Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ears! Pierced!

I'm 31 years old and finally got my ears pierced. 
Two days ago at work with my babies :)
 I tried about a year ago at Wal-Mart in the states but the lady put one in that faced LEFT and another that was so crooked it looked as if the stone were depressed and looking at the floor.  It was horrible. 

I've honestly trying to up my image for work this past year, lost the 50 pounds, got a lesson from the kinder teachers on how to wear makeup -they honestly GRABBED me one day in the morning and said "We're giving you a makeover!"  I didn't even know them that well but I guess they just couldn't deal with a grown woman not wearing her war-paint.  Once in the school I worked at before this one I was actually taken into the OFFICE to have my boss tell me that I should try out wearing eye shadow and mascara.  THAT pissed me off, but these ladies were kind and funny and I felt like a princess. 

Of course they made me look like a prostitute, but in the end I learned enough to start going about it on my own. 

Do they have piercing places in the mall here like anywhere else though?  Uh..not that much.  I went today and nobody could even tell me if a place EXISTS in this city of 1,000,000 people.  Yet all 6 of the ladies I asked HAD pierced ears.  One mentioned that everybody just takes their baby girls to the doctor when they're a few days old and he does it.  Seriously, nobody could give me a place.

See?  They even put makeup on DAISY!
Aaaaaaaaand then I picked up Daisy from my neighbor/babysitter/Friend and told her my dilemma.  She laughed and told me I was silly, that people just do it themselves here.  She said she's done her daughter twice, her sister in law and a cousin or twelve.  She told me to go get them and she'd do it for me.  
So.  I did!   I went home and got ice cubes, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and the pointy tipped earrings.  Of course when I got to her house she looked at the alcohol like I was insane and instead made me stick the earrings into a clove of garlic for one minute.  

Ohhhhhh Mexico.  Garlic DOES have antibacterial killing .....stuff and I thought it was pretty smart.  (although I still threw them in the alcohol for good measure, despite her dismay.)

2 minutes later and I had pierced ears - and it didn't even HURT!  They said bee sting but I barely felt a thing and it hurt A LOT OF FREAKING SHIT LESS than it did at Walmart with the gun. 


Just to show you that he DOES smile.
So, waist - smaller, face - makeup! and today - earrings.  I don't think I've ever SEEN a Mexican woman without pierced ears.  It's like...un-heard of.  Like a secret sin or something.  So the fact that I'm 31 and couldn't wear earrings was another glaring insult in the eyes of fashion here. 
Plus, I've always wanted to buy all the spangly earrings I see in stores  :D

I deal with well-to-do parents on a daily basis and have honestly taken it in that it would do me well to look my best.  People respect you more when you look like you care about yourself and it's high time I DO that (and reap the benefit of that bit of added respect.)

Next is my hair.  I've had the same hippie hair cut since I was....born.  I've only deviated ONCE into the land of layers and then went strait back to my hippie hair.  Alas the time has come though and my boss knows a man who's apparently the GUY to go to. 

I've even started buying clothes that are wardrobe pieces and not just my normal kooky shit or t-shirts. 

Maybe it's the water here?  I mean really who AM I?  Or maybe I'm getting old?

Or mature?  Or just care about my job.  I think the real fact is that I'm around so many other people who take pride in their appearance that it's rubbing off and I just plain want to fit in.  Plus, it feels good. I'm second from the right in this picture, I don't even recognize myself!  Lipstick! Blush! 

Aaaaaaaaaaand I'll  no longer be that weirdo gringa no-earring/makeup wearing FREAK.  Cuz they really did think I was a freak. 


BC said...

Your peeps back in Michigan will never recognize you!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

You look fabulous! Okay, make that freaking gorgeous! Congratulations, I know change is hard. I have been losing weight too. Now when I go out I take a minute and put in my contacts and a little lipstick and feel great.Life is too short not to look and feel your best.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

EEEEEEEEE!! BC!! :) I know right? YAY! :)

Theresa - YAY congrats to you!! And thank you ♥

Anonymous said...

Ha! You actually just sound like you're morphing into every chilanga I ever met. ;-)

But, seriously hun, you're looking gorgeous.


Jane said...

That's wonderful about the weight loss! Congrats! How about posting a good before and after pic of yourself for us to see?

Gail said...

You always were a natural beauty and now you are simply stunning! Your new look is not just about fitting in more at work but also about transitioning from the "run-ragged" mommy to a gorgeous adult woman. Your adorable children are a little bit older, and now you finally have the time and energy to do something for yourself. Looking our best makes us happy, makes us feel stronger, gives us confidence, and everyone does treat you better when they know you've taken the time to put your best foot forward for the world.

BTW, I pierced my little sister's ears using ice cubes and a big embroidery needle back in the early 70s. She was 11 years old and had come to stay with me for a month. (We're ten years apart.) She wanted her ears pierced, so I said okay, let's do it now! It was fun, and we knew we were getting away with something that was forbidden (daddy was very strict). I did a good job, they came out nice and even--she's 50 years old now! Wow, where did the time go.....

Dolly Estrada said...

I cannot believe you are in Reynosa. Ok yes I can, I've been here for 3 years now. I saw the pics from the carousel in Periferico and I was like wait a second (!!)

My best friend and I honestly thought we were the only gringas in town. Your blog is hilarious, lots of parts made us laugh like morons because it's just soooo true.

You will have to forgive us for being so socially retarded but it's just exciting to see American women here (even if only online!) We get so homesick we even let the Mormons come in and chat because at least it's in English lol.

Us- 30 and 31 with kids, Dolly (me) has lived in Tamaulipas for 6 years, was in Valle Hermoso first before Reynosa and Christen has been here for 2. She came because she can't live without me loooool and plus she got divorced. (a good thing)

We work, have fun and we are pretty normal people. God this sounds like a bad personals ad lmao. Anyways, this is my facebook: and this is Chris's Maybe drop us a line? Ok I'll stop *awkward* lol take care!!


Dolly Estrada said...

Omg I forgot... please don't publish that loooooool Takes me back to 7th grade. Carry on hehehe

She-She said...

You look amazing. You are growing into one beautiful woman. Keep feeling that high and it is something that will transfer over to your children just by watching you. Confidence is a great thing to possess as you grow up and with you to watch I know they will shine.