do YOUR job...and yes just to frustrate you even more I pulled my card out too early, because I like having everyone give me dirty looks."
My 14 year old neice walked into a Walmart and asked an employee where the complaint department was. She was told "If you don't like shopping here then go somewhere else!" My neice was totally shocked and speechless.

On Mexican Time said...

OMG - I must be confused, but why did you have to count the stuff yourself?? Isn´t that the cashiers job? Sorry.... Rrrr...some ppl.

I am like you too - I just can´t be mean. I just can´t. Even when I think of things to say after the fact...I´m already over it. The guilt would eat me alive if I were mean, or rude. I need to grow a set too.

raúl said...

Gurlll !!! Triple snap, a swing of the hair and sachet away! Then do what you do best...WRITE A COMPLAINT LETTER to the management. It's amazing how much ass-kissing one receives when a well-written letter hits the proper managerial desk. Next time bring a crap load of coupons, rebates, gift certificates, and play with a check!

Ritamg said...

Let me at her. I am good at going postal on rude, stupid bitches (or rat bastards for that matter).

Sunshine said...

Hold Rita back....she's on a freaking roll.....what Walmart is this...AND by the it the same Walmart that messed your ear rings up? Ohhhhhh HELL yeah...write a letter! I'll deliver it for you! Or better yet...Ms. Rita will!
Please do tell what Walmart....And possibly the ladies name. I would love to go in her line!
Crying baby, crazy 5yo, a huge cart full of groceries....oh wait...I forgot my wallet in the car. Can you hold the baby for me until I return. hahahahahhaha...omg...we can sooo get her back.
Or Rita can take half pesos and half US dollars and try to pay! lol cracking up!
ok...enough...but YOU KNOW I'M SO NOT KIDDIN!

MTBLaura said...

Oh man, you so should have turned and said Yes Ma'am, I do see the line so you really should hurry your own ass up so those customers don't have to wait anymnore and have a manager open ANOTHER line.
Ahh...hindsight is always so much clearer. Please tell me you didn't cry in front of her though..please.

You could report her, but do you really want to be the one who makes her lose her job....not that it was right, but maybe she was having a bad day too. Give her a chance, but if she ever does it again, Get her ASS FIRED.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I did decades in retail, and I can tell you that the clerk was wrong. One, she was supposed to count the stuff, not you. And as Cdn Cat said, she works with the public, she needs to be nice, it's part of the job description, CSA means "customer service associate" not "cranky stupid a****e".
If she works at Walmart, I bet she is also on WIC.
Ah well, she is already punished, she has to work at Walmart and they are not good to their CSA's...

gringationcancun said...

After this and the earring incident, I'm surprised they didn't get an earful!

I would feel badass for not saying "thank you" too haha.

Jennifer said...

I love Walmart. It is my friend that always gets me in trouble.

however, I hate Walmarts that have assholes working there. I hate ghetto Walmarts as well.

Back in the day, I worked at Walmart once upon a time, because of how much I loved that store. however, as stated previously, they treat there CSA's and other employees like shit.

Now having said all of that, I too had an issue with a local (GHETTO) Walmart the other day. The woman was a bitch! (Maybe it was bitch day at all the Walmarts??) But I oh so very politely put her in her place. I dont know if its because I am older now, or because I have been living in a country where customer service is crappy, so when I come back to the US I expect for it to be excellent, I dont know, but man I dont have time or patience for people like that. And I let them know. I think thats why they try to put me on prep at work, or packing the orders. Because when I get sumb rude people in the drive thru at KFC, I dont play with them. I dont have time for them. And when I was pergnant it was oh so much worse. Dont get me wrong, Im not like this lady, I actually am a great customer service person *UNTIL* you begin to act like an ass.

I would have called the Ealmart and said hey look, xyz happened and this lady did this, and maybe she was having a bad day, but it was really uncalled for. Thats what I did when I left the store. I called the manager and complained. I also complained about the group of 4 guys with the Walmart vests on who were stanfing by the door and literally every other word out of their mouths were MF'er or F this and F that. I tolod the manager that I understand that they are located in the ghetto, but as workers these guys are representing Walmart, and a parent with children doesnt want to have to pass the group of WALMART WORKERS talking like that. If it was just a group of kids with out the Walmart vest on, it would make the store look like it is just in the ghetto, but because they are the workers, it puts the store in a worse light.

ok, I have babbled enough now. Im sorry you had a bad day, get some rest if/when you can.


