Monday, July 12, 2010

Stud McNugget

Remember THIS GUY and his lady friend? The chicken couple that live across the street on the side of my neighbors house?

I've noticed over the past month and a half or so that the Rooster doesn't keep around the same hen for very long. One girl for a few nights or maybe a week, he'll be alone for a day or so and then he's shacking up with a new chick for a few more days.

He's a Rooster Hor.

Rooster Gigolo*, Male escort, STUD MUFFIN, (Stud- McNugget?) - a.k.a. Rooster Sperm Donor.

Who knew?

Cock fighting is a big deal down here (Ok really, can ANYBODY keep a strait face reading the word "cock fight" and not imagine two dangles slapping each other around? Cuz I cant.) so I guess it makes sense that they would want to pass on genes from a particularly good fighter. Like horse racing studs, you get the point.

Or maybe it's that he's really pretty? He's a pretty boy stud?

I don't have a clue. It's even more confusing that the hens don't stay around longer than they do. I mean, they only lay one egg a day so if they only stay 5 days that's only 5 eggs and wouldn't that be a bit of a small number to incubate?

I wonder if he's just really expensive and is paid by the lay..

I guess this makes my neighbor a pimp. Too bad he doesn't have a pimp hat or a pimp stick, cuz that'd be cool.

I don't know. All I DO know is that I have a male hor living on the side of my neighbors house living in a cage, getting paid to screw different girls every week and I get to see it all in technicolor vision. Chicken porn - and he doesn't even have a fluffer!

I'm gonna get him a red light for Chirstmas.
*Thank you to Spell Check for fixing my spelling of the word "Gigolo" what would I do without you??


Marlo said...

OMG!!! You make me laugh so hard, almost choked on a "Lays" Sour cream and Onion potato chip!!!!! I was just imagining a pimp hat or stick, jajaja...

Anonymous said...

"lay" hahaha

Man, this rooster gets around!! How do they do it?? like... from behind? I'm not even sure how to ask hahaha

On Mexican Time said...

Hahahahahahahaha - maybe you need to get into the business of cocks!! LOL!!! Seems to pay the bills...for some ppl :) LOL!!!

Sunshine said...

On Mexican Time......the cock business...OMG.....Gringa....2 cocks slapping it around....OMG...we have to find humor in the country we live in. This is so darn funny.

Ritamg said...

You make me laugh so hard I swear I am going to pee my pants. As you said before, you couldn´t make this shit up if you tried.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Marlo - Potato chips :DDD

Gringa - Actually the rooster jumps up on the hens back (literaly), and he rubs his cock weaner or whatever it is that he has on her hind end area, kinda back and forth sideways (all while standing on her back) :D It's over in about 5 seconds or so... :D TMI? YouTube it! :D

OMT - Bwwwaaaaaaaa and no. Good lord, I've got enough cocks around here to keep me for life.

Sunshine - LOL you got the image of it right?? :D

Rita - We're gonna have to get YOU a pimp stick so you'll stop falling around! ;D

Anonymous said...

I can't get YouTube at work, so your detailed explanation was a huge help. I can picture it so clearly now haha Thanks!!

Nancy said...

OK everyone...fess up. Who went to Youtube to watch chicken sex? I also had the added bonus of watching a rooster humping a toy cat.

Ritamg said...

Wait, did I miss something? Where do you go to see chicken sex? Being in education, I am always learning something new.

Nancy said...

Ritamg, just go to Youtube and search for chicken sex.

Arrgg, I can't believe I'm admitting I did that. My quest for learning takes me to some interesting places...

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OMG you all are hheeeeelarious! You did NOT you-tube that! Bwwaaaahahahahaha ...wait. They actually HAVE it on You-tube? No way!!! LOLOLOL well then, I think that makes them much more strange than us!! :D