Sunday, October 5, 2014

Americans in Reynosa, Americans in Mexico

  Hello out there!

I've finally gotten to a place after having two babies in two years and then waiting another couple years that I can look at my blog and think "Hey...I could DO that again!" I'm curious about how it might go, I'm not a new girl in Mexico talking about all of the crazy new and exciting things that I'm seeing/eating/doing anymore.  I can't say that everything is old hat, by far not so!  In fact, I saw a horse drawn trash cart today (old news) BUT it had two dogs riding on the ROOF of it, (har har) happy as ham standing up and enjoying the ride.  I've got to get quicker with my camera phone. 

Anyhoo, one of the friends I have here in Reynosa that is American mentined that she "knew" me way before we even met, by reading my blog.  It got me to thinking that even though I'm really content and have so many friends that I can't believe it, that there are probably new women like me coming here all the time. Maybe they DON'T have an awesome support system and maybe they're waiting for friends like I was.  

So, it's time to (really) dust off this old blog and make sure that the beacon to other gringas in Reynosa (or Gringos, that happens too!) is still flashing a light out there where it sometimes feels pretty dark.  

I hope I find you!

- Gringa


Heather Dominguez said...

how is everything down there now? If something changes with the US will you come back? are you still teaching... come on fill us in more.

Molly B said...

I am SOOOO glad you're back!

Clara Cerrato said...

I am in Matamoros, just down the road from you....

Gail said...

Glad to read that you're blogging again! I was missing you so much! I don't remember when I first found your blog but it seems like forever ago now. We've been here in MX since Dec 2005. I remember the day we crossed the bridge in Matamoros with 2 cats and a dog. For sure there is a whole new bunch of us girls down here now and when these newbies read your blog, they will find the support, comfort, and comic relief that I have always found in your words. Thank you for being there for us all these years.