Saturday, January 5, 2013

You Might Be A Mexican If !

I should have just waited till this coming May to start blogging, that way it wouldn't look like I'd stopped for almost a year.  You all might be a wee smarter than that I guess tho.  Damn. 

I can not BELIEVE it's been so long!  OMG!!  And then again I can, but the babies are getting older and I'm finding more time these days (haaaaaahahahaaha) and the truth is I've been INSPIRED this week and just couldn't stay away. 

I was FB'ing (for shame) and ran across a friends page with a link to  -!/mexicanpeoplebelike?fref=ts    that guy.  It's called  "Mexicans Be Like~"   The squiggle at the end helps you find it.   Of course, the link would be easier but you know, um, just in case. 

It's a silly site that has goofy pictures making fun of Mexicans but ALSO some funny stereotypes that just happen to be mostly true.  The true stuff that is goofy is what really got me laughing.  When I first came here I wouldn't have understood a lot of it but now I do. 

There was one about a Mom with her chankla (run!), one about la pulga (the fleamarket) and another about using the glass jar from store bought mole as a kitchen glass after it's all gone.  That last one made me kick myself in the head, I totally could have USED those jars before I figured out how to make homemade!

Anyways, all I could do last night was giggle to myself thinking up other silly "truths" that I've learned about Mexico in the past few years here.  And BLOGGING THEM.  So, here I am, how are you, I love you. 

And here we go,  I'm going to borrow his monkier -  "You might be a Mexican if -

You've ever been invited to a party, told you could bring someone and started calling your ENTIRE family. AND invited all of your neighbors, even that weird smelly lady down the street, because it's just polite.

You know what "padrinos" are and have been one to not just family but a practical stranger. Also, if you've been sent or have sent your kids around the neighborhood asking everyone to be padrinos - cuz that's how we throw some kick ass parties even when we ourselves have no money.

If you've ever been invited to a complete strangers party by a neighbor, got there and realized that you are a padrino.

If when you throw a party you fully expect everything on the tables to be stolen at the end of the night. Vase with flowers? Candles? The rest of the 30lb birthday cake? GONE bitches! That's how we get our gift $ back!

So fellow expats, what can YOU come up with in this category??   I know you all can be funny!  Do tell!  :) 


Miss C. said...

you might be mexican if
- you travel at the back of a pick up truck sitting in a plastic chair
- you take your entire family (6 kids, parents, abuelos, neighbors) to the supermarket with you
- you eat tacos standing on the street with nothing falling out of it
- you drink cocacola or agua fresca instead of water
- you have no window panes at your windows, just the grids
- you change the official bank holiday days so it falls on a monday or a friday for a long week end
- you arrive an hour late at least to any event
- you make a big drama out of everything, especially a break-up, telenovela style
- you're watching telenovela
- you let your kids hang out barefoot and in diapers (and nothing else) on the streets
- you have a mustache (for men)
- you're using jeans 2 sizes too small (for women) and have no shame wearing a shirt that let your fat hang out (for women)
- you think a tequila shot is the best remedy for pretty much any disease
- you dont go to a doctor to get prescriptions but straight to the pharmacy, already knowing which drugs you'll buy because everybody recommended you this or that
- you know what OXXO is


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ms. C - are you my neighbor? ;D

The jeans 2 sizes too small with the roll OUT. My personal favorite and I admire it a bit. I'd love a pedacito of that confidence! :D

Jill Chavez said...

Oh thank you so much for this post. This was great and all so true. I am glad that other people realize these things too. I am now scared that "I might be a Mexican." After all most 4 years here some of those things wear off on oneself. Thank you again I needed those laughs tonight!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jill, me too four years! Ahhh! And the more I read that guys FB page the more I realized I might as well just call myself Mexican and be done with it. The only thing I don't have is the MEXICAN PRIDE that beats in their hearts like a bass drum. My husband doesn't even want to BE here, but if I say a word against Mexico he is the first to pounce and get all wiggy. Not that I talk shit about Mexico really, but the smallest comment and WHAM! There's the pride. Good for him though :)

Gringation Cancun said...

Oh yes... my suegra can't go to a quinceanera party without taking home a centerpiece. And then displaying it for at least 10 years.

In response to Miss C's post above, yesterday I saw TWO trucks carrying guys riding on horses in the back.

Miss C. said...

Guys riding on horses in trucks, damn, never got to see that one! Lindy, build the confidence for the jeans, nobody else but you will care.
Been 11 yrs in Mexico already, so if i keep thinking about it, i'm pretty sure i can find another 100 stuff like these! LOL

I'm the Mami said...

Miss C, tooo funny! You beat me to half of mine LOL

-if your baby drinks soda before the age of 1 , because breastmilk doesnt "work" if the mom has been out in the sun
- you wear a party dress, cocktail atyle, to the mercado, and wear 3 tons of makeup and heals to go with it.
- you refuse to drink cold things while sick, or believe ice causes cancer
- your doctor prescribes 6 different medications for a simple cold.
- you think drinking water with pizza or carnitas "hacer daño" so you have to drink beer or soda with them instead.
- you think drinkning plain water is for poor people, so you drink koolaid like packets of flavod water (agua fresca not so fresca made from sobrecitos)
- you add sugar to said packets, even though they are presweetened
- you indulge in every childs whim,e spcieally regards to food no matter the age of child or nutrition of said food. 4 months old? Better give him a bite of that cake to take away the antojo of it will "hacer daño"
- you dont let your children walk around your house without shoes on. Thick socks dont count.
- your evening schedule revolves around the comedia at 9:30 ... Even I would accept a date with Señor Arriaga... Mmmm yum!

And PS , wlcome back to the blogging world! I assumed you either joined the circus, moved to Kenya or were jit plain too busy to update us ;)

Andrea Bailey said...

you know you married a mexican when you catch him in the shower washing his work shirt for tomorrow along with his hair....