Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Working HARD!!!! ....... or not.

I'm currently writing to you from a meeting we're having here at my new job. We're in the computer lab learning about the schools intranet but unfortunately (or noootttt) there is no account made for me yet.

Why is there no account for me? Pure Mexico.

When I went in for my one and only interview I showed up off the street, with a resume and a speach. 15 minutes later and I was verbaly hired. No checking my refrences or ensuring I hadn't lied my ass off on my resume, no speaking with a psycologist or taking an are-you-a-psycho test and honest to gawd they never even asked to see my I.D.

Two days into working and they still haven't asked to see any I.D. or even my high school diploma! I could be anybody! I could be an axe murder or a child molester or an escapee from a mental institution but because I showed up with a great resume, nice clothes and a great attitude - they're just plain not worried about it.

I haven't even filled out an aplication!

LMAO this IS pure Mexico - this is truly how things work here!

It does make me wonder and feel a little shifty and not great that they don't research adults - especialy men - that are going to be working with precious impressionable children. I may laugh and poke fun at the situation but in reality it's dangerous.

I won't say that all schools here are like this. At the previous school I attended they did require me to see a psycologist and even teach a class before offering me a job (working with 18 month olds or 3 year olds (I said no thankyou!)) And when Chino went to a public school to teach English they actually sent him to another State for his psych exam. (The lady that was in the process of hiring him died and the school was in such an upset that all of his paperwork was lost and he gave up on it)

So anyways, it's a little nuts here. The past two days I've sat in meetings that are soley in Spanish with no translator and quite frankly tuned out, wrote letters to folks back home, made my grocery list and am now blogging. It's the same for the other non-Spanish speakers, they're pretty much just hanging out staring at the walls.

Don't get me wrong though - I'm still thrilled to be here! This is how so many things work in Mexico it doesn't suprise or concern me that this is how it's going. I'm here, my attendance in known and I'm just plain not worried about my part of it all.

They still haven't explained to me what a Conversation Teacher is required to do or what exactly I'm supposed to teach or how - but they DID lol tell me that they do not have a curriculum. Someone is supposed to give me an idea of how it works (one of these days) and I'm to come up with my own ideas and materials. LMAO - Cool! I'll have two tons of lee-way and will be able to use subjects that kids are interested in - Hello Justin Beiber and Twilight!!

I've made friends already with the other English speakers, I'm fitting in just fine and I'm just going with the flow. I'm Happy :)


Zoe said...

Now that I have put you on my desk top, I can virtual travel with you. :-) Gonna be fun to see how things shake down at the school and the fact that you can just "chill" until the puzzle pieces fit, is cool. Only one other blog is on my desk top, so you are SPAYSHUL. Countdown to Mexico, who forwarded me your blog in the first place.

Anonymous said...

haha ooooh, Mexico. I don't think they checked me out either for my job, but then again I don't work with kids.

Twilight!! Woooo!! First lesson: Rob P vs TayTay!!

Alice said...

baby, baby, ooohhhh...enjoy the calm before the storm.

Pam said...



Sunshine said...

WOW......I talked to Rita today...You've got to fill me in...when your up to it!
I've got your corn......:)

Liz said...

I'm so glad for you and this great job!! Been reading for a while (as a lurker LOL) and this was great news to read!! Have fun and enjoy the kids!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Zoe - Awwwww well don't I feel like a lucky duck! LOL a duck that walks in circles and moo's instead of quacks sometimes - but a lucky duck indeed! MOOOOOOO!!! ;D

Grina - Lol Ohhh Mexico! And lol it sounds like you know what you're talking about :D

Alice - LMAO ohhh lordy you're so right, and just like having a baby I probably have NO CLUE. :P

Pam - LMAO I actually like it!!

Sunshine - there might be some hope- I'm not giving up yet (although it's getting hard not to!) but there just might be a chance.

Liz - awwww Thank You so much! It's hearwarming to hear such things :)

Marlo said...

Lets hope they are a little more organized on pay day! :)

Ritamg said...

I never got my intranet account setup even though I requested it several times so I could post homework, plans and notes online for parents and students. At least you won't really need it for your job.

Waitress from Mensa said...

Assuming your conversation style is anything as lively and contemporary as your written English--and if you are anywhere near as enthusiastic as you appear in your blog--you will be a great English conversation teacher.

On Mexican Time said...

Jajaja - have to laugh at Gringations comment as that is so where I was going !! Yeah Twilight!! Ohhh...Edward Cullen, how I love thee!!!

Can´t freaking believe they don´t even check up on you a little. Agreed, these are children ppl!!! Make sure you aren´t hiring any pedophiles !!! Maybe they think you look innocent enough??!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I was in the same boat you are when my son was 6 months old. I got a call from an all girls catholic school. I went in and straight up told mother superior that I had NO teaching experience and that I did not study teaching in any form at college. She did not care and I was hired just like you, verbally, I think it took like 2 months for them to actually ask me to fill out a work application and give them other documents (none of which included diplomas or transcripts). It was fun though and my favorite lesson was teaching my fifth graders to make an apple pie (in english) and then the next day having them make one (in small groups). They seemed to have fun with that too.