Thursday, February 3, 2011

43 and Below!

I googled Celsius to Fahrenheit today and it's at around 43 degrees Fahrenheit that the schools here in Mexico are shut down for the cold.
I know that'll make my Northern friends and family poo their pants but remember we have no heaters here!

Today at school there was only one out of around 600 kids there. I'm having a grand time making lesson plans without interruption, hanging out and talking to teachers, reading and what not. Some of the other teachers are miserable and just want to go home but I'm happy as a clam!

This afternoon we actually had ice and icicles on the trees and the faculty were wandering outside to stare at it and have their picture taken next to it. I thought it was adorable and I appreciate the childlike giddiness they have about it. The ice IS pretty and I imagine if I'd never seen it before I'd be pretty darn amazed as well

Here in the Casa we're happily holed up and have our space heaters running full blast to take off the chill. When it seems too cold I just bake up something yummy and the oven helps heat up the house to a more comfy level. Not much to complain about there!

The pics are from my trip back home to Michigan around New Year. Daisy was happy as a clam being spoiled ALL to hell by my Mom. The blue sled is what we used to take her out one nice day when it wasn't too cold. She loved being pulled around so much that my Mom washed it up and brought it in the house to pull her around on.

My Mom sat it on a dog bed and swooshed the baby back and forth the house for seriously like an HOUR at a time. It got to the point where she would throw a baby fit if my Mom would stop before she was finished and the above pic is where she stayed in so long that she fell asleep. I just about peed my pants taking that picture.

I loved being home for the first time with the baby. It was crazy nice to be there, to have my parents meet my baby and for her to fall in love with them. Having her spoiled rotten to the core was of course a plus for her. ;)

She played peek-a-boo for the first time at my parents and started standing up solo there for the first time. It was funny though, when we came home it was WEEKS before she would do any of that again. ??? My Mom taught her her 3rd word while we were there so that was pretty special. :) I look forward to working at the school in the future because it'll guarantee real vacation time like I wouldn't find in any other job. I won't go another 2 years without going home!! HOORAAYY for teaching!!


Liz said...

What a great set of pictures! I'm so glad you got home and will get to do it more often!! I live in Wisconsin and 43 is way too cold without heaters, even for me! :-)

On Mexican Time said...

EEEEK!! That is coooold!!! It has been unseasonably warm over here!! Not complaining as like you said no heat in these homes!!! Tile floors, and yeah...It can get COLD!

Wow, can't believe your mom only just met Daisy!!! Soo happy for you, and SO hope you don't have to wait 2 years again!! That's hella long!

Anonymous said...

Those are just the sweetest pictures EVER! I am so, so glad that you were able to make it home and that you and Daisy had so much fun with your family!

And I too think it is so fun to watch others get so excited over things that we grew up with!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the cold weather! (You'll be sweating your ass off by May hahaha)

Adorable photos :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Liz - Thank You! And lol I'm glad you understand! :D

OMT - Tile floors right??? Sometimes I think if we had carpet I'd just plain FEEL warmer! :P

D.T.D. - Awww Thank You :) And yes, I wish it would snow for them! Only a little bit.... ;)

Gringa - OMG I know right!?? I swear I won't complain!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh I love hearing updates from you. :D I can't believe how big Daisy's getting. So gorgeous! <3

The cold weather - Yeah, we had that and below just before Christmas. You're willing to keep it. We don't want it. haha!

Oh, I can't wait to start teaching there too! I come to Mexico in November to start my CELTA course. :D Can't wait.



~ellen~ said...

Daisy asleep in the sled is SO cute :D

I am so glad you got to take her home to meet your family, I'm so glad you like your new job, and I'm so glad you blogged!

Too bad about the cold weather, but it does sound cozy. :)

Nancy said...

Daisy is absolutely precious; thanks for the updated pics! It's great you got to go back home for a visit.