Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank You LAUREN!!!

LAUREN a.k.a. lolo_pimpschitt - a fellow blogger and FB friend of mine contacted me about a month back and offered out of the blue to send me some baby clothes that her daughter (her daughter who btw is cuter than Daisy, like amazingly cute) has grown out of. I was totally surprised and flattered and to tell you the truth - thrilled - because my lil fatty was fast outgrowing everything I had for her. I was also all feet-shuffly and socially backward feeling because it was such a kind offer and I'm goofy when it comes to excepting gifts.

Since then she's mailed me not one but TWO boxes of clothing for Daisy and OH MY GAWD what NICE clothes!! They're spotless and adorable and couldn't be better sizes if I'd picked them out myself and it's seriously been like Christmas around here! She even sent a couple of bathing suits, shoes, hair bows and even adorable baby tights. I'm so flabbergasted by her kindness - she sent A LOT of clothes, and feel all around... I don't know.... it's just REALLY neat that an almost stranger would do such a nice thing you know?

Anyhoo, I've been wanting to do this post for a while but not until I could tell her that HER box is on IT'S way! She of course didn't ask me for anything in return, but I wanted to do something so - Lauren, your Mexican candy is on it's way!! Lol I'm totally excited about that, I hope she likes them. :)

All the pictures in this post are Daisy wearing her new clothes (See I DO put her in clothes sometimes!) Lauren sent me so many lovely outfits that I've not had to buy a single thing for Daisy in over a month -and won't have to for quite a while. Considering our financial situation right now I can imagine that you can imagine just what a huge blessing that's been. HUGE!!

So, anyhoo, I just wanted to say a big-ole THANK YOU to Lauren, and show her how much it's been appreciated and USED around here! :)


Jane said...

That's so lovely that an "almost stranger" would do that for you and I truely believe that if you put out good karma, it will come back to you a hundred fold. BTW, she looks adorable in the bathing suit! Love the chub-a-bub!

Anonymous said...

Awww!! It brings tears to my eyes to see Daisy in Audrey's clothes, she's so cute! I'm so glad she can use them, and believe me, there will be MANY more in the future!! I would have been screwed in Audrey's first year had it not been for hand-me-downs, I'm happy to pass them on to a sweet little girl like Daisy!

She-She said...

Isn't it amazing that people like that are still in this world? Kudo's to Lauren and Audrey and great big blessings too!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jane - I'm not so sure about Karma, unless I'm a severe sleep walker who goes out and commits crime at night - lol - BUT, Lauren at least is wonderful and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) And haaaa the Big D. does have some chubby legs :D

LoLo - I will SO pass them on when Daisy is too big, that way we'll keep it going! :)

She-She - There's a lot of great people still left - and thank goodness, they reproduce! :D

On Mexican Time said...

I was going to say YOUR welcome, hahahahaha, but then I know it´s a different Lauren!! Hahaha JK!!

That is so nice to hear. It´s unbelievable how ppl really help each other out, and reach out to others.

Daisy looks adorable in the clothes btw ;)

Anonymous said...

So nice of her :)

I love the Pooh-bear one!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

O.M.T. - lol it took me 12 days to understand your comment and that you meant that YOUR name is Lauren!!! Bwwaaaaaaaaa I'm soooo slow! :D

Gringa - lol me too! :)