Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mexican Culture Love Affair

Someone asked today what I love about Mexico and I began to list food items. (lol duh)  I spoke of the weather, the people, more food, and then I thought about the culture.  I felt like a rusty door being pushed creakily open after years of mis-use but still on good hinges and squeeeeekkeed my thoughts out.  

I've been here seven years.  (holy crap, shit, how? what? *cough* *(didn't fart with that cough)*) I've been here seven years and in that time the culture has beaten me up, spit me out, embraced me and then welcomed me.  Sadly I see some of my fellow Expat friends continue to be beaten up and spit out because they have not yet made the choice to go with the flow.  Getting into another culture and staying above water doesn't happen to a person, they truly must choose it.  I think I understood this and made my decision more openly/widely just a few couple of years ago.  

I've felt so much more at peace since figuring out that I'm HERE.  I'm an American here but the only American culture I brought with me is my own, I didn't bring the U.S. of A. and inoculate Mexico as I think a lot of Expats might unknowingly feel.  

People here do walk slower in the streets.  It took a long time to not power walk everywhere I went here and look like a damn weirdo doing it.  My husband noticed yesterday out loud in the mall that I do the slow walk (he still power walks), but did so with a smile.  I don't even know exactly how/when it happened but I amble along these days looking in store windows and at trees and houses and people instead of straight ahead toward my mission. 

People here get to the point - eventually.  Depending on the subject matter you might have to walk around a metaphorically pretty bush for anywhere from 20 minutes to 7 hours to get to your point.  It once took us an entire day of visiting someone's house/family just to be able to loan them some money.  Talking to parents at school about their children when their children's behavior isn't correct is a fine art and talking about anything personal with someone who isn't a close friend is sort of taboo but can be done if you walk backwards around the metaphorical pretty bush while holding one hand behind your back and holding coffee in another.  (Lol, no, it's actually a lot more difficult than that).

It would be long and impossible to list everything and what I really want to say is to stop fighting.  Maybe even your home country you've made a new friend or mate and they have their own family culture that you're beating your head up against.  The amazing part is that I've never had to give up who I am or where I came from, I don't feel jilted by any of the changes because the only true changes I've made are the ones that have made me a better person no matter what country I'm in.  

Some of the cultural things here in Mexico I will never love or respect but I don't have to fight them - unless I choose to.  I can live in peace here because I've stopped head butting like a goat and have instead, eaten it.  A little salsa and hot damn, it's pretty good.  


Yvonne M said...

Look at how far you have come.. I remember your post when you thought it was immigration coming to your house and it was the
amazing how fast time passes..

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Yvonne and I don't even remember that lol! But it sounds right up my alley, I remember when some soldiers came once and I was scared they would ask for papers. Ah the newbie days :D I honestly don't know where 7 years went. Thank you for sticking with me <3

Krystal Loverin said...

I miss the food so bad!! Spain is super awesome in so many ways but the food choices will never compare :( I'm so happy that you are blogging again, I missed you so much!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krystal thank you! And no way, I honestly thought Spain would be amaze-balls with the food! You've got to fill us in more on the differences, I'm so SO curious! :) Are you blogging about it??

Heather Dominguez said...

She's back yay!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

TOTALLY Back! Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Nice to see you! :) :)

Heather Dominguez said...

Well, I know you don't want to do this. But you are a fun and fabulous, entertaining writer and you really should just sign up for an AdSense account and add Adsense to your blog. People can easily just ignore the ads and if you get $100 once a year or once every few years it will be like a little surprise. But you could totally make your blog a brand or book, because you really are that good. I moved out of Mexico back in 2009, and well, I have to tell you of all blogs - any blog on all subjects your's is the only one I search out periodically. You are so adorable and entertaining and you seem so real, not all faked up yo. Very worth coming back to.