Friday, June 11, 2010

Post Pregnancy Weird Shit: Goodbye Polyester

It's been almost 6 months since I gave birth to my first baby, Daisy. Check out her being a bad ass there to the right, she can sit up now all by her little self. I still can't grasp the whole concept that I for real, actually FOR REAL made a baby and gave birth, that I pushed that thing out into this world. I'm not sure I ever will believe it but weather I ever grasp it or not, my body - knows it. There's been a couple of strange changes that came with pregnancy and apparently are here to stay. This is a TMI post by the way, so you know... just so you know!

I am now allergic to Polyester.


That sentence makes me laugh because I know a lot of people with finer taste in clothing than I might say jokingly that they're allergic to Polyester but I never understood that notion. I have some really pretty shirts made of the Poly damn it! Aaaaand of course... I'm cheap.

Honestly though, if I put on a polyester shirt I have an almost immediate reaction to it - in my armpits.


Not a rash, no, nothing that simple, but instead my body makes some sort of chemical reaction with the fabric and 30 seconds later I start emitting a weird chemically B.O. that's practically nauseating. (I hope you weren't eating while reading this post.) No amount of deodorant helps and it seems actually the more deodorant applied the worse things get to smelling. In short - I reek.

Unfortunately it took me about 4 months after I gave birth to figure out the correlation and another month of being a weird smelly person to give up, give in, and get rid of my clothes. Who knew one person could have so many synthetic clothes btw?? SHIT.

Goodbye Polyester, how I loved you and your wrinkle free wonderfulness. You shall be missed but HOT DAMN I can't go on forever being the werido B.O. lady. Cuz damn. No. Bye Bye now.

The other strange thing gone awry with my body is closely related, it seems there are only a couple of deodorants on the market now that I'm also not allergic to. My old favorite, Suave Baby Powder produces the same weird chemical B.O. - not a regular B.O. - worse somehow - within seconds of application. I had one HELL of a time during pregnancy finding a deodorant that didn't do this to me but figured after I gave birth the phenomenon would go away.

Yeah no. It's worse now because now that I'm not pregnant the gel that worked while I was pregnant no longer works. Gels don't do shit for perspiring and it's 100 degrees here everyday now so you know, I need some help!

It took about 8 different brands to find one that works and a lot of time being a weird smelly lady during the process. It really sucks balls to have to start a new job and be starting a new friendship when you're going through a strange alien smelly phase. Kinda hard to impress people when you reek ya know? Asshole armpits.

Asshole chemical weird after-pregnancy-weird-shit!!

One cool thing though - my face is much clearer these days. I only have the occasional blemish now compared to the ever constant blemishes of the past. How cool is THAT?

To tell you the truth it's more than a fair trade. Goodbye pimples and goodbye Polyester, may you both rest in peace. There's more but this has been enough TMI for one post and I promise that if we ever meet in real life I'll wear my good deodorant and a nice cotton shirt.

Also, I promise to make my baby wear clothing. And do something with her hair. Cuz damn, baby be busted. Busted but sitting up! Go baby go!


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Are you sure it's the polyester not formaldehyde? as disgusting as it sounds, formaldehyde is what makes permanent press, permanent. I worked with a woman who developed that allergy.
Now this is oversharing, I am sure but I became allergic to antiperspirant after living here awhile. I got tiny lumps/rash in my sweat glands. After trying to find deodorant that didn't have antiperspirant, I gave up. I did some research and found that lavender water works as a deodorant. So combined with showering at least twice a day with anti-bacterial soap and putting lavender water on my pits and the soles of my feet. Yeah, this is weird but it's because of the sweat glands there, according to my research. I don't get the rash and I'm not stinky, except I smell like Maja soap or someone's granny...
Allergies are weird....

Vadose said...

"gave birth to my first baby"... so that means more are on the way? :)

She's a cutie!

Upstate Broad said...

If you're not getting a rash or bumps or anything, it's likely not an allergy, but a chemical reaction, and I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the water. You wash both you and your clothes in that water, plus you drink it and it comes out in your perspiration, so it's a part of every grooming and clothing equation. The combination of what's in the water, your sweat, the deodorant, the detergent AND the polyester is a complicated equation.

I guess what I'm saying is that when the day comes that your little family can move back across the Rio Grande and your water source changes, your situation may as well. In the meantime, consider the impact of your detergent also.

Anonymous said...

LOL about not making Daisy wear clothes. When it's a thousand friggin' degrees I let Audrey sit around in just a diaper so I can live vicariously through her (I've been known to wear sweatshirts in the summer to hide my fatness. I'm quickly getting over it as my house has no air conditioning).

Ritamg said...

Uh, believe or not, I have the same issues. I tend to stink after just a little sweating if I am not wearing cotton. And who doesn´t sweat in this awful heat. So, please share the magic brand of deodrant I must look for. I am wearing some weird Mexican sexy brand that isn´t so sexy after 8 hours.

Anonymous said...

