Monday, October 26, 2015

Cooking for a Mexican

The other day I was thinking back and remembered what the very FIRST thing I every cooked for my Mexican man was while we were still dating.  The Epitome of Single-White-Girl fancy at the time and really, mom's everywhere I imagine - the Deluxe Ortega Taco Kit.  Hard AND soft shell taco's.  I believe at the time it came with a Taco Bell seasoning packet and as far as I was concerned was the shit. 

I was so fancy that I diced fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce, got out the shredded cheddar cheese AND super fancy thank you - a dish of sour cream. Ohhh yeaaahhh.  

Ground beef and all the fixin's, I was gonna show this Mexican man my SKILLZ.  Aaaand no.  He was quick to inform me that these were not tacos.  That tacos don't come with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce or sour cream. OR Taco bell seasoning.  Lucky for him it was the couple weeks of dating and I was already head over heals for his booty because seven years later I would tell him right where to put those tacos with the hard shell.  He did eat them though, he choked them down and I give him credit.  

Years later I understand how absolutely disgusting those flower tortillas are that somehow were totally ok living in a cardboard box for what was possibly years.  I still love a crunchy taco on my white days but shudder at the thought of those medicine-y smelling store-bought flour tortilla abominations.  

Many years have come and gone and through the God given lake of knowledge known as YouTube and a good friend and fellow blogger (FOOD blogger, hallelujia!) Leslie Limon I've come a looong way.  Rice took me a good 5 years to figure out and salsa about .... well hell, salsa is still iffy, some days amazing and other days wtf-is-this-and-why-God??  And bless me I haven't burned the beans in over a year. *PRAAAIIISSE* 

It's crazy the judgment that is placed upon women here - I don't know if it's all, but certainly the gringa - on home cooking skills.  I knew within months that I had to figure out some basics so that the family could stop worrying that he would die from hunger.  

And then there's street cred.  Basics sure, but can I make homemade mole and not Doña Maria? (check). Pozole? (check as of this last month), tortillas hecho de mano? (check but gawd whyyyyy when the tortilla shop 3 blocks away sells them for cheaper than I can make them and come hot and fresh??), and perhaps the ultimate holy grail - tamales. (check sort of, I've helped the family a couple of times and that I think counts so I say "yes" because I could do it alone, but nobody does, cuz damn.)

People don't actually drink margarita's very much here (the horror I know!) but I sure can whip up a yummy one, and they always like it, even the ladies who always claim that they don't drink (and yet end up asking for 4ths *cough*)

The kids are getting in on the action these days and are working on their tong-skills for the carne asadas (cook out).  There's also the coming of age beer-fetching that is a requizite starting somewhere around the age of 4 that they've both mastered. *sigh* That part of my hillbilly past seems to have found me even here, but they feel important and useful so that's totally what counts. So there. 


Tony M said...

Reminds me of my wife when we first met and she wanted to make me menudo because she knew I liked it. She called me at work and told me the menudo would be ready when I got home. I entered the house and the tripe was cut in squares on the cutting board and the rest of the ingredients were spread on the counter top. I asked her why the menudo was unfinished and she said she got so grossed by the tripe she couldn't finish it.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ha! That's adorable Tony :D Thank you for sharing! :)

Yvonne M said...

lol~ At least your hubby got real meat my poor hubby got Morning Star Meat substitute crumbles & fat free cheese~

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Yvonne bwaaaaahhh!! Well we know he loves you for you ;) Kidding, I kid, I actually adore Morning Star and even certain boca products. I've gone 90% veggie and he's a better direction :D

Jill said...

I can NEVER think of what to cook, so last year I finally broke down and made some gringo-style, ground beef tacos for me and the kids (fortunately for the hubs, he doesn´t eat with us). Man, oh man--so good, and so easy! Took awhile to convince the kids. . . but then it was like trying to convince my MIL to eat Sloppy Joes. Finally told her it was picadillo. She ate it without the bun and was happy.

Ahhh . . . gringo tacos . . . ;)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jill LOL! :D When I intruduced Thanksgiving dinner the first year they put the turkey and mashed potatoes in tortillas. And the stuffing - lolll they were like "WHAT IS THIS??" But they loved it! It was fun introducing brownies and scalloped potatoes to his family as well, they were like "WHAT is it??" and I couldn't really explain the amazingness that is a brownie. But when they tried them both *POOF* gone in 15 minutes! And I made HUGE pans! :D Lololol I love that you got MIL to eat sloppy joes :D I need to try that! :)