Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Culinary Part Two

This to your right is what happens after one has become a mommy and can't find the lid to her vanilla bottle.

Just wanted to share how I roll...maybe get it off my chest.

It really DOES have a nice seal though.

THIS to the right is what happens when one loans out a cake pan, doesn't get it back and has their husband volunteer them to bake a birthday cake. He volunteered me in Spanish -one foot away- and I didn't even know they were talking about me.

Where's that damn Spanish book again??

Back home I'd think nothing of baking something and giving it to the recipient in the pan it was made in. I know it would come back to me within a week, but here in Mexico things get a little... tricky.
They don't steal mind you, but unless you ASK for it, sometimes multiple times, they're not going to bother to give it
back to you.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm breaking some sort of culture-rule
by asking for my stuff back (???) but pans are expensive!

I guess I really should start buying those one-time use pans, maybe keep a stock of them in the house. That'll do.


Driven To Distraction said...

Try the $1 store for the foil cake pans - they work just fine, but are so crummy there is no way you will want them back to use again!

And the nipple on the vanilla bottle is a great idea! And if the baby gets out-of-hand, just give her a pull or two . . . the alcohol in it ought to do the trick! (I'm kidding - mostly.)

Zoe said...

Dollar store? Where? This is Mexico. It is weird that things like cake pans, cookie sheets are so pricey. I asked my husband to go out and buy me a rectangular baking pan and he went to Fabrica Franzia and when he handed me the receipt, I saw that the sucker was the equivalent of $42 USD!!I looked at him like he was NUTS and said, "okay, where did you hide the ring?" You're on the blog job again, Lindy, but soon we will be waiting weeks inbetween when that baby arrives.

MaryLuna said...

If I were you I would go across the border and buy tons of the disposable ones at the dollar store for when you are taking cakes and/or food somewhere. For X-mas I made a tres leches cake and put it on a cookie sheet to take over to my aunts house. My cookie sheet has not yet come back to me, even though my mom goes over the constantly. I have learned my lesson- no more taking any pan/dish that I would like to ever use again.


gringationcancun said...

I don't bake, but I did get some foil pans at Chedruai recently for really cheap! (dunno if you have Chedraui, but it's a supermarket)

Love the vanilla bottle :)

Kelsey said...

Last time I went back to the States, I brought a muffin pan, cookies sheets and all kinds of kitchen utensils. It's all so darn expensive here in El Salvador too!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Driven - LOLLL NOW I know how you stay sane with all those kiddos! ;D

Zoe - We have a "Waldo Mart" here on the border, it's an everything for 12 pesos store :D But...I don't think they have cake pans, they're just not into baking here unless it's PAN! :D And holy crap, 42 dollars!!

Mary - So it's not just me!! And you're right, I'll do that exact thing, it's a darn good idea :)

Gringa - We DO have Chedraui! It's the most American store over here, lots of choices! :)

Kelsey - El Salvador too!? LOL good thinking on buying the pans :)

Pam said...

LOL @ the nipple lid. The bottle of teriyaki sauce in my fridge has a Coke cap on it.

Blogget Jones said...

Howdy! Hysterical solution to the lid thing, but very clever!

I often wonder how many pans are floating around out there that have my name on the bottom (my futile attempt to say "I want this back!")!

Yep, disposable pans are the way to go.

Take care!
:o) BJ

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Pam - It's cool how many things FIT other lids! LOL I think I had a milk cap on my bleach for a while. We're some clever gals eh? :D

Blogget - HI BLOGGET!!! :) OMG you put your NAME on the bottom?? That's a fabulous idea!! In permanent marker??? LOL I'll put my phone # and address for good measure ;D

raúl said...

I made stuffing for some of my co-workers last Thanksgiving. (2009)
This Christmas,(2010) I made pumpkin pies. I was sure to buy those aluminum foil pie pans. I have yet to receive my pans from 2009.

Norma Iris Vidal said...

Lol, desperate times call for desperate measure. I'm of Puerto Rican decent living in US, our culture returns pans, plates, etc, filled with food item, but I don't know if this is American or PR. Ck out my blog, NormaYrNutritionist dot blogspot dot com, I'm a nutritionist.

Blogget Jones said...

Yeah, in permanent marker!

What I really love is when I find a bowl at a church get-together that already has my name on it.... Dang.

Hope you're doing well!

:o) BJ

meandthemexican said...

Yay! I can tell i'm going to love your blog! I'm loving this world of mexican lovin' gringas blogging.....

Just saying hi and look forward to reading some of your older posts and catching up!

Take care

Akia said...

I'm in Brazil and my cake pan for the longest time was about 10 inches high! LOL It was all I could find in the collection of old pans my in-laws handed down. I wonder what that pan is intended for... My sister-in-law eventually gave me a cake pan her family had outgrown. I'm not sure how expensive they are here, but I know I can't afford a new one, either way. I had a woman down the street make some desert us a thank you. I thanked her and went to put the bowl in the kitchen, assuming I'd just give it back to her later. She called me back to the door and asked for her bowl back. I guess people must not give things back here either! I apologized and transfered the food to new dish. It was my first week in Brazil and the first time I answered the door when I was home alone. I still worry she thought I was going to steal her bowl!!!! Any other food gift we've received have been in an old margarine tub, or the like. LOL

Sparx said...

Yowza - really? I hate that... I'm such an old curmudgeon about getting my stuff back - and giving back borrowed things, too...