Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now

I JUST got back from teaching my first English class to *drum roll.........d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d* ADULTS!!! :) EEEEEE!!!! I was psyched before the class and I'm still psyched after!

It was miraculous, they...LISTENED. They didn't complain about doing the work and they didn't yell or throw things or... well, it was just great.

There were a few times when they were talking when I was talking but it's a different thing. It doesn't bother me like it would with the littles because quite frankly they are adults and it is no longer my job to teach them manners. If my 4th graders are being rude I have to give them the what-for but if these adults are commiting a wee little transgretion - whatever! As long as it's not horribly disruptive I just don't care and it's nice to be able to let things slide off my back for a change.

I did have to lay the smack down a few times for the NO-SPANISH rule, but it's a more FUN smack-down with adults!

I only have 6 students! I DID just about piss my pants when two of them walked in the room though. One of them is a mother of one of my 4th graders that I had some trouble with at the beginning of the year, plus, she works at the school and her decisions directly effect me. When she walked in my knees turned rubbery and I thought "Oh dear God, I am in so much trouble, she's going to eat me alive."

But she was great. She's an excellent student and was just all around awesome.

Another worker, one of our fancy office people is a student of mine and I once again wanted to flee the building when she walked in but I held my ground and it worked out just fine.

There was a couple of moments I wanted to jump off a bridge, like when one of the students asked me "WHY do we use ___ word and not the other?" And......I had nooooo freakin' clue. I knew I was RIGHT, but I didn't know WHY I was right and I just stood there imagining myself kicking myself in the ass. I eventually just fessed up and said that I don't remember. He of course smelled blood and came after me quite a few more times, "WHY is this like that? Why not this or this?"

That ones a teenager, it's his job to make fools of adults I guess, and I did my best to answer or avoid him. I of course ran STRAIGHT to my boss to freak out after the class and ask him what to do in those situations. Luckily he's brilliant and gave me some great advice. Next time I'll be able to stop Mr. Teenager in his tracks. BooYA Justin Bieber!

And in my defense I had no idea what level or even what material I would be using and teaching in this class till 10 minutes before hand. So.....there.

So anyhoo, it's an odd feeling to be teaching ones superiors but I think I'm gonna be just fine.


Stephanie G said...

I have been that situation 1000 times since I started teaching adults! One of my students told me one day, "Does there have to be a reason for everything?" And might I add, this guy is a freaking genius!!! His IQ is 140!!!!
I about freaked the first time they asked my why a word was used a certain way and I didn't know!!! Now, I just explain to the students that sometimes, I won't know the exact reason because, we aquired English from birth like they did Spanish and even though you know it, you may not know why it is like this. It may not be the exact correct way to answer but, hey! it works!!! Congrats on the new resposibility!

rubireyes said...

Its true, there is so much in our language that we just "know" but don't know why. Maybe next time you should tell Justin Beiber that his homework is to find the answer himself. That'll teach him!

~ellen~ said...

How exciting! I'm so glad you have a job you love now :)

Lisa n Javi said...

So glad you are doing something that you love. I am sure you are the perfect person for the job.

Jill Chavez said...

My husband and I teach classes out of our house. We have children from 7 years old to adults of about the age 28. Where do you get your teaching material and plans from? We have been using stuff offline and things that we just make up. Do you have a program or anything. We have been in that position before of the "why" questions and we just explain like you's just that way! Good luck with the adults! Jill

Anonymous said...

That's why I always refuse to teach English (apart from the fact that I'm horrible at explaining things to people)... I understand what's correct and incorrect in English, but I don't really know WHY.

I could totally teach Spanish, though :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Steph - Ooooo I like that one! :) Gonna pin it on my shirt :D

Rubi - Bwwaaahahahah TOTALLY GONNA USE IT!

Ellen - THank You ! :)

Lisa - awwww you're so sweet :)

Jill, - I work at a private school and all the materials are provided. Last year at a different school I didn't have ANYTHING and I just GOogled my ass off :D

Spanish - lol, I could teach the alphabet :D

LaGuera said...

Just wanna say THANK YOU!! I can totally relate to everything you write in your blogs. You have given me enough courage to finally go with my (mexican) husband and our children and live in mexico. I was so worried that we would loose our heads there 0_o Really enjoy your writing just wish I found it sooner :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

LaGuera - WOW! Thank You and I'm soooo happy you like it :) Where are you moving to??? :) XOXO!

LaGuera said...

I'm not sure exactly where we are moving yet, I just know it's going to be somewhere on the border..we haven't finalized any plans but we know we have to do it sooner or later to get everything worked out with immigration before he's forced to leave. We stayed in Zacatecas, Mexico for a summer in 08' and I cried for the 1st week or so and swore to never cross the border again (Yes I know I'm a tard)..anywhoo I'm ready to pack up and try it again...Any words of wisdom??

raúl said...

Hey there scholar. If you ever have any technical questions about English, feel free to drop me line. raulyn @ gmail . com Another thing you can do is tell them that you are just as interested in knowing why this or that is the way it is and invite them to research it online and you and he/she can discuss what you both have found out in the next class. Teachers don't necessarily have to know everything and if they think they do,....well, they probably need a few sessions with a good therapist.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

LaGuera - Awww, I cried for the first ....11 months I was here! :D The best advice I have is just to LOVE LOOOOVVVEEEE your husband 1000%, because that's the only thing that's going to make ANYTHING work :)

Raúl - awww you're just sweet as pie, thank you for the offer and the advice! I'll have to write that down! :)

Anonymous said...

Too amazing, hun. :D I'm heading over there in 7 days to live and teach and I can't wait - Though I totally can't imagine what that feeling's like to teach your superiors. That must be crazy! Good on ya for sticking it out though. :D