Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mexican Shopping Customs

I was surprised when I first moved here to the Mexican side of the border by the different rules that they have when it comes to shopping. I was even MORE surprised that the rules have bled over onto the Texas side.

When shopping back home in Michigan one can wander among the shopps in a mall or shopping plaza with as many bags of previous purchases as they might like. It's not something anybody ever thinks about. Here however you're not allowed to enter a store with anything other than your purse. If you have a bag from another shop you've got to stop at a desk at the door, give them your things and take a voucher to be able to get them back.

Shopping in a street strip of stores, the mall and even the grocery store you've got to hand it all in. Baby bag? So sorry, baby STROLLER?? In Mexico they'll make you empty it of everything but baby and put a tag on it but in TEXAS?? Check it at the door and say goodbye! Better hope you didn't raise a fat baby.

Anyhoo, I've ended up walking out of stores a couple of times and not getting my stuff back - I'm forgetful like that. Is it like that in other places around the states? I've been to 46 of the U.S. States but can't say I've ever seen it before......maybe in the bigger cities?? Or is it just here?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Our Mexican Internet took a turn for the worse the past few weeks and I spent a sick amount of time stalking it for even the barest connection so I could get my Facebook fix.  Luckily though we lit some candles, called in a bruja, cracked some eggs and rolled a few coconuts and our service was restored last night.  I don't know about the rest of world but here in Mexico you've got a safer bet calling on witch craft than to go to the cable provider.    

Anyhoo, between that and the fact that I've been sick with cold after flu after cold after flu (screw you pregnancy and you're stupid lowering of the immune system) while trying to take care of the baby and make it to work, be a wonderful teacher and come home and take care of EVERYTHING because my husband has taken a second job and is nnneeeeevverrr home anymore - and be 5 months pregnant - I've been too busy to blog.  

I hate that.  The why-I'm-being-a-shitty-blogger speech, but there you have it.  I can't tell you how many times i've thought about doing the "I quit because life is too much, it's not you it's me" post, but in the end I'd rather be kicked in the face.  I LOVE BLOGGING!!!!  It's been so damn good to me, I can't give up.

Grrrrrr world, grrrrrr!!

Anyways.  I took my once weekly trip to texas a couple of days ago and stopped off at my p.o. Box because my Mom said she'd sent me a care package for my birthday.  She mentioned that she'd been going through the old Christmas ornaments and started in on a crying jag because I'm so far away and felt that she just had to send me something.  My Ma is pretty honest when it comes to her greif about me being gone and as hard as it is I think it's better that way.
I felt warm inside because I figured she had sent me a couple of our old ornaments for my birthday and I'd be quite glad to have them.  She said that she sent along a little something for everyone and I was excited to see what she'd sent for the baby.

So, when I got back to my car with the package I'd picked up and immediately ripped into it like a 6 year old, you can imagine my confusion when I saw that the box was small-ish but quite heavy.  I thought "Huh, did she send me a bible??"
My Mom loves to put things in Boxes that have nothing to do with their contents so when I pulled off the wrapper and saw a box that said "iPad I thought to myself "Where did she come across an iPad box?"

When I pulled the lid off and saw a REAL iPad sitting there my little brain shut down.  When it sputtered to life it went something like this -"BLANK...............That's an iPad  Electronic.....What?.......Shit, did The post office give me the wrong box?......No, can't be because it was wrapped and that was Dad's handwriting that said Happy Birthday....did they send me the wrong gift? ...No stupid why would they have an iPad laying around........they really sent me an iPad......????.....why would they do that?? God aren't these expensive as hell?? DEAR GOD IT'S AN iPad!!  They know what an iPad IS?? Oh God, I don't even know what it is ......I just know it's really cool....what am I going to do? What will I say?? OH MY GOD it's an iPad!!" 

After I came to terms with it enough to be able to drive again I took off for the rest of my errands with it on the front seat of my car and glanced at it about every 16 seconds or so and said out loud "That's an iPad!". I must have said it allowed about 30 times or so.  The window on my car doesn't roll up all of the way and I was afraid someone would take it or finally steal my car so I ended up taking it into all of the stores I had to go to.  Including.....the grocery.

Whew. Looong story short I'm now - because of the iPad -able to type ANYWHERE!  It's taken me two days but I've written this at the kitchen table, the couch, in bed and now at work.  See?  I've got the will, I just didn't have the way!  And now I do.  Please thank my Ma and Dad!  EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!