Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Etiquette

********* Teeny amendment - it seems a lot of people misunderstood this post. So, I'll tell you in advance that what I'm trying to say is that first off "lurkers" are not a bad thing - they're WONDERFUL!! I love to see that they're out there reading my blog, I appreciate them and know that they're happy because they come back! "Lurker" is merely the Internet word for it and I in no way meant to make them sound evil or bad or anything less than GRAND!! You all just keep on doin your thang and I'd never ask for anything different! XOXOX's to all of you that can't or don't want to comment! I truly truly meant that I feel bad when it comes to my FRIENDS, the people I interact with a lot here on my blog - that I feel bad for not going back to THEIR blog and commenting in return - that's all! :) Sorry for the confusion! ********

I've been thrashing around inside my head about some blog etiquette for about THREE MONTHS now and I'm still undecided so what the hell - I'm just going to ask you guys!!

I LOVE COMMENTS. What blogger doesn't right? Well some, but never mind that for now. Comments let me know that people "get me" or think I'm funny or agree with me or you know, hate me and want to steal my kidney's. Every time I see a new one I get all excited and inside my head start running around in circles like a dog does when it's really happy and decides to chase it's tail. It's a big deal ok?? ;D

But here's the thing. I read A LOT of blogs. I try and go and read everyone that comes to comment on my blog PLUS all of the people on my sidebar, some blogs that I'm "following" and even a few more that I've got saved in my "Favorites" because I'm too lazy to put them anywhere else. A LOT OF BLOGS. I love to read so it's not like it's a chore but the thing is - comments.

Three quarters of the time I can't think of anything intelligent or funny or .... anything that would be of USE to say in response to a persons post. I can really LOVE the post or think it's hilarious or wonderfully written ect. but still not be able to come up with anything that I feel is worthy of leaving in their comment box.

I feel like an ass if I say "Great Post!" or "Funny Post!" or "Sorry your Gramma Died" or anything else that's a general response. I feel like I need to show the person that I've read what they had to say, ingested it, understood it and somehow truly appreciated it through my comment. (But you know... when I GET a general response in MY comment box - I'm not offended, I'm just happy they took the time to say something - but I don't want to do that with every post I read, it'd get weird!)

And if I can't think of anything to say that I believe is worthy of that person or their post? I leave NOTHING!!! GAAHHHHHH!!!! That's even worse right?

What to do?? Put something down just so they know that I was there and read it and possibly insult the person by a lame form response? Or leave nothing and have them think I'm a one-sided blogger?


A couple of months ago I actually thought about announcing that if I have nothing of use to say but want people to know I was there that I would just leave an "X" or a sign or symbol or something in their comment box just so they would know that I read it. Then of course I slapped myself in the head a few times and came to my senses.

What to DO!?

Ellen!? I read all about your novel writing experience this past season and could never think of anything bright to say - but I read it!

On Mexican Time - I read your restaurant reviews and see the beautiful pictures of Cancun and drool all over your blog and got excited about soccer with you - but came up empty for something good to say - not because your posts aren't' great - but because I'm retarded!

I faithfully read both Leslie Limon blogs and she moves me and inspires me - yet I'm silent.

Wordy Bitch, Sparx, Mountain Mama, RITA even you! I love all of you great ladies and yet find myself a lurker!

Seriously, if you're in my sidebar I am reading what you have to say. I might have to check in after a week and go back and read a few posts to catch up but I'm there.


(Not that there's anything wrong with lurkers on my blog! I have sitemeter, I know you're there, what time you came, how many times, where you're from, what kind of computer you're on and the software you're using (why DOES sitemeter have to get all creepy like that??) and I'm just happy you're here! I'll never ask my lurkers to de-lurk if they don't feel the need!)

So? What would YOU do - or DO you do - or do you think is appropriate to do? I thought about commenting once in a while just to let the person know that I'm still reading them, but then they won't know that I read every post!

I think I'm just going to bang my head against the wall for a bit, perhaps that will help. OR - lol - you all could tell me what to do!



Upstate Broad said...

I think any blogger with any sense assumes that the comments left reflect only a portion of the actual readership. You know I read yours religiously, but only post when I have something funny/insightful/useful to say. I don't believe that makes me a lurker. Now, if I read you religiously and NEVER posted a comment, that's lurking.

Pam said...

I've always thought blogger should have a "like" button like Facebook for this very reason!

Zoe said...

