Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've put up with a lot in Mexico. Flying cockroaches the size of a kiwi, hearing automatic weapons and grenades go off down the street every other day or so and the lack of ability to buy tampons and grapefruit juice ect. But NOW I'm mad.



Mexico's done gone and fucked with the Oreo cookie formula and I WANT A REFUND. They taste... DIFFERENT! CHEAP! (bwwaa, like the originals are expensive quality but whatever that for now) It's bad enough that the chocolate in this country is full of so much wax that you're ears plug up after eating it but they've screwed with OREO'S??



I bought a pack a couple of days ago on a whim and thought I was in for a sure-bet treat - but nooo. Screwy MexiHO had to go and mess with the recipe. How is that even POSSIBLE? How can an Oreo here be different than an Oreo anywhere else??


Not rocket science people, not rocket science.


~ellen~ said...

Oh no, not Oreos!! >:-(

By the way, what about tampons? Don't they have tampons in Mexico?

Leah said...

I'm upset about them messing with Coca-Cola. They had the BEST recipe with 100% sugar cane. Now they're on the same bandwagon as the US for High Fructose Corn Syrup that makes me feel like I'm choking on the carbonation. Now the oreos?!

Kelly said...

I so want to send you some oreos!

Upstate Broad said...

What, you couldn't get tampons, so you got pregnant so that you wouldn't need any for 9 months? Seriously, I've heard some bizarre reasons to have a baby, but that one's really out there!

And I thought you liked cheapo chocolate? Didn't we have a long exchange once about the relative merits of Godiva and Ghirardelli vs. Hershey and Nestle? Apparently you've found your limit.

BTW, do you have Pop-Tarts down there?

Anonymous said...

That is so true! (Don't even get me started on Mexican chocolate)

The bright side: Mexican Coke is so much better than American Coke (I mean Coca-Cola, not cocaine... although that's probably better, too)

Anonymous said...

If Kelly doesn't send you Oreos, I will! You can't be pregnant and not have friggin' Oreos!!

Mel said...

What is your address? I am going to make sure Marlo and I get together this weekend and FedEx you some damn Oreos! Anything else you want? We are in the Omaha area. Seriously, think about it. You can send me/us a message on Facebook if you want. Or my work email is

Sean said...

Sorry to hear about the Oreos. However I'm sure if you give us all an address, you'll be flooded with them in no time. I know I'd send them too! As a father of 4, how could I possibly say no to a pregnant woman's cravings?!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ellen - Mexican women are NOT cool with wearing tampons! Therefore the damn things aren't sold in many of the stores here - crraaazzy people.

Leah - Oreo's n Coke - tramps, just tramps.

Kelly - RIGHT??

Kelly, Loo-Loo, Mel and Sean - LOL you all are so sweet! But no big worries, I'm close enough to Texas that I go over to grocery shop once a week. So, if I truly need a fix I can always pick some up - I just never think of it :D

Upstate - Dear GAWD, next time I'll go for a hysterectomy!

Upstate - Upstate - OMG Mexican Chocolate isn't even CLOSE to Hershey's!! Even their "good" chocolate that I bought in the specialty section of the store the other day is 60% wax - gaaaagg!

raúl said...

Doritos, Fritos, and Oreos. None of them are the same here. I think its because all their names end with -os. Mexico thinks they invented them and have a right to alter them however they see fit. ;)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Raul - Ooo you're right about the Doritos! (and fritos too) and don't forget the Hot Cheetos! I DO like the pizza dorito things though - ttaaassty. :)