Friday, July 23, 2010

Time to be Thankful!!!

A few years ago I started a blog all for myself (but of course public) that I could go to - and made a promise to myself to go to - to write down things that I was thankful for.

When I was posting on it a lot it brightened my outlook no matter the circumstances because when you're actively looking for things to be thankful for - even when things are crappy - you FIND them. And the more you think about being thankful and the things you're thankful for - the more you find.

It snowballs and it's kinda great. And I forgot about it!

After reading comments from fellow blog-friends lately, comments where they have shared part of their life when things were going wrong, I felt a new sense of...I don't know how to put it in words - but I realized that things could be a lot worse!

The grateful concept has been dinging around in my head for a week or so and I've been trying to find a way to implement it so that I can record being thankful every day or so - a way to make myself REMEMBER to be thankful - and lol today I remembered I have a blog from long ago devoted to just that!

Great memory I have. :)

Anyhoo, I'm going to start recording the little things in life that come by and trip my trigger - and the big things too - so that I'll get back into the spirit of being thankful and not negative. Don't worry you don't have to read it, but it's public just in case a soul comes along that needs to see it.

I'm excited to be doing this again - I remember how it made me feel!

Along with this I've also been reading the book "The Secret." My suuuppppeeeerrrr cool friend here in Reynosa let me borrow it and she said that it changed her life - literally - so I had to give it a go. Has anybody read it? Thoughts? It's a lot about positive thinking, and maybe a little out there - but maybe not. I'm not gonna judge it till I give it my best!

Try to screen your thoughts for an hour or so today and be honest with yourself about the positive/negative aspect of those thoughts. I'm here to tell you the truth that if you make an effort to change them to the positive and start being grateful - you'll find more and more to be positive about. It's easy to forget so if you want to help yourself write things down in a lil notebook or on your Facebook or start a blog! :D

Try it for a week even if you're super skeptical and I swear you won't have reason to come back to my blog and tell me I'm looneytoons. Mexpats honor!!

Lol and btw I swear I'm not smoking anything or have ingested any questionable substances today - I'm just feeling UP and want to share. I want you to feel UP too!! :)


~ellen~ said...

I remember that blog!

Lindy, that sounds like a great idea, and I'm going to try it.

Also, I read The Secret, and it wasn't for me, but if it brings happiness and good things for you or anyone else, then I'm all for that. :)

I'm going to get started on thinking about what I am grateful for, and post it on my Facebook status right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mathilde said...

"the secret" DID change my life ... i use it every day of my life without even noticing anymore. I DOES work. This is a book i've offered as a present to all my closest friends.
I left a comment on your FB status ... I am now checking your thankful blog right away ;)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Amanda !! Lol check it out - other people have read it!! I didn't think there would be many - lol looks like I was the one in the dark :D

Ritamg said...

Considering I've had the worst year ever (but things are looking up) I think I need this. More power to you, girl!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Bob - Oh my god what the hell is WRONG with you? Like... really? I'd usually rail and freak out and say all sorts of hateful things and justify myself but you're not worth it. Shame on you and go to hell - that's all you're worth. And if you please, never come back to my blog.

P.V.G. - It's in my sidebar as "My Thankful Blog" :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Bob - I've already asked you not to come back to my blog - your racist comments don't make any sense but they're bothersome - I'm reporting you to blogger. Seriously - don't. come. back.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Lindy, I can't post from work anymore and by the time I get home, I've forgotten most of what I've read... but... I love how happy you seem and your bubbly outlook on life. Whenever I see in my feed reader that you've posted something new, I start smiling even before I read it. Love you much.