Monday, October 18, 2010

Peeg Facial and Colored Folk

If you're wondering what my little peegy is up to and looking like these days - wonder no further. She's stated her independence in eating and has told me to screw-off with my Gerber and spoons - 10 month olds are badasses Mommy and I will pitch the spoon at chyo face.

With all of the avocado and bean facials I'm convinced she'll have great skin later on. Besides crawling, climbing the crapping STAIRS, sprouting teeth and showing the ability to give Daddy (NOT Mommy, noooothing for Mommy) kisses she's you know... fat..... and happy and an all around evil sweet punk ass that we are lovingly convinced is the Anti-Christ.

Teaching is getting better every week and I've learned to really draw out and enjoy the good moments. (Like swearing!) It's hilarious how many kids don't know that all of the words they watch on American T.V. aren't nice words to say and I have a great time explaining that it's not nice to call your friend a "fag" in class.

My 5th graders think that saying "black" to describe a Black person is incredibly racist and INSIST that the proper thing is to call them "Colored." (o...m...g...) I told my husband about it tonight and he explained that in Spanish T.V. Black people are referred to as "Gente De Color" (Persons of Color) and that's where the kids probably get thrown off. The kids about pissed their pants today when I made them say "Usher is Black" instead of "Usher is colored." It was great :)

Last week I had the kids bring in jokes to tell and then make up their OWN joke for the class. It was freakin' great. They came in with vagina jokes, jacking-it-off jokes, blond and drunk jokes. The just don't KNOW any better when it comes to English and I pick and choose what I end up explaining.

Some of it (like jacking off jokes) you just gotta let goooooo and not explain. Little punks DO know what drunk and boobies mean though as they showed me when they made up their own jokes. 5th graders are NOT shy. 4th and 6th yes, 5th no, I don't know what's up with that freaky age but they're my favorites!

Quien Sabe.


Krissie said...

First of all, Daisy is freakin' adorable!

Second, I KNEW you'd be basing your syllabus on swearing. Keep up the good work.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - Thank You ;) And yes, hell I've gotta keep entertained SOME how. :D

Alice said...

girl, they made me teach 5th my first year, and now i know why. cuz everyone else refused and knew better!! i even have a file on my computer labeled "fights". :) suerte with them buggers.

Leah said...

I tried to explain the black/colored thing to my Spanish teacher, how it's reversed in English. I think what throws them off is the Spanish word for black "negro". Had to further explain that word it NOT ok to say, but black is. Glad you are sorting it our for them at a young age ;-).

Anonymous said...

I tried explaining to my male college friends here in Mexico that the "n" word is very, very bad.

Despite my warnings, the guys still think it's hilarious to say. Where's the comedy? Quien sabe.

I blame "Nigga", the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer. Idiot.

When they get their asses handed to them someday for saying it to the wrong person, they can't say I didn't warn them.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Alice - awww really?? Here lol that would be FIRST grade! A fight file? Holy crap right?? LOL at least with the private kids we don't have fights - pansies the lot! :)

Leah - You teacher!! LOL, well it's cool that after you're gone he'll keep on teaching correctly in the future! Kuuudos!

Gringa - OH, my GAWD. Honest to goodness, Chino and I used to live and work in a bad neighborhood that predominantly black and YET, he still insisted to me just the other day that saying the N word is not bad!! And WHY????? THAT FREAKING SINGER!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING???? LOL

Ritamg said...

Where have you been? I haven't seen or heard from you in a while. I am living in BFE on a rutted dirt road in a bug infested house that needs a lot of repair and I have no phone or internet. How depressing. Should have left him when I had the chance.

BTW, the politically correct terminology is African-American. Never could quite figure that one out. My brother-in-law, also known as asshole, comes from the Dominican Republic. Is he African-American? I think I will stick with black cuz the asshole is black. And he's an asshole, not because he is black, but because he beat the crap out of my sister.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Rita - Oh, my gawd. Your comment is so out of the water I'm at a loss for where to begin!! LMAO girlie! I reeaaallly think you need a girls night and some serious beer ;) And the African American term - lol - I've been told tooo many times BY Black people that they're "not from Africa" and prefer to be called Black. So that's what I do :D