Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Baby's Not Retarded and My Husband is Not an Alcoholic

***************** UPDATE - Right after posting this happy post I found out that my debit card had been stolen - again - aaaaaannndd they half emptied my account. Screw you world. Really. In the meantime, thank goodness for the Chase insurance guy that said they would return the charges - eventually I'll be looking for that bridge now. Thank You.***************

Last night I was playing with Daisy on the bed, trying to work with her in her frustration to learn to crawl and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason - she rolled over. SEVEN MONTHS OLD, she can sit up and even stand all by herself using the couch but she couldn't roll over until last night.

Bwaaaahahahah she's not retarded!!!! ;D From last night till this morning she's figured out that she can roll over left to right, right to left and from tummy to back and back to tummy. Lol she might be a late bloomer but at least she's caught on quick!

So there, a good thing. Theresa's comment on my last post about her past life in Las Vegas brought my self-pity to a dead halt this morning. The single sentence about her ex-husband being an alcoholic slapped me in the face and back into reality. *THWACK* Just like that and the fog was gone from my brain because I happen to have a wonderful husband. I have a wonderful husband that I CHOSE to move here for and deal with all of this for and he's still worth it. He's out right now walking around trying to get our vehicles fixed so we can both go back to work tonight.

I even have two friends here in Reynosa - TWO! TWO whole friends (and that's not sarcasm) that are wonderful and sweet to me and THERE for me and are more than willing to help me if I'd ask and would even drive my sorry ass to work if it came down to it.

And, my baby is apparently not retarded. So you know... that's cool.


Marlo said...

That's great about Daisy!!! That's not so great about your debit card, I wish there was something we could do for you from up here. What in the world do you need to do to get Chino up here? Just remember though there is always someone worse off and like my MIL says you are rich with love!

Sunshine said...

I responded to the other thread. LIMPIA.....LIMPIA....MUST BE DONE SOON....ASAP

~ellen~ said...

Holy crapmuffins, my debit card number was stolen yesterday. It must be contagious! But our bank says we will get our money back too, so it could be worse.

I am glad you are finding things to be glad about, when so much bad stuff has happened lately. :)

Good job turning over, sweet and adorable little Daisy!

Leah Flinn said...

You said it perfectly - you have TWO friends there!! I would love to just have one, and I'm not picky! Just speak English and have an occasional drink with me...oh, and live in Veraruz. Although I also have a pretty amazing hubby so I can be grateful for that.

Refried Dreamer said...

what would we do without our hubbys? ♥

Larry Prater said...

So glad you are feelng better.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Mark Twain said "No man is entirely worthless, he can always serve as a bad example."
I am truly glad that I helped you out. Someday, it will all just be stories that you tell people.
Wow, Daisy is like my kids were, I think my middle daughter used to practice stuff when we weren't looking and all of a sudden just did them.
Now watch out, she will start running and if she is like mine climbing.
Nothing like finding your baby half way up the bookcase!

Jaime said...

so happy about daisy, i told ya she would do it when she was ready. sorry about your db card. and about your sweet puppies, i would help you look if i could. just remember no matter how far away your family and friends are we are always gonna be there no matter the distance, aw i'm gonna get all mushy now, *tear*

miss you all like crazy!
xoxo jaime

Vadose said...

Yeah, two friends isn't something to sneeze at. I've just got my bff, the internet. Sucks about the card. As for li'l miss Daisy, she's super duper cute and seems healthy and smart. And don't rush her on the development. Next thing you know she'll be climbing and opening the front door, well, she would, except that we live in Mexico and thus the front door is under heavy lock at all times. :) Post some more photos soon, and tell us all the wonderfully bad stuff you're going to teach her! Have you told her yet about the night she was conceived? :)

On Mexican Time said...

I looove the title!!! Hahaha :))

Leah said it. You are SO lucky to have TWO great friends. TWO. Heck, yesterday I cried at my Drs office and she asked me if I was happy here in Cancun? If I had any friends? I said...yeah I have friends...more tears... well, I have a friend. She then told me to call her anytime for coffee, wine, or even dinner!! That is how pathetic I am!! LOL!!!

Neways, I'm soo happy you have a wonderful husband, and a wonderful baby girl!!! OH and insurance for the debit card :))

Ritamg said...

