Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waters Rising

My very first Hurricane, Hurricane Alex came on through this past week and lucky for us he went far enough South to not do much harm. He did however drop a shit load of rain on us and as I've blogged about before, with the drainage - i.e. NO drainage system - here in Mexico, it was quite the fiasco.

There are only three roads that lead out of the neighborhood where I live and by the time I'd left for work yesterday two were already impassable. Chino and I scouted out the third route earlier in the day and though it had a spot where there was a huge downward slope, it sported a nice big ditch at the bottom that was taking away the water from the road and making it so there wasn't a lake at the bottom.

After nine more hours of rain though, I had a pretty bad feeling about how it was going to go. Some of the roads on the Texas side were flooded and for me that meant that Reynosa was going to be a huge poo-filled water park.

I drove home facing one road lake after another and before crossing any of them waited for someone else to come along and go through first. You never know when the seemingly flat road might actually hold a 3 foot dip (in the space of about 10 feet) for no apparent reason, or there might be a missing man-hole cover or a road washed out - SO - I watch other folks try it out first.

I finally came to the ravine with the big ditch at the bottom - my only way home, and was surprised to see that the ditch hadn't yet given up, jammed or overfilled and that the road was still fairly clear. The road leading downward to the bottom and to the ditch was a nice flowing river but it wasn't that deep so I headed across. No problems at all! I was so pleased and therefore all the more baffled that the farther UP the hill I went the deeper the water seemed to get.

When I got to the top and the land flattened out the water reeeaaalllly seemed to get deeper but I kept trudging along because my brain couldn't wrap around the concept that it could be possible.


Anyhoo, the Super-Scort started going slower and slower, started to sputter - and quit. It gave up and told me to go to hell. The first picture at the top is facing out in front of me where there should be a wide road with fields on the sides. Instead, it was a lake. My car doesn't like lakes, it's kinda bitchy like that.

I couldn't seem to get a hold of Chino on his cell so I opened up my door to see just how deep it might be and was faced with the second photo. The water looks so turbulent because it was swiftly making it's way down the hill I'd just come up and I was thanking God it wasn't another inch deep or it'd been inside my car. It was however deep enough so that I could FEEL it under my feet on the floor boards where it was gurgling underneath the car. That's truly a creepy feeling in case you were wondering.

I said never mind to walking and started bombing Chino's cell until he answered me. He came to my rescue in his truck soon after and pushed me home bumper-to-bumper.

Today we tinkered and fiddled and dried and prayed for a couple of hours and thank God the dead-scort was super once again. Chino got to use the new tool set I bought him for Fathers day and feel all manly so all's well that ends well.

Next time around that we get that much rain I do believe I'll stay put at work and sleep in my car. I'd much rather sleep in it than kill it. :D

********Update. The day after the flooding incident on my way home from work My car's engine decided to attempt to reproduce itself asexually and preform a little binary fission. (i.e. it blew up and split in two) Lol I guess there was some water in the engine after all. I'm currently spending the $$ that took me a year and half to save to fly home and see my family and for them to meet Daisy before she's like... a year old. I'm also pouting and have made the decision to be a brat and not think happy thoughts and am trying to figure out a way to tell my Mom that I won't see her in 3 weeks. I'll get over it in a couple of days but for now I would like to reserve the right to be pissy. Thank You.**********

******Second Update - Shit happens, it's been a few days and I'm not so pissy anymore, I've got too much other stuff to be thankfull for!******


Scribbling Change said...

love your blog!! we lived in mission for a few years, my husband worked at one of the maquiladoras. very much miss the area now that we are home in ohio.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Scribbling - You MISS it now that you're back home??? Alright then, tell me exactly, some of the things you miss?? :D

On Mexican Time said...

Amiga...I so saw that on FB!! I´m soooooo sorry to hear that. Is there any way you think your parents will help a daughter out??? I hope so!!! Awww...I´ll think about you and hope it works out ;) You sooo have a right to be pissy. At least for a little bit ;)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

O.M.T. - Awww, I know lol, I've been pissy-ing all over the place, time to buck up I guess :D And no, I wouldn't ask my parents, they've already helped me too much, we're just gonna have to work hard, maybe get a second job just for a wee bit to hurry up the process. :)

Ritamg said...

damn. i guess we could do the coulda, woulda, shoulda, but that won't do any good.

Sunshine said...

Aweeeeeeee i'm sooo sorry about this. There will be away you can get back to michigan, it will happen!

Carmen said...

Wish there was some way to organize a "Send the Gringa Home" campaign where everyone could pitch in $10 or so each.... I can only imagine how disappointing it is to use that money for other than what yo were earmarking it for.
For a 1/2 positive view on the situation.. at least you had the money saved to begin with so that you can get your car fixed. Otherwise you would have had a dead car, no way of fixing it and then you WOULD be hating life.
I really am SO sorry. You have every right to be pouty for however long you want to be!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Rita and Sunshine - but at least I have you two!! That's something to be really thankfull for! :)

Carmen - OH. My gawwdd! You're soooo right!!! I AM lucky that I have the money saved to fix the car, that is SOO true and I didn't think about it. Thank You so much for that, I know it sounds crazy of me but reading that made me actually feel a better :)

Refried Dreamer said...

Kudos to you for trying... I won't even attempt to drive our little POS in the rain/flood. Hopefully it will go away soon and life will return to normal. What about asking the padres for an early xmas present/airline flight? That way it's not really like you're asking for help, you're just excited to see them!!!

Marlo said...

I'm with Carmen, start a campaign and all of your peeps could chip in a bit to get you a ticket. I'm sure none of us could afford it alone but 10 or 20 bucks a piece ought to get enough for a ticket!

Crystal said...

I was thinking about you when I saw where that hurricane was going. I was thinking about the flooding.
Are you trying to go on a bus or plane? When? I may be driving down to South Texas in December, if I do you can ride back with me. I live in Alabama, I do not know if that would help. Let me know.

Crystal said...

Sorry I read the rest and seen that you were supposed to go sooner. Start a campaign and let everyone send you something. Good Idea. You DESERVE to go!
Makes me sad for you! :(

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

You guys are sweet but I'd die before I asked my parents for help and I'd REEEAALLLYY die before I set up a charity for myself on my blog! It's a nice thought but, well, I'd just die. :D

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

you rock. you are so real and aI love your blog. Ive just been too busy to read it.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

P.V.G. - I understand believe me!! And thank you :D