Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't like it? PISS OFF

I was going to write more about the points but folks were getting confused.  ;). The gist of the end of the story was that they didn't mess with the point worker.  He wasn't stealing anything and there was no way my husband or neighbor would go and tell the soldiers where he was hiding.  If they ratted him out and he survived he knew where we lived and would surely let his bosses know who had blew the wistle.  My husband might be a little stick happy but not CRAZY.

It didn't surprise me much ( from the comments i've received) that people from tourist areas seemed less aware about what goes on in other parts of Mexico.  I'm happy to know that there are more tranquil places.  

I am however, PISSED that I received a comment from a couple of anonymous assholes berating and insulting me for the post that I wrote.  One was from the border area (in texas!) and another from a tourist spot but the gist from both was that I'm a liar and a horrible person for further tarnishing Mexicos image.

REALLY F****RS??  I'm pretty sure it's not ME to blame for Mexico's image right now.  This is MY daily lifeline Mexico.  I live on the border and it's worse here than southern Mexico but this is MY BLOG and MY EXPERIENCE.  Anybody who doesn't like the truth of what goes on here can PISS OFF.  

The Cartels RUN Mexico.  Every single facet to be found is touched by the cartels.  It's not just drugs, they run the government (well duh) on down to the smallest of organizations.  You want to open up a  little corner shop to sell Cokes and chips? You better get permission. Want to sell Elotes or Pan from a bicycle?  You better check in with the neighborhood "leader" and make sure it's ok.  The FLEA MARKETS that my husband works in are controlled by the invisible hand.

Of course if you live in a beautiful resort town you're not going to see this kind of thing - you're insulated thanks be.  Would you think they want their presence known where so much money can be made?  

I could go for page after page and not just because I'm mad.  It's LIFE here, not just the border, and if you don't know anything about it then consider yourself blessedly ignorant - but leave me the shit alone.


CoreyJo said...

You tell `em Gringa. Just because you can't see air does it mean it's not there? Face it honey, some people are just plain old Dumb!


Cdn Cat said...

Some people need to get their head outa the sand....geesh! From what I can gather, I think there are just different levels of what you describe in different areas. The larger cities can hide a lot of what goes on a lot better. I own a house in Cancun and have been traveling to Mexico for over 20 years now. I have seen drastic changes...but then look around... everywhere is drastically changing, and not for the better.
Please be safe.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Love You Corey!

CDN Cat - head out of the sand - lol I alllwwayyyss get that ostrich picture in my head when I hear that :D. Now that I've calmed down I guess I'm not mad, they just GOT to me there for a sec you know? Why be rude to me?

I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

I think they are probably the same assholes that called me a liar and told me I am doing more damage to Mexico than the Cartels.

I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

I think they are probably the same assholes that called me a liar and told me I am doing more damage to Mexico than the Cartels.

MaryLuna said...

Gringa, I can't believe people would blame you for tarnishing Mexico's image. Mexico is doing that on its own with all these drug cartels running rampant!! Don't get me wrong, I love Mexico, and I have been there often, but seriously, all my family is scared to go there right now.

My grandparents live in Michoacan and have literally left their hometown because they were threatened and extorted while living there (I won't go into details). They now live a couple hours away where no one knows them.

We know plenty of people that have been extorted or have to pay dues for any type of business they have around my grandparents hometown. Everyone knows that you pay or you PAY if you get my drift. People have been killed for not paying up.

I kinda get the point thing because it is happening at my aunt's house in Mexico right now. She built herself a house with an apartment on the second floor and just rents the apartment. She then lives at the house the 3 to 4 months she goes to Mexico a year... well, actually used to go. I guess the cartel set up a point in front of her home and even the tenant is moving out because of it. Now they are not comfortable going over there since they can't just send the cartel away. Besides, now with my grandparents living somewhere else there is no one to really visit. Sad!

My sister and I were just talking about that. Who knows if we will ever be able to go back to the town we visited so often as children. I mean, we knew it inside out! We felt safe there. It is hard to imagine the place we call home as being unsafe now, but it is. I am lucky I got to visit August of last year before all hell broke loose, but I feel a certain sense of nostalgia thinking that it might have been the last time :(

Anonymous said...

I get really pissed off when I see comments on news sites telling people to stay away from Mexico, because the vast majority of it IS pretty safe... about as safe as the US.

However, I think it would be a shame to overlook everything that's happening where you live. I hope you manage to stay safe, and feel free to move to the Yucatan Peninsula whenever you get tired of it :)

Cancun has its drug issues of course, but it's still a pretty safe city.

Liz said...

Don't let the asshats get to you!! While I love Mexico (particularly Puerto Vallarta), I get the fact that this is a problem. For anyone to overlook it or not believe you is just silly. I can't understand why someone would question you when our media in the US has pretty much scared everyone about going to Mexico. We go again in May and my Dad keeps telling me I'm going to get murdered. But, it's obviously all YOUR fault (NOT!). I'm glad you told these people to f*ck off!

Gail said...

I was waiting for your rebuttal. This was good, really good. And if they still don't get it, f**k 'em, you know? Are they living your life? Are they walking in your shoes? Nope. It's your life and your blog and your story of your experiences, and if they don't like what they read, then wtf are they doing reading it? I love you Gringa!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Gail!!!! Lol, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Rita - Grrrrr more crazies!

Mary - All of that sounds so spot on, I'm sorry it's happened to your family! I thank you very much for sharing though, it shows I'm not the onlynone :)

Liz, I would still go if I were you too! Everything IS nuts here but caution goes a long way to making it safer.

Gringa - I'd go TODAY if there was a way for us to earn a living there! :)

Marlo said...

Lindy, screw the idiots! All it takes is for an intelligent person to Youtube search Reynosa or Camargo to get a clue what is really going on down there. Who gives a shit what they think?? I'd kick their butts if they'd hike their as*es to Iowa.

darth sardonic said...

don't let the bastards get you down. i take a "don't wanna hear what i have to say? don't read my blog" attitude.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hey lady, actually I read that some people are actually applying for refugee status from border towns. I did a search for mexican refugees because my suegra is in Michoacan, which is Narco central, and now even the little towns are as you say. They make everyone pay to do business. I'm thinking maybe she could get asylum from Mexico, and why not? Its dangerous down there. I'm thinking the US should be giving asylum.... Also I did live in PV and it was nothing like that, but it doesn't mean its not true, sorry you still have to deal with meanies. Maybe you should consider moving somewhere more peaceful.... that sounds so scary.

Sunshine said...

It's all over Mexico....Cancun...the sunny white's EVERYWHERE! And those big nice neighborhoods....the Cartel is their....hiding in glory! There is no running away from it. No immunity. You never know who your neighbor is. Some people choose to not look, some people choose to not tell. But i'm with ya 100%.

Karen said...

I am rather slow on reading your posts, not sure how I missed these. From what I can tell most areas that are really a problem are either up north near the border or in the southern states. In Tuxtepec, Oax we have had several people disappear and our carnecero was tortured and beheaded, etc. but nothing like Reynosa and not sure if it was drugs or rustling. Here in Central Mexico where I am now- nothing. I am in a suburb of a town outside of DF and we have no problems with drugs. Not to say that we don't have a few teens(maybe. never actually seen or smelled any) that get high. I can walk around at night, noone deals anything here in the open. It is peaceful. Come on down if you guys get bored with the Zetas.