Sunday, May 6, 2012

Secrets OUT!

Yesterday I told a friend a secret that I've never told in my whole life (to an IRL person) and I had a revelation. Well kind-of, I'm just not THAT deep. ;) Why do I (perhaps we?) hold on to inconsequential secrets? Little wee secrets that mean nothing in our lives today, or perhaps shaped us in some way, but can't get to us now? Or what about the SILLY secrets? 

I'll explain.  The secret that I told my friend - that has bothered me for 20 YEARS - was that when I was little, we never had junk food in the house (Mom was a very healthy eater, lots of diets) and when I started spending the night at friends house I would FREAK out over the junk food in their house.  I remember twice, when it was bed-time, sneaking downstairs to the kitchen and eating some of their junk food.  I even remember the exact food - chocolate peanut butter wafer bars, and oatmeal cream pies.  I was just a little kid but it's bothered me for years and years because it was weird and stealing. 

But I'm THIRTY years old now!  Why should that experience bother me STILL!?   So I told my friend because she had expressed a similar experience.  Telling her was like RIPPING it from my chest and I seriously held my breath and practically felt my heart skip a second before she just shook her head in understanding and went on to say something ordinary.  She didn't stop being my friend because I'm the biggest freak of the world.  It was SO little and I kept it for SO long! 

I'm gonna dredge up all of those weird secrets I've been toting around and start GETTING THEM OUT of me! 

Silly secrets though, we should ALL share these because WHY NOT?  Let's make one another laugh even MORE! 

My silly secret that prompted me to write this post today came while I was eating cereal this morning.  For years, since I was a kid, I've looooovvvveed cereal.  And for ALL of these years I've had a secret fantasy about it.  The fantasy, that I always have while eating a good cereal is of eating it out of a frozen bowl (to keep the milk perfectly SUPER cold, while some sort of machine (that I always envision myself inventing) slowly plops out a few small spoonfuls of cereal at a time into the milk, ensuring that EACH bit of cereal is perfectly crunchy and never soggy. 

Seriously, I've daydreamed about this a few times a week my entire life.  Freak?  Maybe.  But why have I never TOLD anybody about my strange daydream?  Why not let them laugh at me!?  In my daydream the machine is always gigantic and has colored lights and I can never figure out how to invent it in a way that it would be small enough to not be ridiculous.  That part has always bothered me, and why am I letting happy fantasies have a part that bothers me?

Anyhoo, that's enough for one day, and it feels good to get my wee bit of strangeness out into the world.  Tell me one of YOUR little secrets, let it go!  Or tell one of your friends or tell your FB, just let it OUT and see how you feel.  I promise it feels good!  :D 



BC said...

I'll tell you this. After 26 years of marriage, I don't have any little secrets like that. I've shared them all with the Big Guy. Every one. Don't get me wrong. I do have secrets, but they still matter, and if I haven't told him, I'm not telling anybody!

Now, Sweetie, do me a big favor and go Google "Obol" I think you'll be very happy. No mechanics involved, but you'll appreciate the final effect.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...


Just....well there it is, and it even comes in colors. It's not a machine, but I think I'll be ok with that. Oh BC, oh my. See? This is what sharing can DO! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, BIG secrets, I'll keep those too, some things are REALLY not up for grabs, but the little crazy stuff, I think the little stuff needs to get out of my head.

26 years right? We've had 5 years, but we don't really talk about our pasts, he doesn't seem to want to know (must be a man she-never-had-sex-before-me mechanism ;) )

So, I'll share my weird stuff with my friends and here, you're practically IRL after all this time. XOXOX! :)

D. Jean Quarles said...

Lol. It seems we all begin to feel more comfortable about who we are at about thirty and we can then strip away the meaningless. Good for you.

jenny said...

I love my milk super cold, too! And I never put the whole serving of cereal into the bowl at once-- can't stand soggy cereal. I only put in just enough for 3 or 4 bites at a time, eat it up, pour in another 3 or 4 bites and so on. God forbid anyone talk to me while I eat my cereal- dang it! I need to hurry and eat while the milk is still cold and the cereal is still crunchy!!! LOL!!!

We all have our little secrets-- I screwed the brother of my best friend. twice. And I don't think she knows it. I don't dare bring it up and she never has, so I think it's a secret safely kept. she always said I was the only one of her friends that her brother never screwed-- gulp! I hate to burst her bubble...

BC said...

It's a shame there's no function for me to "Like" Jenny's comment above!!

Gringation Cancun said...

Ok, that Obol thing BC mentioned looks GENIUS. I've never fantasized about a machine like that before, but it sounds pretty amazing!

Also, at sleepovers I'm pretty sure you're allowed free, unlimited access to whatever's in the kitchen. I would always take a few peppermint patties whenever I was at my cousins' house.

~Mar~ said...

Well, I'm the real freak around here because I actually LIKE my cereal soggy. Don't hate me!! I like to fill up my bowl, especially with frosted flakes or chex or something that I know will just turn to mush and let it sit until it is all soggy. Then I'll eat it.

I even used to do the same with galletas Marias. Fill a glass of milk, throw the Marias in there and let them become a soggy delicious mess that I ate with a spoon.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

D. Jean - SO the rumors are will I start feeling comfy being nakid???

Jenny - did you see the link to the Obol???? (lol I thought it was going to be a sex toy :D ) But you're idea is cheaper! :D Love it!

BC - LAZY!! ;D

Mar - 1st of all, you're not a freak, but wait a minute, excuse me .....*hoooalk* *gag*

Ok. lol ;) Naw, my Mom is the same way, not with cereal but whenever she eats strawberry shortcake she pours milk over it and waits till it gets all soggy and..WRONG, but she loves it! And her and her Dad (hold on *GAAGGG*) just LOVE to tear up peices of regular old bread, throw it in a cup and pour milk over it. Wait....and eat. Aaaaaaaaand *Hoooaaallk!* ;) I can't even stand a PB&J that has sat too long! But more power to you! :)

CoreyJo said...

Omg!! You are too cute! I love you & your self titled freakieness. I don't know how to tell you but.....When your mom used to babysit my sister and I for the summers, you were a baby & toddler, Your mom would make something with us all the time. No bake oatmeal chocolate peanut butter cookies, Bananas with peanut butter dipped in chocolate & frozen, chex mix .....Sorry but we had junk food a lot at your moms before you were old enough to remember... There that's my secret for the week!!!

Love you!!

HeatherEHansen said...

Hi Gringa!

I am a producer on HGTV's "House Hunters International" and would love to talk with you about your experience being an expat in Mexico, and being featured on our show. Please email me at if you are interested and I will be happy to give you all the details. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Sister, you need to blog more. You could get a book deal. Seriously.

Sparx said...

Can't believe this is your last blog - very funny though!

Hope all's well with everything.