Thursday, June 3, 2010

The little ways we tell the truth....

Chino and I have found that Daisy loves LOVES getting the HELL out of our house - and going to the mall. The mall here is freaking awesome because it has two arcades a huge movie theatre and a CAROUSEL!!! A beautiful carausel that runs all the time for only 13 pesos (1 dollar) and that my baby happens to love.

I noticed though a bit of a difference in the choice of animal for Daisy to ride when it comes to my husband and I. This first picture is her very first time and for her very first time on a beautiful carousel with lots and lots of sweet white and brown and pink horses to ride - Mommy chose the only gigantic dragon in the lot. LOL I'd like to say it was just because green is my favorite color or that I've got a boner for dragons but I'd be lying because the exact thought going through my head was "I need to find something that fits her personality. Ahhhhhh a dragon... perfect."

And Chino? His choice? A perfectly sweet little zebrah pony - how nice. Difference? A tad. LOL he knows damn well she's a devil baby - all those smiles be damned - but he at least has the decency to pretend it's not so and chose a nice figure for his baby to ride.

Okay OKAY so we love her to death - demon or not - and she IS getting better these days although she's still deamed "The worst baby they've EVER seen" by Chino's family. So proud.

Every once in a while she'll go up to 15 minutes without being held in our arms - and for that we're quite grateful - and when she's being particularly difficult I break out into my impression of a horribly over exaggerated,, stereotyped, 85 yr old Southern Baptist, Black woman - to make myself laugh and freak Chino out.

"Whooo laawwwwddy. LAWWWDDY da deyvils CHALLDD. Oh spirit abiiiddee in me for dis here is a deeemon baby dat I be a holdin' LAWWD HAYLP meh! DAYYYVIL baayybe. DAYVIL! You ole dayvil you step on back uh now!"

It makes me laugh ok? I promise to never do it in public. Chino would divorce me I think.

After she went the second time with Chino I pointed out that at least he didn't choose the LLLAAAAAMMMMEEEE chair that they always have for the pansy kids to sit on if they're too afraid (lol bring on the hate mail, I'm playing ok?) of riding the horses - and he said that he'd never even noticed it, and if he'd HAD he would have used it! SUPER lllaaaaaaaammmeee. Just when you think you know somebody, geesh.

Ah well. At least I know he's not too far off from me - it didn't take much prompting to get him to pose her for this last picutre.

That btw - is a trash can.


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

I always seem to log on right when you post your blogs, how funny. She is so adorable. Oh my god. I want another baby.... why do we have to make choices... career- education - baby... I would have another one if I wasn't in college. I'd try anyway.

Kristi said...

OMG, LMAO!!! This post is just more proof why this is one of my most favorite blogs to read!! Your impression of the old southern baptist lady...LMAO!!

Sunshine said...

The southern by far the funniest thing i've read!
Awww she is so precious...I miss yall! We got to get together soon. You know were looking at 100 degree weather everyday for the next 5 days! So the mall may be a good choice!
Let me know!

jenny said...

You talk old black lady southern baptist, I talk hillbilly/southern good ol boy! I love that my husband plays along with me though when I do it. He likes it when I talk blonde bimbo too.. oh wait, that's private! LOL!!!

I totally would have gone for the dragon, cuz it's just so much cooler than a plain ol horse.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

PVG - lol your poor ovaries are aparently on overdrive ;D

Kristi - lol Thank You! I'm just happy I didn't piss anybody off with it :D

Sunshine - 100 really? That's why I don't watch the weather, if I don't know the number it doesn't freak me out as much. And yes, the mall sounds like a WONDERFUL idea!

Jenny - LMAO no fair! My funny voices give Chino the creeps - ahahahahahah Hmmmm though... maybe he'd like a bimbo voice?? ;D

Anonymous said...

I always make Mexicans laugh with my Valley girl impression. Hilarious.

What's up with the dragon / horse?? WTF?!?! Creeeeepy. Love the baby's smile, though :)

Sparx said...

Ack she's cute - Charlie loved carousels from day one as well... and now he's all about the fun fair...