Friday, July 2, 2010

I Was Born On A Pirate Ship

I was standing in line at a gas station a couple of days ago when two younger teen or 12yr old boys came up in line behind me. They were a bit loud and and playing that good-ole childhood game where you hold your tongue out with your fingers and say "I was born on a pirate ship."

Never done that? Go ahead...I'll wait.

(I was born on a pile of shit) There you go.

Anyways, they were cracking each other up coming up with all sorts of ways to make each other say swear words when I started getting annoyed. There were a lot of people around and here these kids were loudly laughing and fux swearing and not giving one damn about it. The audacity! Just as I was about to turn around and give them my best seething you're-being-rude-little-punks-look though, I remembered -I used to love that game.

Granted, I never swore in front of adults and God forbid never in public but... well dang I DID like to play that game. I looked around and besides THEM there weren't any other children, no little kids and no old ladies. The boys were laughing so hard at themselves that they were turning red, full of smiles and I realized they weren't meaning to be punks.

And. Lol AND I realized that for all of the phrases they were coming up with - they DIDN'T know one of the best of all. SO! I turned around, smiled and busted out with -

"Say, "I like peanuts."

The boys blinked at me and went completely silent like "Oh shit this lady is bonkers, why is she speaking to us?? What is she going to DO??" So I smiled again, laughed a bit and said "Try it, say, "I like peanuts"

Oh lordy it still makes me laugh for REAL out loud because they DID say it and it came out perfect! They'd never heard it before so there was that split second of confusion while they're brain processed that they had just said "I like penis." It was fun to watch the expression on their faces go from "Wha?" to once again laughing their asses off. I smiled and shook my head, turned around and with great timing it was my turn to pay.

I left the store feeling really glad that I had a little fun with the kids instead of going all super-bitch. Yes, they shouldn't be swearing in public but.... well I don't know... it's not like they were dropping the F-bomb every other 4 words like the grown man in line on his cell phone behind them. You know?

I'm just glad I remembered to have fun, and remembered what it was like to be 13 for a second. :)


Sean said...

Wow, that was a trip down memory lane. I'd completely forgotten about that kids' game. And you're right, every once in a while it's good to regress back to our childhood. You'll also find when your daughter gets a little older (I have 4 kids under the age of 8) that it helps because you'll know the trouble they're getting into ahead of time....because they're about to attempt the same things you did!

Larry Prater said...

I love you Lindy!!!

Addi said...

Its funny I find myself so being an adult/parent now adays. Saying doing things I thought I would never do. I still feel like I am a kid then I realize I'm 32 with a 3 year old...hmmmmm...

Glad you had fun with it...

(BTW going out of town so I'll send you an email on my hubby when I get back in about a week)

La Familia Garcia said...

I hope that kind of fun doesn't go away as Daisy'll have to remind yourself LOTS of times what it was like when you were that age! Hopefully you'll have mercy when it's your own child?

Ritamg said...

What it feels like to be 13 again? Lindy, you will be 13 forever. Don´t ever change.

Sunshine said...

I didnt get the peanuts one...I had Desi say it, and I still didnt get it. Desi's like "mom, geez dont make me say it again" lol
Hey wanna show us the pulga on saturday?

Carmen said...

: ) You earned your star for the day!

Anonymous said...

never heard of those games!! hilarious :)

On Mexican Time said...

Hahaha - I completely forgot about them...I neve really did them, but my 4 brothers sure as hell did!!

I did however play the ¨Whats the capital of Thailand¨game all the time! immature!!! I of course always finished that one with a bang!!

Glad you didnt go all menopausy old woman on them!!! You rock ;)

raúl said...

Great post Lindy!

I teach English and you know how Spanish speakers can't pronounce the 'TH' sound. Saying,"Tree," when they should say 3. I always use the example of being on an elevator and having someone tell me they want the 'turd' floor. It must smell really bad on that floor.

Yes, I DO have to explain what -turd- means.
No, shit jokes never get old.

She-She said...

What a great gift!

Sparx said...

~Hahahahaha!!! I'm with you on that, I'd have been wetting myself trying not to laugh. I will be teaching Charlie that game asap....

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sean - lol right? I suddenly understand how my parents knew the shit I was up to even before I MYSELF did :D

Larry - Back atcha! ;D

Addi - You still totally feel like you're 17 or 20 right? I still can't believe Daisy is MINE!

La Familia - I think we're going to have a great time and lol no, I don't think I'll be losing my sense of humor any time soon! :)

Rita - lol why thank you! ;D

Sunshine - you are sooooo funny :)

Carmen - well I hope at least it's a GOLD one ;)

Gringa - what??? You must try them post haste!!

O.M.T. "finished with a bang" oh dear, you and I might just be some kindred spirits :P

Raul - ahahahah it's hard to tell a joke in English to a non-native speaker yes? All those figures of speaches and slang, like turd, after you've explained what everything means you're exhausted and forget to laugh! Or... lol that's what happens with my husband and I. But lately, now that I know a lot more Spanish, he's teaching me the "Pepito" jokes :D

She-She - Indeed!

Sparx - LMAO you might want to wait till AFTER you get home so he's not going on with it on the AIRPLANE - :D Unless you know, you need some blog fodder ! :)