Lurker? NO, no no. I was forwarded one of your blogs a while back,a total crack up about the seduction of your dog. Jumped in the member's box and then sadly, forgot about you. Yes, can you believe it and I even admit it. But no more.I will desk top you along with Countdown to Mexico.You are erudite, funny, pity and irreverent. My kind of blogger. Onward and upward. P.s. I live in Mazatlan.

~ellen~ said...

Lindy, I feel exactly the same way. I read every blog entry you post, and I just love your blog. But I often just don't have anything interesting, helpful, intelligent or funny to say, and I'm too busy to stop and try to think of something because I read a zillion blogs too... But I always feel kind of bad when I read a blog entry and don't comment.

Thank you for reading my blog! :)

p.s. I kind of like the X idea... Ha ha ha ha!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Lindy, I feel the same way. I try to comment only when I think I have something to add. I feel dumb when I am the 80th person to give condolences, but then again, that is my problem. I am sure the person suffering feels better knowing that people care about them.
If everyone who read our blogs just wrote something like good post can you imagine how boring it would be to read the comments?
I enjoy reading the comments.
BTW you can add a button in blogger for people to check off if they like the post, that would handle it!

Josie said...

I know exactly how you feel. Even the running around in my head like a little dog thing! It makes me happy to know I'm not the only complete weirdo out there.

Mel said...
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Mel said...

Maybe you could do what we all did back in the 80's on books, desks, walls, etc:



and even over here...

Jean said...


Krystal said...

Oh please, you are a household topic in my household! I always translate your blogs and read them to my husband and we're always laughing.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Lindy, I adore you! I always read you - you're in my blog reader and I know that when I see Gringa-N-Mexico pop up, it's going to be a GREAT read.

I always want to post comments but, frequently, I'm reading you on my lunch hour and work has blocked my ability to post comments on most sites. This is also part of why I'm not posting as much these days. By the time I get home, I've "seen something shiny" and forget to come over here and tell you what an awesome post it was.

I'll try to be better about that.

Leslie Limon said...

Lindy, you are a sweetheart! :) And I'm not just saying that because you wrote my name in bright green letters. I think you are a wonderful, open and honest blogger. And I love reading everything you write.

Like you, I sometimes don't leave a comment on a blog, because I don't want that person to look back through their comments, and notice that the only thing I've ever said is "Great post!" Or "I love your blog!" Even though I love getting those kind of comments! :)

And thank you so much, for your very kind words!

Love ya, amiga!

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same problem. I always feel like such an idiot leaving a 'Great post' comment but then I know that if I'd receieved something like that on my blog, I'd be grateful. I do like Pam's idea of a 'like' button.

I think a few months ago I just decided that I wouldn't comment on posts that didn't interest me (I'm subscribed to a lot of book blogs so if the subject was a book I didn't have any interest in, I didn't read it). I have so many blogs I love visiting and only a few that I read every post religiously. Most of them blog every day so it's way to hard to keep up with every single post. :S

Eesh, did I have a point? Uh, obviously not. :P Wow, I'm a bum commenter too.



Anonymous said...

I don't like the term 'lurker' I'm a creepy ass lurker just because I don't comment?? It's a public blog! I love your blog, I got the link from 15minutelunch and bookmarked it. You're very lighthearted and easy to read and I really think it's interesting to blog about moving to a foreign country, learning the language, etc. But I have NOTHING to say! I hardly ever do, and I also read quite a few blogs. I don't want to feel creepy like I shouldn't bother visiting your blog just because I don't want to leave a lame ass comment JUST to leave one.. lurker sounds like someone that knows you personally and is spying on you and doesn't want to you know you're there. I'm none of those things!! I'm just casually enjoying your blog!! I don't really leave comments on too many blogs. I just don't care. I have NOTHING to say! I can read a blog for years and never comment. Maybe that is weird.. eh. Also I don't have a google account OR anything else. I have a flickr which I usually use to leave a link in comments but I see your blog doesn't have that option, SO I have to use a 7 year old livejournal account. That's lame. Just because I don't have my own blog doesn't mean I'm an internet troll. I don't mean to be rude, this entry just made me kind of upset.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ericam - calm you ass on down dude - I was talking about leaving comments on blogs of MY FRIENDS - the ones that come to my blog and leave ME comments all the time - I feel like I should repay them. Like I said in the post - I never ask my lurkers to de-lurk and HELLO I said I appreciated them! GET A GRIP AND READ THE POST CORRECTLY. Also, Thank You so much for the kind words about my blog :D Now, take a breath, calm down, and have a good day! ;D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

The rest of you -



Carmen said...

