Monday, January 7, 2013

My French Baby

I think this baby has speant a little too much time outside on the ground learning the ways of our dogs. He likes to KISS like this.
Lucky for him his Daddy is more maternal than me and will actually oblige him once in a while. I however have seen him BE kissed BY the dog with his tongue out just like this. And enjoy it.
Daddy however has earned his undying and everlasting love, so, that's nice and all. Today is my big boy's first day of school and I am probably a mess. (I'm writing this the Saturday before because I'll be too busy that day to do anything but freak out) He's just a BABY, a weeeeee one. Widdle. Widdle and small and sweet. He doesn't have to go to school but my friends and co-workers got me thinking when they said "What is he learning at home with daddy all day?" And then I thought of tongue kissing the dog and I was sold. It's nothing like daycare in the U.S. it's....SCHOOL. They have books, make projects, have music class, art class, motor skill class (aka gym), learn songs and dances to go with them. They spend a half a day with a Spanish teacher only learning Spanish and the other half learning only in English. How to count, the colors, body parts the Alphabet, phonics ect. Daisy has been going since August and I'm freaking AMAZED.

Speaking of Daisy (let me not dwell on Niko or I will again begin to have palpitations and consider running across the border with him to escape the reality of growing up, live in the woods and become feral people) Check out that beauty. And TELL ME - just WHY in the world has she suddenly (when I try and give her a kiss) she stops me, puts her hand on my face and says "No Mami, Asi." and then TURNS my face away from her lips so that she may kiss me on the CHEEK.
CHEEK KISSES!? Whaaa?  HUH? But....but I'm Mommy. She's THREE, she can't be disgusted by me yet! Daddy still gets lip-kisses. Boo. I imagine it's the Alexa complex, ugh, booooo. It means she's developing normaly and all, but it's still lame. (Google it if you need to know more but my psych. prof. was way too graphic and I'm scarred for life, any explanation I give would be icky)

But WHATEVER little CHEEK kisser. Wait till Niko goes through that stage, THEN we'll see who gets the lip kisses! HA!! Just please God, let him forget about the tongue by then. Cuz damn.


Gringation Cancun said...

That school sounds pretty awesome!!(Can't find Alexa complex, but I probably don't want to know anyway hahaha)

~Mar~ said...

Gringa!! How I missed you so!! I was wondering how you and your babies were doing. Daisy is sooo big! And pretty! Please continue to update us about your life now. I kept checking every couple of weeks and was thrilled to check today and find not only 1 post but 3. You made my day!!!

ElleCancun said...

Hahaha soooo cute!!!

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

omg I cannot believe how big she is. I remember when you were pregnant when you first started this right?

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how big those babies are! I remember reading this when you first had Daisy.

Gotta love Niko and his tongue. That cracks me up!