AAAWWW YES!!!! Finally someone that went through the same thing I did!! I was so grossed out by myself during my last pregnancy. I just could not find a deodorant here that would work for me and I had never had that issue before. I finally had to go the Secret Clinical route and I have been using it ever since. Pregnancy is CRAZY and does CRAZY things to your body!

Anonymous said...

Daisy is ADORABLE. She looks like a little cabbage patch kid with her dimples :)

Well at least now your no polyester rule gives you more reasons to go shopping.

In Cnancun, regular deodorant did little for me. I now use Adidas sport gel stuff. Lasts ALL DAY and I feel dry. Awesome. (sad that I need athlete deodorant when I do no exercise...)

jenny said...

I hardly wear deodorant anymore.. when I got pregnant, it made me itch and itch and itch no matter what brand I used. I got tired of raw armpits so I just stopped using anything. I think I'm one of those people that don't have strong B.O. but when I'm done working in the garden, I stink! My mom is a pack rat, and when I was going through her things after the fire, I found a new stick of deodorant made by irish spring, they don't make it anymore, but I use it and it smells like I stuck a bar of soap in my armpits. It doesn't have anti-persperiant in it, but that's ok, I only use it when I go out and it's hot. It's the only thing I found that doesn't make me itch.

Crystal said...

Okay you have chino and now daisy can be china. Hee hee hee you know her curly little hair. She is so cute! I hope I have a girl. My son is 18 months and his hair is curly, but he looks like your baby as far as hair and skin color. I am light like you and so I was hoping that he would look really spanish and he does. My daughter (her dad is from honduras) has olive easy to tan skin, but blondish brown hair and hazel eyes. I call my baby 'taquito', but you know in a loving cute way. Daisy is so cute!! Wait until she starts walking.. =)

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

I used to have the same problem while I was in mexico how weird. - and it actually went away for several months after I had surgery for kidney stones. nothing worked for me when I had the weird smell (it was like adkins diet sweat smell - where your burning keytones) anyway - up here in the Pacific NW - I don't have it anymore - maybe it WAS the water. ..... when it gets hot and I don't drink enough water it occasionally has come back.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Theresa - I don't know? It's only in clothes that are made of polyester but maybe??? And wow the lavender works!? That's awesome - and LOL I'm sure you smell lovely, and not like a granny. :D Which reminds me... I need to send my Granny some of those lavender satchels for her undie drawer ;D And yes, allergies ARE weird! :)

Vadose - LOL I know right? What is this insanenss!!?? And thank you :)

Upstate - Detergent - nope, and the water never bothered me before I was pregnant, the other stuff, who knows but no combination of any of it works unless I nix the Poly and wear my Degree Fresh Powder! :D STRAGE ! :D Just thank God I found SOMETHING!! :D

l-pimp - I still laugh every time I see your user name :D And omg the sweaters - you TO!! LOL I always used to dread summer because the sweatshirts would have to go! :P Ah well, we grow older and say screw it IT'S HOT! I've found myself lately just pretending that my legs are smooth and lump free and walking around in a t-shirt or shortie shorts. My husband is thrilled and chases me all around the house (lol he must be blind) and I'm not 1000 degrees so everybody's happy. :D

Rita - Degree - Powder scent - it's the only thing that doesn't do the weird chemical thing to me. Last for 8 hours?? Ummmm well, maybe in air con but outside lol nope. If it makes you feel any better I've NEVER once hugged you and thought "Damn girl!" You're always fresh and clean as far as my nose knows!

Nikki - OH THANK YOU!!!! Finaly someone else!!! I've been wanting somebody else to say ME TOO - soooo bad!! It makes you feel a little better right? Like, it's not just your body that's an asshole? :D LOL YAY for us! :D

Gringa- Adidas - I used that years ago when it first came out and loved it - I'll have to check it out again! And lol at the Cabbage patch doll! She's got the head size that's fo sho! ;D

Jenny - OOooo that deod sounds great!! I mean, what better way to smell than like you just washed! LOL this is awesome, I've got a few new brands to check out. And DAMN isn't pregnacy a bitch! :D

Crystal - LMAO and the ONE thing that I hoped for was that Daisy would get strait hair. NOT SO MUCH. :D China is right, yikes what am I going to DO with it!? :D

PVG - That's Twilight Zone!! The stones, the Mexican water - now I'm curious as hell! And lol I think I'll start drinking more water. :D

Larry Prater said...

Little Daisy just gets cuter and cuter.

Sunshine said...

I have the same problem...if the shirt is synthetic...i've got a stink too.
It's the hormones...or something! I found this brand of Dove at Sorianna down the street from me. It works...i cant find it in maybe next time i go...i'll pick up 2 of them and we can test it out! How's that sound!

La Familia Garcia said...

She looks sooo mucy like C

Alice said...

too funny! i like daisy's organic look -- there aren't many years left where she can flaunt her naked, beautiful self without offending someone. clothes are overrated.