Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mexican Ducks in a Row!

I've been wanting to get a pic of these lil guys for a couple of YEARS now!

Every once in a while here at the flea markets a box full of baby duckies or baby chicks will show up in all their fuzzy cuteness - and adorned - with baseball caps.

The caps are styrofoam and GLUED onto the chicks heads.

I can't imagine what the animal rights folks would do with this sort of thing back home (lol!) but the caps are sure to fall off after a short while when the fuzz sheds and the pin feathers come in.

In the mean time though, well, just look at them!


Crazy Rita said...

And just when I thought I had seen or heard it all in Mexico, along come glued caps on baby duckies.

Leslie Limon said...

At least they're still their natural color. We have the duckies with baseball caps too, but the ducks come in a variety of bright Easter egg sort of colors like turquoise, fuschia and neon green. :P

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Lol it's "Crazy Rita" now? And you've never seen them? We gotta get you to the pulga!

Leslie - Nuh UH!! HAAAA! I once dyed a full grown hen purple...but that's a story for another day ;D

Zoe said...

Okay, the ducks are cute, not too badly abused, but where are the baby pictures???!! It's been so long since you posted, Daisy must be packing for college, right?

Anonymous said...

My dog groomer hot-glues bows to my dogs' ears... but since it's just glued to the long fur, no animals are harmed :)

Those are too cute! Not sure I understand the baseball caps, though.

Lisa n Javi said...

How cute!! love the mini baseball caps.