Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Culinary Moment

The neighbor just brought over this bowl of food. We exchange platters of food here and there but I wonder if she was as baffled by the plate of brownies as I am by ....this.

Chino said it's dehydrated shrimp, re-hydrated in some sort of chile sauce.

The egg. The egg is kind of scary...I have a feeling it may very well be pickled. Call me a pansy but I've never tried a pickled egg.

When I went home to Michigan for Christmas I actually opened my parents fridge and in the back there was a jar of pickled eggs. Honest to god I saw it, shut the door and stood there thinking "Dear lord are my parents THAT hillbilly???" "Do I have to start calling my Dad 'Boss Hog' "?

I looked at my Mom and said "OH MY GAWD are those PICKLED EGGS in your fridge!??" Just in case she didn't know they were in there -pickled stow-aways or something - I opened the fridge and pointed at them. She looked kinda sheepish and told me that not only were they bonafide but they were home made! EEEEK!! My Dad swore up and down that they were fabulous. Maybe I was freaking out because I was home and was feeling like a kid again, or it was prego horomones. It's not like they were pickled pigs feet or something like that. Or maybe I was just being an asshole...pickled things that aren't pickles apparently bring out the anti-pickling-racist in me.

Back to the neighbors dish (side-track much??) Wonder if this is some sort of holiday dish? Saturday tradition? Freak-out-the-gringa attempt? IS SHE A BRUJA???

Do I have to try it? ...... I guess so, maybe it'll make up karma wise for laughing at my Ma and Dad.

Here goes - *tasting*

Oooo! What ever salsa that is is pretty nice! I'd like to know the chiles she used. ...... The shrimp are REALLLYY shrimpy (eeesh) and ........ suuuper chewy. ..... The egg? ......... LOL I'm not that dedicated a blogger yall, I'll save that for my husband. Sorry. But damn. Over all...... well let's just say she's an awful nice lady for sharing and leave it at that.


My husband came home and ate the whole bowl. The egg it turns out was NOT pickled! Just....a boiled egg floating in sauce with shrimp. . . . I asked if this is some sort of holiday thing or weekend thing and he said "No, dey're jus trying to eet." Whatever, I'm going with it being some sort of special thing....why ELSE would you put a boiled egg in it??? Or maybe I'm just egg-racist after all.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, delurking for a moment to ask totally none-of-my-business questions! I've been following your blog for a while and out of curiousity went back to the beginning; I'm puzzled as to why/how your husband was deported despite being married to a U.S. citizen?? and does that mean he can never return to the States? (I'm English but live in Houston, so forgive my naivete on the subject.)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! You are too funny.

Pickled eggs are actually quite a British thing. I didn't even realise you guys in the USA had them (such is my ignorance) because they're one of the 'chip shop foods' here. You go and get your fish and chips wrapped in newspaper ... and there's always a jar of pickled eggs where you can have one or two to add to your order.

Tryyyyyyit! :D



~ellen~ said...

Chewy shrimp are not a good thing. :(

That's so nice of your neighbors to share, though! As long as you have Chino to eat the yucky parts, ha ha. And I have never heard of putting a hard boiled egg in anything like that, either.

I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

I ate pickled pigeon eggs in Durango. GAG ME WITH A SPOON... or actually in that case GAG ME WITH A PICKLED PIGEON EGG.

La Costenita said...

Even though it looks funny is really good....even with the egg in it.

Pam said...

This is hilarious! WTF is it with non-Americans and their eggs? When I was in Germany a few years ago we ordered a pizza. Not any kind of fancy speciality pizza or anything. Just a PIZZA. We flipped the lid open to the box and there, right smack in the middle of the pizza, was a fried egg.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Danjerus - It's ok, he ran into his troubles before we were married and therefore the marriage did nothing to help him. Still happy we're married though, wouldn't have it any other way! LOL what are you doing in HOUSTON?? We've got a Brit here in Mexico that is a teacher where I work, hope your team did well in the recent cup! :)

NotI.P. - REALLY!!??? LOL!! And in the states they're definitely a hillbilly/redneck sort of thing!

Ellen - Chewy = eeeewy ;) But yes, quite nice of them to share, I've had a lot of new things through them! :)

Rita - lol at least they were small??? ;D

La Costenita - Ooo!! You sound like you know - is it a traditional dish? For the holiday or something??? I'd love if you'd share! :)

Pam - LOL could they have been messing with you?? LOL who and egg - did you eat it?? :D

Barb said...

Good for you for giving it a go. I think I would have passed on the egg,

My home town has a lot of German/Russian folks and my current town a lot of Ukranians. Both groups eat a lot of pickled eggs. I've not attmepted to eat them.

Waitress from Mensa said...

Off topic--although I love reading about unusual food, and this shrimp/chile/egg concoction caused me to salivate--you are a fabulous writer. No joke: comment from a 30-year technical writer.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Barb - Wow I really had no idea there were so many pickled egg eaters out there! And here I think I'm little miss culture! ;D Maybe it's something you have to be raised on to like though. Cuz eeeek! :D

Waitress - LOL it caused you to salivate in a good or bad way?? And awwww that's awfully nice of you to say, makes my day if you don't mind! :) Maybe there's something to be said for trying to write with a pissed off screaming one year old pulling at your pant legs....think I could rent her out??? :D

Anonymous said...

That totally looks like some of the Phillipino dishes I came across when we lived in San Diego! The crazy old ladies who made them ALWAYS topped them off with an egg (though I think they were hardboiled . . . I don't know for sure because the smell alone was enough to make me not only pass on the dish, but pass on my next three meals.) I love me some culture, but I will stick to the holidays, songs, prayers, etc. and pass on the food!

La Costenita said...

well since i remember when i was a kid we use to put an egg in our soup....some how it makes the soup taste better....and the funny thing is we still add eggs to the soup. it doesnt have to be a special occacion it can be anyday you have soup.

MaryLuna said...

Awww... maybe they thought they were gonna be extra nice and give you the egg (like a special guest kinda thing) and you didn't even eat it. :(
I don't blame you though, I would have been like "what the heck?" lol... I don't do dehydrated shrimp either so I would have probably passed on the whole dish.

Now if it was camarones a la diabla or coctel de camarones, I would have totally dug in!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

DTD - LMAO for real?? Maybe back home I was in an egg-black hole. We only ever saw them for breakfast and Easter!

La Costenita - aww that's neat! I guess I just haven't run across it till now. I DO like "Egg Drop Soup" from the Chinese places, so maybe a whole egg isn't that much of a stretch! :) Thank You so much for sharing! :)

Mary - It's a good thing that when we exchange food we eat them back home in privacy - no feelings hurt that way! But at least my husband ate it! He's like a Mexican Mikey :D

Nancy said...

I'm originally from Pennsylvania with all the Amish and I LOVE the red beet pickled eggs. I've also tried the kind that are pickled in a sweet & sour brine with mustard. Yum...

Jennifer said...

Pink pickled beet eggs. YUM!!!

I love me some pink eggs. I love to make them but my kids wont let them marinate long enough for them to get pink all the way through.

My husband wont try the pink eggs though. He does add whole eggs to soup though. Actually alot of people here in Honduras do. But it isnt hard boiled. Once the soup is done, and boiling he will crack eggs into the soup and cook it that way. Its good.

Now when he kills a hen for soup all the eggs in the various stages inside the hen go into the soup and him and all 10 kids fight over those eggs. I however wont even eat that soup. Eww.


Jennifer said...

you can delete this comment. Just subscribing to the comments.