Monday, July 26, 2010

Property of Hey-Soos

The first thing I saw when I entered the front desk area last night was this in the pic to your left. Apparently Jesus works for Comfort Inn and forgot his hammer. Silly Jesus, he's a good hard working carpenter but I guess a tad forgetful. I'll make sure to give his sledge back to him when he comes in in the morning, but not till he answers a few questions about the meaning of life for me. Maybe what heaven is really like and if my name is written in "the book of life," that sort of thing.

Seriously though, Hispanic Catholics do NOT play around when they name their kids after biblical folks. Why go with Noah or John or Paul when you can head strait on in and name your kid Jesus? I wonder if they ever feel blasphemous when they're pissed at their kid and say "Crap! Jesus is being a real asshole today!"? Or what if you were married to a Jesus and got in a fight and said "Go to hell Jesus!" ?

Somthin' ta think about.

I'll be naming my future-not-yet-conceived son "Noah" by the way. I decided that today. Chino doesn't know yet but I'll tell him eventually. It was the same with Daisy, I knew what her name was going to be about four months before she was even conceived. (Please god don't let me get knocked up in four months -amen. And please forgive me for making fun of Mexicans naming their kids after you but...well come on - amen)

Speaking of my little piglet, she's taken not only to drinking and driving, playing with her jewelry while driving - but texting while driving as well.


Teach 'em young.

At least when she's texting and driving she's NOT driving over to the garbage can where she may or may not have taken out a dirty diaper to chew on. *ahem*

She's worse than the dog.

Also - Look at her bad ass form still trying to learn to crawl, she's working so hard!

Check out that form - go baby go!!

Granted, she always ends up like this -

*Aheherrrm,* yes btw she is indeed not wearing a diaper - WHO NEEDS 'EM?? Lol no, just playing, she had some diaper rash starting to form and the only way to keep it from spreading like wild fire is to let her go diaper free as much as possible. If she happens to pee on the blanket (we have extras in case) we wash it, she has a happier booty and everybody's happy.

After the flop she'll quickly degrades to this.

Poor baby, and mommy just takes your picture.

"Hold that pose, yes, good face baby, this'll be nice for mommy's blog. Just a second that one was blury, let me take another and I'll pick you up then - just holllllldddd it!"

I've got the motherly love thing down pat!


Mary C said...

I'll say it are SO funny! Your post made my day.

On Mexican Time said...

I want a baby!! LOL!!

Jennifer said...

You know, I too have had the same thoughts about naming your child Jesus. I can't imagine naming your child Jesus. Maybe thats the white in me, LOL. Plus, all the nicknames that go along with Jesus. Like Chungo. Was the real JESUS called Chungo?


Jennifer said...
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gringationcancun said...

I love how the nickname for Jesus is "Chucho". Wonder how God feels about that?

Might as well go all the way, right?

Rick Thomson said...

So..if a Hispanic has a real bad wipe out on a ski hill, are you allowed to call him "Christ on a crutch"?

This just out of idle curiousity...

Waitress from Mensa said...

Have you ever thought of self-publishing a book based on this blog, a real, honest-to-goodness, to-be-sold-on-Amazon book? Check on print-on-demand?

Ritamg said...

Publish a book! That is an idea! I would so buy it.

Nancy said...

Girl, you gave me my laugh for the day yet again!

Larry Prater said...

Daisy started out cute and is just getting cuter every day.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Mary - Why thank you! And lol comments like that make MY day - so everybody's happy! :)

OMT - I want you to have one!!! :D (and lol lately your ovaries have been on overdrive! ;D )

Jennifer - Chungo?? Lol I never knew! It sounds like the word for monkey :D

Gringa - so .. does chucho mean anything? WHY MUST EVERYONE HAVE NICKNAMES HERE??? ;D

Rick - And what if he jumped up into a gigantic hand basket?? Ok.. so not as likely - Lol he could always sit on a cracker - that'd be funny. (p.s. you're funny!)

Waitress - nahh I'm not quite THAT interesting or funny - but it's kind of you to say! :)

Rita - you're a doll :)

Nancy - Wooo hooo!! :) Yay! :)

Larry - awwwwwww I just want to HUG you!!! XOXOX's!

Bob said...

You know why blacks and mexicans should not breed.?

They are just too lazy to steal..


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Bob - Like I've said - Fuck off and die ok? And don't come back to my blog. AND you dumb ass - that joke didn't make ANY sense - go be crazy somewhere else.

Sparx said...

Oh yeah, the motherly love thing! I have prioritised pic over baby many a time... she's getting pretty big... she's going to be up and around your place in no time at all!!!

Corey Jo said...