Monday, October 10, 2011

Circus Peanuts

Today on our almost daily trek to the park we were surprised by a pop-up mini carnival. They're super common here in Reynosa and appear from time to time in our local park. A couple times a year I guess? There's quite a few outfits that travel all over the parks here (there are tons and TONS of parks here) year round bringing their carney joys.

The rides match everything else about Mexico. They're all a bit ramshackle, somewhat dangerous and outdated - but fun. The SPEED on these things, oh dear lord, it's like ....they run at LEAST 3 times faster than any ride you'll find in the U.S. And most of them ARE FROM the U.S......from about 30 years ago or so. The little baby-car round-y-round goes so fast that the babies have to hold on for dear life to avoid being flung off by the centripical force.

So what do we do? Why throw on our 21 month old for a few joy rides of course. The key to rides here is to pick the one that is most likely to not have super-dire consequences if it blows a hose or bolt and goes haywire. The horizontal-spinning-wheel-of-death? No. The spinning-30mph-in one direction-at-one-level? Yes. If it goes wackadoodle it'll just stop, the wheel of death will topple and crush. No Thank you.

Speaking of death wheels, last spring when it was here there was a mini ferris wheel that we were contemplating going on as a family. That is untill we got close and noticed that the spinner-wheel that turned the contraption HAD A FLAT and was just sort of smushing along and letting the bigger wheel slip now and then. We asked the guy running it about it and he said "NAH, don't worry about it, 20 pesos, let's go!" He was also BLASTED drunk, like...weaving and bobbing. We just stared in disbelief as a fellow carnie came by and told drunk-pee-pants to shut the thing down and shooed us away.

So anyhoo, Daisy went on rides alone today for the first time and gripped the wheels like an old ghetto pro. She didn't fall off even when one of the carnie guys went off to talk to a friend and left her on the ride for about a 7 minute stretch going round and round and round while Mommy was getting a wee nervous because she noticed that said baby was getting dizzy and a little weavy and bobby herself. But she hung in there and all's well that ends well. I didn't have to hit the emergency stop or anything.

And Niko? He'll have to wait till next year.


Zoe said...

Holy carnival creeps, three posts this week.You are really getting your internet on, Chica. Nice to see you back and the every day observations, (well, poo pants isn't really an every day for MOST of us, but...) which proves nothing is funnier or more odd than real life!

Anonymous said...

I've only been to one Mexican carnival and I'm never going back hahaha I got on this one upside-down ride that ruined me forever. Thought I was gonna die.

rubireyes said...

Of course as soon as I open this post my son comes running to see the pics and now wants to go to a carnival too. He would absolutely love to get stuck on a ride for 7 minutes.

Kristi said...

ROFLMAO!!! I could never go to one of these least not ont he rides! Sounds like a death trap for sure!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Zoe - I feel like I'm talking again! :)

Gringa - geewwww yeaahhh we don't go near the scary ones. When they have a stamp on the side that says 1924, you just don't go there ;)

Rubi - awwwwwww :) I hope he gets his wish! (in a good way :) )

Kristi - lol it's all we have and we can't miss out! :D

Anonymous said...

Freaky deeky carnival guys. Eek! At least Daisy got an extra long ride ... Even though it made her dizzy. Would be so cute to see Daisy and Niko on the rides together next time. :) (Though, can you imagine the state the rides'll be in in 12 months time?)



Lisa n Javi said...

cute photos. I have not had the guts to get on any rides in Mx yet. I am sure the kids loved it though.

Nancy said...

Those babies are just adorable! Thank you for blogging again :-)

Bekka said...

Very good blog, I really enjoyed reading you today.

raúl said...

There's a carnival that happens in my neighborhood each year. I go to see the kids and adults ride those scarier-then-hell rides. They also have the freak-show animals and my absolute favorite. Small pools of water that parents put their children INSIDE plastic bubbles and let them walk around on top of the water. Talk about nanny service! I just wonder how much oxygen is actually in those things.