I'd rather have only two friends that are true and good than a whole schlew of false friends who will screw ya any chance they can get. I'll drive you anywhere anytime. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha glad to hear Daisy's caught up with the rest of the babies.

Sorry about your card!! At least the money will be returned... that is AWESOME :)

Anonymous said...

As a mom of a child with special needs (yes, retarded) I can't believe you would actually post, or should I say scream out loud that your baby isn't retarded. Yuck. Are you like 14 years old? You are a grown married woman and you use the word retarded? What about retard? Do you call people retards that you see on the street and thank the lord that those kids aren't one of yours? Maybe you should feel blessed but we're all one step away from disability. Does that mean that those of us who have children who have a lower IQ than your child shouldn't be as loved and welcomed as your own? Shameful.
Give me my unique family any day over ignorance.

Gail said...

HannahJ, back off. If you don't like Lindy's blog and her style of writing, then don't read it. But hear one thing, if you've never had to live in Mexico in order to be with your Mexican husband and raise your family intact, then you have no idea of the tremendous challenge this involves.

Living in Mexico and trying to make a living on the Mexican economy, and function within Mexican society and culture, is incredibly difficult. You have no idea how heavy this cross is to bear. I am 57 years old and have lived a "lot of life" and have been through a lot difficulties in my life, but nothing prepared me for how rough living in Mexico is.

These young women who write these blogs have my utmost respect and admiration. They are thousands of miles away from their mothers, their sisters, their brothers, their fathers, their aunts and uncles, their best friends, and they have no one to turn to when the going gets tough. And I can assure you the going IS tough 24/7 in Mexico, and I haven't even mentioned the stress brought on by living in a country at war. And ALL of them are working so hard to make the best of a very sad and difficult situation.

In Mexico the only way to deal with repeated setbacks and letdowns is with a double dose of humor and yeah, sometimes that humor might offend people who don't have a clue about what Mexican life is all about.

Read closer and try to understand before you judge---Lindy truly is grateful that her child is not retarded. She's being 100% sincere, not one bit of sarcasm is there. Her relief is genuine because she knows that raising a retarded child in Mexico is something she'd not even wish on her worst enemy. You can be assured there are not going to be outreach programs, early intervention programs, or even any sort of legal protection against discrimination if you have a retarded child in Mexico. There is no Americans with Disabilities Act here. There are no required wheelchair ramps nor special ed classes. There is nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

So like I said, if you don't like her style of writing, then don't read her blog. But please don't throw stones at her unless you've first had a chance to walk in HER shoes and see what she has to go through every day of her life.

Gail said...

Aww crap Lindy, I have no effin idea how my post just ended up here like two thousand times in a row. Aaarrrggghhh, I'm sorry!!!

Holy moly, can you fix it for me? Take off the extra 1,999 posts?

I love you girl!

Sunshine said...

Loving Gail's post. THANK YOU for that...just thank you!

Marlo said...

HannahJ- take your happy ass back to some other blog and leave Lindy's alone. No where did it say on here that she would be politically correct, nor is it her intention to be politically correct. AND if she managed to offend you click the damn home or browser back button because you aren't the type who should be reading this. This is her life and if she's happy that Daisy isn't retarded well then WTF???

Marlo said...

HannahJ, one more thing if you actually have been reading the blog you would know about her little brother.. and her feelings about this.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Hannah - Fuck off bitch, my little brother is Autistic and I know first hand what it's like. Don't come baraging in on someones blog and spewing a bunch of bullshit unless you know the whole story. Your kid is probably freakin great but YOU BITCH are the RETARD. Learn the whole story and learn what satire and humor and self-depreciation are all about before you come back. Or, just go to hell.

Gail - HOLY crap look at you go!! I was gone for a couple of days sulking in my own pissyness and here you were defending my little bloggy honor! I could just KISS you!! Thanx for handling the crazies while I was away, it means a ton - and your words and your understanding - wow. :) You're a darling, thank you so much :)

Marlo - lol Thank You too! My defender friend! :D You're so cool :)

Gail said...

Aw, now I'm getting all bashful......I love you Lindy!
I wish we lived right down the street from each other. Why can't all us gringas live in the same town together? That would be so cool.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Gail - THAT would be a dream come true!