Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poor Blog :(

*strokes blog*

*pats it's wee head*

*soothes it's fevered brow*


There there poor negle cted baby.


Ok, so. I'm still knocked up and I'm still a teacher. WHEW.

So, did you guys know that here in Mexico every Monday morning at school the kids go out and march like Nazi's and salute (EXACTLY LIKE NAZIS) to the Mexican flag? Cuz I didn't, and it was surreal. They even have pop and crackle music on a gigantic radio player that sounds eeeerrriiillyy like it's playing strait out of somewhere back 50 years ago. I swear to God when they flung their arms out to the flag from their chest I about peed my pants!

As a teacher I am required to be out there and watch over the kids but as an American citizen they respect my right to stand aside and merely watch - I shall not be saluting the Mexican flag or singing their anthem any time soon. Five years from now when I become a legal (dual) citizen of Mexico I imagine it will be my duty to do so - and won't THAT be a weird day. But for now, I stand respectfully to the side and go home and eat macaroni and cheese every Monday night.


It's my 4th week at school and I've successfully scoured the Internet for things to teach my kids and even started coming up with my own stuff. Having no curriculum, books, materials or even IDEAS sure does make a beotch get creative QUICK. :D

I'm glad I didn't write last week. It was my first ever week of teaching and I hated 1st graders with such a passion that I would have wahh waaa'd and boo-hoo'd all over my blog and offended a couple hundred people. This week I merely dislike 1st graders (and 2nd too) and have the sinking feeling that if I had a proper curriculum it wouldn't be half as bad. The thing is it's difficult coming up with ideas to keep them busy for a 50 minute block of time. It seems I've got to change activities every 10 minutes or so but holy hell - how am I supposed to make up 5 different activities two times a week?? Plus, my class is conversation - AND THEY DON'T SPEAK.

*calm deep breath*

Never mind.

*hands over ears*
*pretends first graders do not exist*

I sort of love 4th, 5th and 6 graders.

They are fun as hell!!

LMAO and they say some funny shit!

My very first day I had a boy ask me if I like to eat "Machitos" (beef balls)
NIICCEE. LOL though, it's something they truly DO eat here and not a bad word. The kids regular teacher was in the room and heard him and got pissed that he would ask me such a thing and tried to make the boy EXPLAIN to me exactly what Machitos meant. (I had no clue!) The boy clammed up and freaked out because his teacher was yelling at him and he didn't want to say BALLS to me - so she let the little girl sitting next to him tell me.

LMAO! I cracked up and informed the boy that for the rest of the year his name will be Machitos. Two weeks later and I sure as hell don't forget his name! :D Little punk!

I was playing "telephone" with a group of 3rd graders and after giving the two teams the same word - orange - they BOTH came up with the final result of "borracho," which means "drunk" in Spanish. That cracked me the hell up. :) Great kids.

Anyhoo, I've only got a minute, but things are going well. The school is making me get my residency here in Mexico so that I won't be an illegal any longer - THEY DON'T LIKE ILLEGALS????? - and I'm looking forward to this screwy Mexican trip.

See yall in a tad!

And P.S. - Daisy can CRAWL!!!



Marlo said...

My wishes were answered.. I hoped and wished you'd update "the blog" and look~ YOU DID!!!! Thanks!!!!

Ritamg said...

I never told you about the salute??? It freaked out your fellow Canadian teacher too. It really must be an American thing because last year Jay and I refused to salute the Mexican flag. We were polite but we definitely wouldn't go for the salute. Sooooo, the former coordinator whose name shall remain nameless tried to get Jay and I to salute. We both refused. Then he tried to tell us, "There's a saying that when in Rome....." I replied that the Romans fed the Christians to the lions and should I do that too?

Sean said...

Reminds me of when a Spanish exchange student came to our school in high school, and someone asked him if he liked "Chi Chis". Of course the girl who asked him (who was rather well endowed) was referring to the Mexican restaurant chain, but this poor kid turned beat red, because he only could think of the Spanish slang "chichis" which is "breasts". He thought she was making him an offer.

I do have to laugh that orange was morphed into "emborracho". Too funny.

Glad you're back, and can't wait to read more of your adventures. :) I'll choose not to comment on that crazy-ass salute!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Can you sing? teach the little kids a song. Old macdonald is fun because of the animal noises. Also marching them around is good too. Hee,hee, remember the hokey pokey? that would be good for little kids, body parts and activities!!
I think but am not sure, that the Nazis stole that salute from the Romans. I'd look it up but my computer isn't doing so well.


ps congrats on the new baby! now the fun really begins!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Marlo - lol you're wonderful! :)

Rita - You did but I had no idea how....REAL it is! It's out of this world!!

Sean - LOL CHICHES!! :D Launguages can be fun after all! :)

Theresa - I wouldn't doubt it, but it's still creepy! :) And actually - lol - I did Old Mcdonald this week! Next week is Hokey Pokey and after that is Head shoulders knee's and toes! :) After that??? Not a clue! :P

Sean said...

Lindy - Of course languages can be fun, but you have to be careful with what you say. When I was in Spain for a month with a class (10 women and me - yeah, that was tough), I walked in a few minutes late with a classmate. When asked why we were late, my classmate attempted to tell the teacher that she was feeling sick, and embarrassed that she was late. Only problem - She used the word that SOUNDED like "embarrassed" in English. The instructor replied that of course she was feeling sick - it was probably morning sickness. "Embarrassed"..."Pregant"....same thing, right? ;)

Upstate Broad said...

I came up something. You might try finding out what 1st & 2nd graders in the US and UK are reading these days - whatever the next Harry Potter might be - and get a copy. You can read aloud to them for a few minutes, then ask them questions about what you just read, start a little discussion. For older kids it would probably be lame, but for little ones it might work. It might even work with an old classic like Amelia Bedelia or Madeline, most of today's kids have never heard of either of them.

On Mexican Time said...

AHHH!!! I don't know how you do it!! But you do, and congrats to that!! *cheers, cheers*

Have never heard the word Machito, so good to know! LOL!! See we all learn something new every day!!

Well..once your papers are through there will be one less of us!! Illegals that is!!

Anonymous said...

I have never witnessed the Monday morning salute... but I've seen pictures. Scary.

The kids with the highest grades get to lead the parade, so I understand.

Kristi said...

As a teacher, I am sympathetic but can also laugh at your experiences. So much like what i experience in the Hood I teach in!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

What's next? repeat!!!Little kids like to repeat stuff, so much that you will get bored before then do. you can do animals on Monday, old mac, coloring pages naming the animals etc. Body parts on Tuesday, play some sort of Simon says!!! that would be good. Simon says touch your nose! etc. Leslie Lemon has a cool game that she just posted on her blog Motherhood in Mexico.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sean - lol I know how to say pregnant in Spanish quite well these days :P

Upstate - Good idea! I´'ve been doing it with story books but they don't seem all that interested - but maybe if I read something cool.... :)

OMT - lol Machitos :D....and yes, legall - lol who woulda thunk it??

Gringa - Yes you got it! I forgot to add that part - the kids with the highest grades DO get to lead! I think it's more of a bother to them though :D

Kristi - lol, the Hood, a private school - they're certainly all kids :D

Theresa - I put simon says on my lesson plan!! Thank You! And Oooo I didn't know Leslie had posted something, thankyou for telling me! :)

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