I agree with Pam....

Blogs need a "Like" button too...

Bob said...

I have an idea. Just do not post. Most of your babblings are those of a single mother trapped in Mexico and are of no importance to the rest of humanity so just stop it.

You will be not missed and maybe your dogs will come home and your mexican husband will stop seeing his mexican girlfriend.

Zoe said...

Kind of curious, BOB, why do you read it?

Arpeggio Andy said...

Hi, I'm drewstall, and I'm a blog lurker. I totally know what you mean about not getting comments, but seeing traffic to your site. I visit blogs without commenting all the time. It's actually pretty rare for me to comment because most of the time I am reading on my cell phone which won't let me get to the comments section. I like your idea about leaving an obscure symbol or character comment at each.

Arpeggio Andy said...

I think a more appropriate symbol for you to leave would be "~" since many Mexican words use that symbol.

efl_fstars said...

I too have the same problem of not leaving comments for fear of sounding stupid or trivial. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the blog. I do. I just don't want to come off as sounding riduculous.

I found your blog through 15 Minute Lunch and have enjoyed reading about you and your family. I like your blog because I thinks you have a great attitude about your situation and just life in general. I liked it so much I linked you to my blog (which is really just my family keeping in touch - nothing that would interested anyone that isn't related to me) I hope to keep reading your blog for years to come and will continue to cheer you on from the sidelines!

Anonymous said...

Do whatever you want!! :)

Personally I think most people love getting comments like "great post" or whatever... mostly because bloggers like to know who's reading. Only about 5% of the people who read my blog actually comment, so it's nice to know who's there!

I say if you read a blog often, leave a comment here or there. You don't have to blow people's minds with everything you say :)

I think it's really cool that you always answer our comments too... I always come back the next day to see what you've responded!

Mama of 4 said...

I dont really post comments either but I think your blog is wonderful!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - Lol no silly you're not a lurker!!! I think I must have written this post confusing because I've upset a bunch of people - lurkers are people that read and NEVER comment - and I love them! It's not a bad thing AT ALL, it's flattering that they're just reading, I don't need to have them comment, I only meant that I worry about my friends - the people that I read a lot and correspond with - I don't want THEIR feelings to be hurt if they think I've stopped reading.

Pam - genius! Except asshole Bob will "like" every time something bad happens to me.

Zoe - LOL! I love your honesty and I do the SAME thing! And my goodness thank you THANK YOU for your kind words! :)

Ellen - Good , then from now on I'll be X'ing your blog when I read it! :D

Theresa -I feel the same way. I try to comment only when I think I have something to add. I feel dumb when I am the 80th person to give condolences, but then again, that is my problem. I am sure the person suffering feels better knowing that people care about them." You're brilliant you know that?

Josie - LMAO I'm glad someone else get's it too!! Sometimes I wonder if that part of me is lost on people - thank goodness you're here! :D

Mel - bwwwwaahahhahah I TOTALLY thought about doing that!!!!

Jean - Y, Z ! :D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Carmen - tru dat!

Bob - Why DO you keep coming back?

Krystal - you translate it!! That is sooo bad ass!! I wish I could do that! :)

IMA - Oh dearest I Sooooo understand!! By the time you get home there are THINGS to do - cooking laundry and SITTING ON THE COUCH. :D I'm the same way! :)

Leslie - XOXOX's to you! And you get it, that makes me feel better!

Notpink - lol it sounds like a LOT of us have the same problem! And I love that you forgot your point - that's how most of my posts go! ;D


Andy - Well then bless your heart for posting today! And I'm guessing by your name and guitar you play??? LOL I immediately envy you and like you!!! :D

Efl - you get it too!! Man, it seems like everybody's got the same problem! And awwww thank you so much for adding me, that makes my day!

Gringa - I love answering back!! I SWEAR sometimes the comment section is waayyyyy better than the post itself! A lot of ideas and story sharing come out here and it's just so fun! Sometimes I'd like to post the comments from a previous day they're so good!

Mama4 - You post here all the time!! :D You're super cool! ;D

Ritamg said...

I totally get it. Yup, I understand what you do and why you do it. I do it too.

