Sunday, October 3, 2010

Presidents Underpants

******Please forgive the shitty color and font of this post - Lame ass blogger won't let me change it today!! Bastards.*********

I was laying awake last night and the question of who does the Presidents and his families laundry came into mind. Does the first lady do it? A staff? One special Presidential launderer? Naturally the next thought was that somebody out there washes the Presidents underpants. Do you think they're specially contracted to not talk about what he finds?

Then of course I started to wonder what KIND of underpants the President wears. He seems like a boxer man but might need a little support so maybe boxer briefs?? At that point I was imagining the President in some Hanes Boxer Briefs, having a dandy time when it all went to hell because I realized that ALL Presidents wore underpants and therefore George Bush in tighty whiteys popped into my head.



Double Damn.

Anyhoo. It was nice to have a few moments of thought without thinking about children at school, children in my house or the child in my belly. Just how the hell I went from a kid-hater to a Mom and teacher I reeeaaalllyy don't know but I can say this - never say never! HOLY SHIT never say never!!

Teaching is going better, I've learned to yell and to give out stickers - both requirements of everyday teaching if you don't want to pull your hair out.

I had a 6th grader yell out "DAMN!!" in class the other day and look at me as proud as could be and say "Right teacher??? Right!? DAMN!!" He was using it in correct context and was exited about it. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground so I could ask "What did you say???" To which he replied "Damn, D, A, M, N. Damn right?"

LOL! He had noooooo idea that it was a bad word and all I could do was laugh and explain. Love it.

I had a 3rd grader call me a pendeja (NOT NICE word) but many many 1st and 2nd graders tell me they love me. The love kids win. Actually, the first time one came up and hugged me and said "Teacher I Love You" I was knocked back a bit. It was unexpected and I didn't know what the hell to say back! I just went with it and stammered out an "I love you too sweetie!" and went about the class. I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to say but it seems to be the best reply and I'm fine with it.

One thing - Note To Parents, stop sending me SHITTY APPLES! The little kids bring in apples for the teacher now and then and I think it's of course nice. BUT, I swear that half the time it looks as if the apples came from the trunk of a car in a junk yard! LOL one apple was so old that it had begun to shrivel - literally shrivel like a...mummy apple One I received last week looked as if it had been rolled around in white was just really weird. It's not as if it's the kids either, they're always packed neatly away in the kids lunch box wrapped in a nice napkin for the kids to pluck out and bring up to the teacher.

I'm a Mom and I get that we're tired and busy and don't have time for a lot of crap so I guess..... well shit... if you don't have the time to send me a poison free apple just don't send anything at all. I don't expect anything I swear!

Shit Yo!

Anyhoo. The baby is awake so I'll leave you with the picture of George Dubya in his skid marked tighty whitey's. I wonder if they write "I will not divulge info about the Presidents skid marks" in the waiver the laundry people have to sign?


Pam said...

And what about Dubya's dad? I bet he's a tightey whitey guy too. With more wrinkles than Dubya.


Upstate Broad said...

Eeewwww! I may never forgive you for all the images passing through my mind now!

Marlo said...

Whoever found the time to update Lindy's Blog for her.. Thank you immensely! :-p

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Pam - Gewwwww wrinkles?? LMAO!!

Upstate - Hey, you wanted me to blog again... ;D

Marlo - Well then thank my neighbors because they took the baby today for a couple of hours so that I could catch up on some things! :D

Sean said...

I'm not even going to go near this post....because on my mind, I go to even worse places you do. The Obamas go into the presidential bedroom to celebrate their first night in the White House, and realize "Wait - EVERY president and his wife has slept in this bed....and done who knows what?". Thoughts of George and Laura Bush having sex in the same bed that his parents were in comes to mind. Suddenly the Obamas back up and head to a hotel instead. (And yes, I did read your older posts, so I know about the hotels as well).

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sean - lol wouldn't they at least change the mattress for every new president??? But you're right, I guess the headboard would be the same - ew, poor baby Bush :D

Gringation Cancun said...

I can't stop thinking about skid marks now.

What about the presidential sheets? Oh, dear.

Who cleans their toilet?

At least in the USA, you can throw your TP into the toilet... so nobody will be selling the President's poo-covered toilet paper on the black market. (I wonder if Felipe Calderon worries about that here in Mexico? I know I would.)

On Mexican Time said...

Well...Bill Clinton did get busted via a dry cleaning incident!!! LOL!

Anyways, kid hater to mother aughta be natural! LOL!!! Never, say never is RIGHT!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Gringation - oooo sheets - too right. (lol skidmarks :D )

OMT - Hell, now I even feel weird saying "never say never!" I just don't know WHAT to do ! :D

Upstate Broad said...

Okay, just for the record, each First Family brings their own furniture to the residence portion of the White House.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

you are truly a gift to the world with your blogs. So nice to see a blog for you, always makes me smile. You make the world a better place. :)

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

PS I HAD an idea for you for your classes...... who knows if it works and it might get expensive. But in my class yesterday we were given a word and were supposed to make our interpretation of the word with playdough, we were given about 5 minutes the first time. it gave the teacher time to write on the board and do some class prep. I was thinking that might work with yOU? you could even do drawing instead of playdough - Draw what House means?

Crystal said...

You're back!! I kept checking and checking to see if you had posted.
I know you are really busy!! So are the kids having fun??
Is Daisy walking yet?
You probably will not here from me for a while after next week because I am going on leave, but I will try to check in and see what you are going to have. If it is a boy maybe I can send you some boy things..