Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dolla Dolla No Holla! Wait.... HOLLAAAA

Here on the border in Tx there's an insane amount of shopping available because of all the Mexicans that come over to buy. A ton of the stores offer super cheap wares - some a good deal and others you know... like, wear-it-once and if falls apart. I love it! I buy most of the things that my husband sells in Mexico in these stores (They all seem to be owned by Koreans?) - only the decent products of course - and love shopping in them for us as well.

Anyhooooo today I went shopping for hair irons ($8.75 when I buy them wholesale!) to take back and was lured over to the super cheap jewelry section. I've been wanting a new necklace and since all jewelry is a dollar I figured what the hell.

I picked out a 6 strand 28 inch seed-bead necklace that was sooooo pretty I had to buy 3 more. Purple, Green, Yellow and Blue, I figured I could wear more than one and mix and match - I'm sorta colorful like that.

I'm babbling, anyways, I wore the purple and green to work today (Ok I wore the blue too, so shoot me I LIKE RAINBOWS.) and about two hours after I arrived one of the strands on the green necklace broke. Ah well, that's what I get for buying it for a dollar and what the hey, I can just re-strand them... but wait.

When I looked down at my chest to inspect the green necklace I noticed that I had purple coloring smeared all over the front of my shirt and ALLL OVER my chest and neck! Bwwahahaah the purple necklace it seems has a dye-problem and rubbed off it's purple all over me making my shirt a disaster and my skin look like I've got a horrid, severe, purple-ish sun burn - in a circle around my neck and chest.


LOL, luckily it comes off with soap and water and scrubbing so my shirt is fine (thank god it was black and grey) and my skin is back to being paper-white. I laughed at the purple necklace and figured ah well, what the hell, I'll just rinse it off and no harm done.

Three hours later and I'm still rinsing.

Ok, so I only rinsed for about five minutes and then gave up but I've been soaking it in an ice bucket and going back every now and then to swish it around, dump out the pink water and fill 'er up again.

Some of the beads are staying purple and it seems that others are going ... clear. Lmao who PAINTS on color?

So yeeeeaahhh, the $1 necklaces are apparently like the sandals that only last a day and the tea that's out of date but ah well, I STILL think it's a good buy for all of those beads! I'll re-string the green and keep washing the purple until I get my DOLLARS WORTH thank you very much.

(p.s. it's been a few days since I wrote this post and it took 2 days of soaking and washing to finally get out all of the dye on the purple beads!) :D


On Mexican Time said...

Hahahaha - If you wanted a necklace you could just wash off ...pearl necklace! Hahahaha - why did this come to my mind? I don't know!!! That's hilarious, I'll make sure to avoid buying them at the market :)

Anonymous said...

It took me 2 seconds to realize what On Mex Time was talking about... BWAHAHAHA!!

Dang you're persistent! You show those Korean salespeople that you won't give up without a fight!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I can tell you a worse story. And I should know better, but I forgot that I live in Mexico. I bought a kilo of magenta seed beads (made in China) and spent MONTHS making a beaded scarf collar thing. It was spectacular, it IS spectacular. Except they were dyed beads as red tones sometimes are, I wore it to a party on an ivory dress. When I took it off, I had a pink neck where I had sweated and pink sweat marks where the sweat had dripped and the collar was pink, everything near my neck was pink...the collar thing is now draped over a lamp shade in my recibidor.
I haven't had the heart to every make another one of them....


Marlo said...

Ok question time, when you write your posts what do you do with them until you post them? Are they just in blog limbo or what? Oh- and why the waiting we can handle reading more, lol!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OMT - Pearls bwwaaaaaaaaahahahah :D

Gringa- Persistand lol I like that! :D

Theresa - Oh you poor dear! And a white dress to boot! LOL but at least you thought to put it on a lamp, what a good idea :) I'd love to see a pic of it! :)

Marlo - Blog Limbo - LMAO !! No, it's just that sometimes I get reeaaallly inspired and I'll write like 3 posts in one sitting - and THEN I might not have anything to say for a week (or no time) - so I dole them out here and there to make it semi-frequent.

Sunshine said...
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Sunshine said...

Your so darn cool!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - lol why did you change it!? :D You crack me up :)