Saturday, July 30, 2011

Public Enemy #2

This lil guy is severly enbrazilado! It's a slang for en brazo - in arms and chiflado - spoiled. Basicaly it means that this lil mug requires being held for about 90% of his waking hours - or he will scream. Bloody murder. In fact, I'm typing one handed right now hoping that he doesn't figure out that he's not the center of my attention for a couple of minutes - lest he'll go baby ape shiit.

Luckily for my sanity he has big fat cheeks that I take liberty of gnalming on throughout the day - usually followed by big-ole-pig snorts into his fattty neck while proclaiming "Who's a fatty!? Who's mammas bubba chunk!?"

He always looks away and gets a far off look in his face during these times... like he's merely enduring it and trying not to let himself be insulted by going to his happy place - because he somehow knows that Mommy needs to revel in his chub and cuteness or else she just might leave his ass on a doorstep, and the doorstep people might not give him as much milk. Or something

All I know is that it's a damn good thing I think he's so cute and he smiles so much and seems to generaly worship me while in my arms for those 12 hours a day. Cuz otherwise? DOOR. STEP.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mexican Ducks in a Row!

I've been wanting to get a pic of these lil guys for a couple of YEARS now!

Every once in a while here at the flea markets a box full of baby duckies or baby chicks will show up in all their fuzzy cuteness - and adorned - with baseball caps.

The caps are styrofoam and GLUED onto the chicks heads.

I can't imagine what the animal rights folks would do with this sort of thing back home (lol!) but the caps are sure to fall off after a short while when the fuzz sheds and the pin feathers come in.

In the mean time though, well, just look at them!