Crystal said...

Can you get the powder formula on WIC? I live in Alabama and we can. We used to only get the cans, but now we can get the cans of powder and it is so much easier. You have a electronic WIC card? We still have the orange folders that have checks in them.
You should not let them treat you like that. I am the same way anout not being mean or aggressive with someone, but you should tell them I am a customer here to and I am so sorry you are having a bad day and want to take it out on your customers.
I have not had anyone rude in a while,and I hope I do not have anyone soon.

jeremy said...

you're a mexican now. next time, whip out the switchblade and cut that concha in her culo.

A Write Life said...

How awful! I can't believe she did that.

jenny said...

Oh sweetie-- I'm sorry you had such a meanie cashier at Walmart. There's a couple of cashiers I avoid when I go to my walmart, they always give me a hard time when I use my coupons or my WIC too. I wish I could use WIC at Target, the people there are SOOO much nicer and give me no hassle when I use coupons.

But yeah, I'd probably not say anything either. My husband on the other hand, God love him, if he knew the cashier made me cry, he'd be on the phone in no time.

Gail said...

Jeremy is a stupid Baton Rouge racist tool, a dime a dozen in Louisiana, especially BR. Glad I escaped from that crap-hole years ago.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

You guys are the best commenters EVER! :) LOL even Jeremy - Don't worry Gail - he and I have a back and forth racist-it's-ok joke-thing going on :) But I love you anyway for coming to my rescue! I wish you would have been in Walmart with me :D!!

Addi - Really, the buy one get one and stuff like that works with WIC? I totally didn't know that! Coooool :D

Gahhh I'll reply to the rest of you in a bit when I get the chance - you're all soo freakin cool :) !

Addi said...

I had no idea when I was on WIC that it worked until I wasn't on WIC :(...It is suppose to work. Let me see if I can find some info on it. But I think your best deals are like at CVS or Walgreens when they do buy to boxes and get Extra Bucks or Register Rewards cause you can use those on anything. Or my grocery store often does buy 4 boxes of Kellogs and get like $4 off your next order or free milk or something. What gorcery stores do you shop at? I could do a little search for you.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Addi - awww you're so sweet! I shop lol at Walmart :P It's the cheapest allbeit the suckyest. We have Walgreens here and I've wanted to try their points thing but haven't got around to it because they charge so much more. I wish we had Costco here, I hear great things about it! And I don't think we have CVS. We have HEB stores but lol again, I don't go because Walmart is cheaper. Stupid Walmart. :D

Addi said...

Ok so can't find anything on the Texas WIC saying specifially that you can do B1G1 and what not but it does say to use coupons and Rewards cards. Next time you go into there office ask about this and see if they have something in writing so in case a cashier is giving you a hard time. And I agree Walmart can be cheaper but you might just want to check the fliers of the grocery store and see if they are doing a B1G1 or other reward and just run in there for your WIC. And again the same for Walgreens because probably about once a month Walgreens will go some sort of buy 2 or 4 boxes of cereal and get 2RR or 4RR then you can take those RR and use them on anything in the free stuff for you. If you are interested I belong to a coupon forum and each store has its own forum and people post all the deals and makes it a lot easier...or I can help you out too...if you are interested (although I know how crazy life can be with an infant).

Addi said...

BTW say in the flier this week at CVS, buy 2 Kellogs cereal get 1EB to use on anything in the store...

And not sure exactly where you are but these 2 CVS should be near you

5600 NTH 23 ROAD
Phone: 956-683-1762

Phone: 956-664-1755

She-She said...

Maybe the only reason the bitch was nice the second day was because someone in the line didn't like how she treated you and complained. You never know, cause I'm one of those bitches who tattle tells on ass wipes like that. Yeah, I know shame on me but wal-mart makes a lot of money and should kiss every customers ass who walks through their doors, especially in this economy. Don't let someone like that hurt you-you're a fabulous girl with a great big heart. If it happens again-send me the store location and the persons name-I'll get them in a shit load of trouble. Gawd, what a lazy bitch! Hugs to you sweet girl!


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Addi - I just got around to checking the comments here and wanted to say THANK YOU!! :) I've been wishing for a CVS store but didn't know that there were any actually around me !! EEEE!!! A blog friend of mine gets diapers there for practicaly free and now I'm freaky excited that I can shop there! Thank you so much! :)

She-She lol you're a sweetheart. And remind me not to mess with your sweetheart self! ;D