Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mexican Drug Culture

My husband oh-by-the-way-ha-ha told me in the doctors office this morning that yesterday he and the neighbor boy went after a possible robber next door. The neighbor had a bat and my husband wielded - a stick.

I'm all for neighborhood watch and protecting each other but nobody LIVES next door to us and the robbings that have taken place over there as of late were the type where they're stripping the house of copper wire and other metal scrap. Forgive me but it's not worth my husband risking his life (and the neighbor boy is only 16!) and what if the guy had had a GUN!??

A STICK husband?? A STICK?? *sigh* God love 'im.

I asked him why they didn't just call the police and he looked at me like I was retarded. Lol, it was kind of a stupid question. I also asked him just what the hell they were going to DO upon confronting the robber and he replied "We were going to beat him."

Well that's nice. Apparently, under the right super testosterone fueled circumstances my wee sweet and adorable husband can morph into Mr. Violence. Who knew.

Anyways, moving on. He then told me (Wait no, wait just ONE minute, that little punk, he's damn lucky he told me about this in such a public place! I do wonder if he was smartly saving it for just an occasion out side of the house? OMG!) he said that they found the guy and were about to beat him up when they guy yelled "Wait no! No, it's just me, I work at the point!" And the weapons were stayed.

They guy was just a point worker from around the corner and had got word from someone on his walkie talkie that the soldiers were headed to his location.

Point? Point worker?

Here in Reynosa drug vending locations are called a "point." They are everywhere. In every neighborhood you'll find them, maybe in an abandoned house or in the back of a pick up truck that always seems to just BE there with a guy sitting in it. One place that had me baffled for months is just a pallet on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere where guys just always seemed to be hanging out at. LOL for the longest time I thought it was a makeshift bus stop.

I know I seem pretty non-plussed by this subject and the truth is I'm just so used to it, it's SO common place and normal here that there's just nothing to get excited about.

Point workers work 24 hour shifts and always have a walkie talkie tuned in to hear from whoever if the soldiers might be on their way to kick some ass. The soldiers drive around on raids and go to known points, beat the CRAAAPPP out of the workers, maybe set the place on fire and go on about their business. A few hours later and a new worker will be in the other's place and life goes on until the next raid.

A couple of weeks ago the soldiers came to raid our point and the workers friend had stopped by to chat with him for a bit. The friend that works in a factory, just your average joe, was beat so bad he spent quite a bit of time in the hospital. It's a weird feeling, feeling sorry for the friend of the drug seller but feeling happy that the soldiers are out trying to do something.

Back to the non-robber. When he told my husband and neighbor that he was hiding from the soldiers they understood and left him be. The truth about point workers ...............Eeeek, ok, the baby calls - to be continued tonight!!


Anonymous said...

"makeshift bus stop" hahahha I'm so naive, that's exactly what I would think, too!

Glad your husband's ok. Please tell him to buy a bat or something if the neighborhood is to continue.

On Mexican Time said...

hmmm...sounds all to confusing to me, but I'm not complaining! I'm glad we don't have these "points" here in Cancun. Or at least none that I am aware of :)

I know this sounds dumb, but why Reynosa? Do you guys have family there? Or is it because it is just SO close to the border?? Just stay safe amiga :)

Refried Dreamer said...

Damn.... I agree with OMT. Why Reynosa? I'm sure we have issues here in GDL, as do all major cities... but none that I'm aware of. Move to a safe place! The call of shopping on the "other" side isn't worth it! Be safe!

Nancy said...

You're freaking me out, too, amiga. Please try to stay safe, and don't take too long of a break between posts or we'll all worry about you...

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Gringa - Bat, lol, definitely a bat. Or mind his own beezwax!

OMT and Refried - I can see not having them in the nice parts of Cancun, but not in GDL??? That's shocking to me! Wonderful, but I never would have guessed! Reynosa, it's the only place besides Monterrey that he has family and these days Monterrey isn't so nice any more so we stay here for the work. Without the border for me to bring things from Tx for my husband to sell, he'd have to work in a factory and they make soooo little! I dream of going someplace sunny and with trees and beaches though! :)

Nancy - We're fine, just life as usual here! ;)

aj said...

Glad you are OK. I lived in Monterrey 2002-2003 and I never saw a "point" or anything like it. However, times have changed.

Anonymous said...

well if you dream of someplace sunny with palm trees and beaches you could always come to Isla Mujeres... no drug violence here!.. I've been stalking your blog for awhile now haha.. glad you are finding a little bit of time to write! :)

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Mi amiga, no me gusta. Tu necesitas venir a mi en Alabama. No me gusta eso tu es en peligroso.

I hope things get better for you soon.

Zoe said...

Funny the way those of us who choose to live here, just accept what goes on around US with very little panic or stress. For the most part, we remain on the "right" side of the cartel action and just live our lives, but being so close to the border, you get a bigger portion,it seems. About time for more pictures of Daisy before her brother arrives and she gets left in the dust. '-)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I swear, your blog is amazing. The content is fascinating and you have a great storytelling style. Between work, a baby, a husband, and living near the border, I guess there's no way you'd have the time to write a memoir, huh?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Vegas - I don't know what a Memoir is? Lol, you mean like a book? Awww you're so sweet, but I'm just a blogger :)