P.S. Just to see if you REALLY do read comments, I left a bag of Iowa corn at Amanda's house just for you. Sorry I didn't bring it in when you were still there.

P.S.S As of next week, I'm leaving down the block from Amanda.

P.S.S.S. Good luck Monday. You are going to be GREAT!

Ritamg said...

I meant living down the block from Amanda. DUH, can't type, can't write, can't think!

Nancy said...

I feel bad that I don't often comment on so many of the blogs I read and really enjoy, but there are only so many hours in the day and I'm lucky I get to read most days. Like Krystal I read many of your posts out loud to my husband and we get lots of laughs. BTW, congrats on the new job! That's awesome.

Sean said...

Lindy - Think of it this way. You found a way, without site meter, to prove we're all out hear faithfully reading your blog. That should count for something. ;)

Sunshine said...

OK OK OK EVERYBODY! She's talking about me! I'm like one of her bestest friends and she doesnt leave comments for me! I love you and I forgive you and it's all gravy! Now stop the madness and keep blogging! :) muyaaaaaa teamo amiga!

Mathilde said...

I'm gonna repeat a lot of what most of you already said but i've been thinking for the 2 days the post has been posted about what to answer! Jaja. And now, after digging in blogger to find a like button, i must agree with Pam, blogger needs a like button. And i also agree with Mel and Jean.
And BOB, oh my god bob. I am about to dedicate an entire post to people like you who take the time to comment (hence to read as well) blogs they dispise. Weird people.
So Lindy, you keep writing your HIGHlarious blog, i'll keep on reading every single line you post and comment on only a few of them. I think this is all about that: you cant comment on all. But your friends KNOW you're reading their writings.
You rock btw ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! I've had the worst Year of my life and your blog always make me smile & laugh, sometimes gag, (the food stuff is just gross sometimes). However, you're great and I admire you for being able to put your thoughts and feelings into words.

*please parden the language*

Bob, Fuck off!!

Love you Miss Lindy Star. ☺ ♥

Suki said...

Super dooper iglooper idea, writing this post :).

I think Blogger's "reactions" button is a nice shortcut for people who want to say something but can't frame a comment in the time they have.

And you? I love your common sense, your humour, and hell yes - your strength and determination, fighting everything to be with the guy you love. Hugs to you :-)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Rita - I can´t wait to see your new place!! And your birthday!!! Almost here!!!

Nancy - I sooo know what you mean about being lucky to get on and read anything at all! And lol that is sooo cool (and flattering) that you share with your husband. :)

Sean - lmao and I asked people NOT to de-lurk!! :)

Sunshine - I don't leave comments for you either??? LOL dag gum!! And I allllwwwaaayyss read whenever you get around to posting! :D

Mathilde - I've been tempted to do a f-u post to bob as well but I don't want to give him the time of day or the fuel. Bug grrrrr I get it!

Corey - Fuck Bob in his tight ass! And darling you needn't ever pardon language here ;)

Suki - When I get the time I'm gonna have to implement that! I only hope it won't require me to use the NEW version of Blogger because I hate the word verification and don't want to make people use it. We'll see!

Johnny Virgil said...

I lurk.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

J.V. - Well then, I'm pretty damn flattered. I'll leave my shades open a crack just for you ;)

Chris said...

So here's the thing. I read a lot of blogs. And I have shit to do. I have "friends" that I only talk to in the blog world, so I tend to comment a lot on a few blogs. But mostly I lurk.

wwe said...

I have just discovered a blog that I can actually read while at work, without Baracuda blocking me. I started reading The Zapata Tails and decided to switch up, your name caught my attention, so here I am. I read the blog about Lukers. I am a Luker and I probably need to Lukers Annon. Anyway, just wanted you to know that what I have read so far, I have enjoyed and found you to be very funny. You won't see me blogging, just for the simple fact that I don't have enough to write about and get to going in circles when I write, so it really becomes un-understanable (is that a word). Anyway I will be here in Virginia USA lukering away, and as I told Mr. Zapata, every once in awhile I will pop in and say something stupid. Until then. Have a good day/night.

Logan Johnson said...

Hey Lindy! I am not a blogger, and yours is the only one I have read so far. Well I just found your blog last week or so, and I started reading it from the very beginning. I was plannin on introducing myself when I finished but since reading this post i though I should do so now :)
My name's Logan (a woman named Logan)
I love your blog! I plan on moving to Mexico eventually with my bf, and its nice to read from another American that its not a completely insane idea.