Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Speedy Gonzalez!

My baby is attempting to crawl. She's not exactly good at it and pretty much ends up like the picture to your right at every attempt - FACE PLANT - but she's giving it her best damn it! (btw I wasn't waiting for a face plant pic, I was trying to get a pic of her up on her arms and got this instead ;D ) Last week she rolled over for the first time, she's trying to crawl and she can even stand up all by herself. How did this happen? Wasn't I just pregnant? Weren't I just freaking out about giving birth and how I was going to keep her alive?

You do realize I'm turning into a mommy blogger.

I'd appreciate if someone would slap me.

But she's so cute... I want to put up pictures of my cute baby and brag and make fun of her.

*i will not become a mommy blogger i will not become a mommy blogger*

But she can STAND!!??? Isn't that NEATO?? LOL will I give a shit with the next one? Like, will I think any of this is great or will I just drag him around like an old blanket because he'll be old news?

"He." Wishful thinking for my husband.

We took her to Burger King to play in the play place (lol doesn't work so well for one that cannot crawl or walk) and we gave her her first french fry. NICE Lindy, start her young on the road to obesity! LOL it was only one though and then she moved on to her vegetable cookie and watched Mommy set a good example by eating a salad. Ok, and maybe Chino broke off pieces of his double whopper and fed it to her but WHATEVER it was only once and strait back to oatmeal and green beans the next day.

We tried going to the zoo today but the roads were flooded. Before I had a baby I used to think it was retarded to take babies to zoos and parks like that but now I get that you're not going so much for the baby to learn or remember or be enriched - you're doing it to get the dang thing OUT OF THE HOUSE so it won't be cranky and have yourself be amused in the process.

We do all sorts of stuff that we never did before just to get the baby out of the house so she won't be bored and although she might be amused riding the carousel and playing in the park it's my husband and I who are truly having the good time.

It's kind of neat that she's forced us to come out of our shell and get out of the house. The first year we were here in Mexico we didn't go anywhere, like... ever. We were bummed and scared to go places and didn't KNOW of any places TO go but after the baby was born we'd been here longer, were a tad more brave and quite frankly HAD to find places to take her. Now day's we know about parks and the mall and a zoo and water parks and all sorts of fun stuff that we never did before having a baby.

Backwards? Perhaps, but it's working out fine. :)


Rebecca said...

She is so flippin cute. And i get what you mean about taking them out of the house to things they really can't enjoy.

~ellen~ said...

Oh, you're a blogger, and a mommy, that's cool. Blog about whatever you want!

Yay for little Daisy, look at her go! She's so adorable. :)

Upstate Broad said...

I still laugh at you talking about "the next one." As I recall, it wasn't all that long ago that you swore you would NEVER have any kids, period. Heeheehee!

Marlo said...

I'd have to say I enjoy reading about Daisy, just as much as I enjoy reading everything else you write about. When you write about Daisy it's like watching her grow and enjoying the fun times without having to change diapers myself, lol!!!!

Cdn Cat said...

I absolutely adore the photo of Daisy with the "dasiy" in her hair.....and the one with her doing a face plant on the couch....is that another "baby" to the left????

Vadose said...

Yay happy family fun time!

On Mexican Time said...

The cool thing about blogging is that we can blog about whatever we want! You aren´t getting paid for it! LOL! Heck, I wrote about soccer for a month! LOL!!!

Ohhh....I want a baby soooo bad!!! Daisy is adorable ;)

Is it wierd I want a french fry?!! LOL!

Sunshine said...

I love the daisy in her hair, adorable! Write away..I love to read your blogs

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Rebecca - You too! Yes, with your little ones I imagine you do get it :)

Ellen - Awww Thank you! :)

Upstate - Who me?? What? Lol I've always known we'd have two - even though I never even wanted ONE - it's just taken a while to let it sink in and admit to it. :D And maybe if I talk like it's going to happen I won't be as pissed when it does ;D

Marlo - Awwwww you're a sweetheart! And lol if we ever meet in real life I'll be sure to have a nice hot one ready for you! ;D (lol too much? :D )

Cat - Yeeaahh, that's the puppy that we got to be a friend to Pooper to help him to not be lonely. And now we just have the puppy - who needs a friend!! GAH.

Vadose - lol tru dat :D

O.M.T. - OH MMAAANNNN when you two have a baby it's going to be OFF THE CHARTS adorable. Coming from the two of you it'll be freaking cherubic! And lol nope, I want some FF's TOO! :D

Sunshine - I had such a nice time the other night - I hope you weren't too sleepy the next day! :)

Sean said...

Of course you'll be like this with the next kid, and any others that may follow. As the father of 4 little ones, I can speak from experience. They all learn differently, progress differently, and ensure that it will be an adventure!

Nancy said...

I love reading about you and your little brown baby and dear hubby. You're all cute and I will read about whatever you want to write about!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sean - awwww :) Lol good, then I won't drag it around like yesterday's news - whew! ;D :)

Nancy - you're so sweet - thank you! :)