Monday, October 3, 2011

Let 'Er Fly

Mexicans can't sing.

In groups that is. It must be some sort of cultural thing but when a group gets together here to sing a group song, anthem what-have-you, basicaly people just....yell. They just yell the words in tempo and forget about any sort of melody.

I don't mean anything bad or rude by pointing this out, it just is what it is and maybe I felt like stirring up some shit. Nothing like a little hate mail in the morning but remember, I've always promised to keep my blog truthful.

At the school where I work we all stand together Monday morning and sing the Mexican Hymn, the Tamaulipas Hymn and the school song and it's always the same. The music blares over the loud speakers and a couple hundred people stand there and yell out the words. It always gets me feeling awkward and feet shuffly because I don't know how NOT to sing, I don't get this yelling thing, and when I try to sing along with the actual music I end up sounding out of place.

Maybe because they have a penchant for making music about a half octave out of peoples comfort range here? Kinda like that church lady with the warble who always insists on being a super-soprano and singing a full octave above everyone else and sticks out like a sore thumb? That's what I feel like trying to sing here, but I care that I sound weird.

It's the same at any family function where we sing Happy Birthday, I get all weirded out because I sound like an ass actually singing the song while everybody else yells and I usually end up lip-synching and REALLY looking weird.

What jerk lip-synchs to Happy Birthday??

I mean really, who really has the problem here?



~Mar~ said...

So that's why I can't sing!! It's the mexican in me. Now it all makes sense! :D I can't carry a tune to save my life, and it's the same thing for 99% of my family... hence the yelling the Happy Birthday song at birthday parties, lol.

I thought that maybe if one day I took some voice/singing lessons or something I could be helped. But alas, I now realize it must be a genetic thing that makes me incapable of holding a tune, so I will save my money.

A word of wisdom though... whatever you do, don't let the Tias come over with their Karoke machine. 'Cause most mexicans are not like me and do NOT realize they can't sing and go on for hours and hours and hours on that thing... Still have nightmares... *shudders*

I think I'll go call my therapist now :(

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Mar - lol you seem pretty cool about this, thank you for not lambasting me ;D And for real....we have karoke at Christmas and New Years and when the drinking is under way it gets pretty ...interesting. ;) But hell, drunk white people can't sing kaoke either...can ANYBODY sing it well???

Zoe said...

No, but everyone THINKS they can sing Karaoke. The really horrible ones that get up there and put tons of emotion into it, with all the body movements crack me up. Their notes are flatter than my sister's boobs. Glad you're back, sistah.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Zoe...your sister?? LOL you crack me up :D